Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We Can Wednesday!

Hi Blogging world!

Have you ever taken a break from blogging and want to start back up but its SOOOO hard?
That is where I am at in my life right now, i want to come back and blog, and meet new people make connections and have that support I had before I stopped blogging. If its meant to be it will happen!

So Last October, Tevis and I got engaged!


We will be getting married in the beautiful state of Tennessee October 11th, 2014!
I have 5 months 1 week and 4 days until I marry my best friend.

So I am going to make a list of things i need to do fitness wise to be as ready as I can be!

1. More water everyday
2. Start exercising again, i need to get moving and be active anything will help me at this point
3. Start logging my food again
4. Start cutting my pop intake AGAIN... ugh.
5. No late night snacking unless healthy

Those are just some things I need to work on. Small changes can make a big difference. I am 50lbs from my goal weight I think i can get there with the right attitude, just have to have the will power like all these other fine ladies to flipping DO IT!!!!

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday! Get moving, get off that couch do something today, you'll feel better about yourself.

Lady Luck
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

We Can Wednesday! I AM BACK!!!!!

WOW. I have not posted since March 5th.

I absolutely hated being out of the loop and hated losing all connections with everyone. So many people in the blogging community so I understand its easy to let go of people and i got forgot about. I am finally feeling like I can get back into posting. I am always on Instagram, twitter and Facebook So for those bloggers i follow i see your everyday life still and it makes me smile 95% of the time. I will re-gain my relationships back I am sure in no time.

Hope you are happy to see me back!

I will make this short and sweet, gotta start back somehow right?

Erica and I loved the idea of posting weekly of our goals, advice, and anything health or fitness related. Its a good CHECK in for us.

So when I stopped blogging well over a month ago i went on a mini vacation and i told myself my vacationt o see family, i was going to stop worrying about calories and just enjoy a break. Well soon as I got back my fiance, Tevis, was admitted into the hospital for 5 days. Obviously food wasn't a concern of mine. I got him home on the road to recovery and figuring stuff out and BOOOOOM he got really sick and got admitted for another 5-6 days. I will explain all that LATER. Just know he is home and doing well and back to his old self.

So needless to say March was terrible month for us. Stress level played a role in me not gaining 502lbs.

I was avid about my health from November to March...i have not gained anything thankfully. Just maintaining. I know i have lost Inches because I am not in a size 16... WAHOO. Happy Dance! I was all the way up in a size 22 at one point! So now that things are slowly calming down again i am trying my best to get back on the right path, I have a goal of losing 10lbs by june 4th!!!
first size 16 pair of Capri's. I did the happy dance! 

I am so thrilled i felt the need to POST on here, i feel its a good sign i will be back in full force! 
I miss you all! 
Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! 

Lady Luck

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