Thursday, June 27, 2013

All Things Thursday.

Hello, Happy Thursday!

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I am leaving late tonight to go to my parents for the weekend with Tevis. Tevis is really ify on leaving our house all by itself for two full days, but we have friends watching over it, so i know it will be okay. My baby niece will be here in about a month, So we are throwing Haley a baby shower Saturday. Look at a little preview of maternity pictures, My brother ACTUALLY smiled and Haley is glowing! Taelynn Lea Snyder is going to be her name :)

I will be busy tomorrow and Saturday, so not post until next week. I cant wait to show you all pictures of her baby shower! I am paying for a photographer to do all the work for us. Less stress! 

Tuesday was a bad day for my poor hunny bunny! Tevis uses his walker at night to "hop" around and get from the bed to the bathroom. Well sadly he fell 3 mornings ago, what a terrible thing to wake up to at 530am. big loud CRASH in the bathroom..i immediately ran to the bathroom and asked if he was ok and needed a pain pill. He landed right on his "stump" as we call it, he was sorta in tears and just rocking back and forth, I FELT SO BAD FOR HIM! He has fallen once before and it was worse, so he went back to the bed and went to sleep with no pain pill and was fine rest of the day, well apparently the pain didnt sit in until yesterday, he was ok enough to mow the grass and then it was ALL OVER. His leg was killing him..he needs to go see his doctor again about his sore on his leg, and of course his doctor is on vacation until july 2nd. Wednesday was a MUCH better day for him he was able to walk and we bowled. I hate when he has "bad days" we sadly have MORE bad then good! :( 

So Wednesday was a good day I said, i will show you WHY! 
I had to get my hair cut again, it hasn't been very long since my last one, but it was SOOO uneven. Tevis's step brothers girlfriend cuts hair, SO BOOOOM hook up on a hair cut. It is shorter then i would go, but problem is fixed and more layers were added! I am getting it colored soon. 

We purchased our new flooring today, WAHOOO! kitchen, laundry room, two entry ways, and two bathrooms will have new flooring. I cant wait to show it off to you! 

After we got home from Menards & bowling on Wednesday, i came home to MAIL! My Summer swap package arrived. We got partnered up with someone and had to buy a beach towel and little fun stuff to go with it for a beach day or pool day. I love my stuff. My partner was Catherine and she did an awesome job! I had fun shopping for her and cant wait til she sees what she got tomorrow. Go check her out, she has a great blog to look at and great daily posts! 

& then to end our Wednesday, I made a NO CARB dinner and decided to surprise Tevis with some oatmeal rasin cookies(his fave). I waited til we were done with dinner to bake them so we could enjoy them warm and with a glass of milk! THEY HIT THE SPOT! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend. You must follow me on instagram, when i don't post on here, you will ALWAYS see me on there! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Yummy in my Tummy!

It's Wednesday, happy hump day! I hope all my lovely readers are having a great week! 

Google reader is about to go away, follow me on BLOGLOVIN' 

I am Linking up with the lovely, Sami and Jodi for a Lets Get Healthy Link Up. I have not tried these yet but I came across this and I WANT TO TRY THEM. So i thought i would at least share the recipe, i will let you know when i do try this, maybe next week.  

Recipe from... HERE

Apple Stuffin’ Muffins

Here’s a great after-school snack for a hungry kid or any other member of your family. These are perfectly sweet with a strong apple flavor when you use homemade applesauce. The better the apple sauce the more flavor the muffins will have. No time for making applesauce? Add diced fresh apple to the recipe for a stronger flavor.
3/4 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp cardamom (optional)
3 tbs butter
1/8 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup fresh applesauce
1 egg
1/4 tsp salt (optional)
1/2 apple peeled and chopped very small
1. Heat the oven to 350 degrees.
2. Spray a mini muffin tin with non-stick cooking spray, set aside.
3. Whisk together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and cinnamon in a small mixing bowl, set aside.
4. In a microwave-safe bowl, melt the butter on high for about 30 seconds; add sugar, applesauce, egg and salt to bowl. Mix well.
5. Pour the apple mixture over the flour mixture. Gently stir in the flour until just incorporated, do not over mix.
6. Fill the muffin tins about half full with batter. Bake for 8-9 minutes for mini muffins. Note: For 6 standard size muffins bake 15 minutes
Tip: For evenly sized muffins, a mini cookie scoop works wonders, get one at your baking supply or craft store.

Enjoy! Let me know if you try them. 
Keep up the great work everyone on working out and eating healthy, you all rock, KEEP IT UP! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

A weekend recap!

Hello my lovely readers!
I hope everyone is having a great start to your Monday!

Today means summer classes have begun, and although i wish i could have summer off i feel like if i had summer off starting back up in the fall would be so hard.
these are my books for the next 12 weeks. They were very intimidating. Wish me LUCK! 
I am taking Basic Insurance, Medical Law & Ethics, & Computers & Office automation.

Now lets do a little recap of my weekend! :) 

It started off by going to Delaney's swim Lessons on Wednesday, we surprised her. She was excited to see us there :) and did awesome, she has one more week of swim lessons. She knew her weekend with us was coming and asked to come a night early, so she came Thursday evening after guitar lessons and stayed until Sunday morning, normally she goes home at 5pm but she had a birthday party to go too, so her coming early worked out great! 
Delaney joined 4H this passed year and we went to the Marion County fair to see her photography, pottery and food projects. 
This is her photography project. She took pictures of animals at her grandpa's farm I believe, she did an awesome job and won a little award. 
She is a daddy's girl! :) We got her some lunch and sat in some shade, MAN WAS IT HOT OUT! 

I love my Delaney, she grows every time we see her I swear. I cant believe she is going to be starting 2nd grade July 31st. 
Like i said before, it was SO HOT, so we didn't last long at the fair and of course with Tevis he cant walk for hours and hours. He muscled through the almost 2 hours we were there, i was proud of him. We let delaney pick out three rides to ride on and have a little fun. 

She decided to play the famous gold fish game! 12 balls for $2 so spent total of $4 and the nice lady gave her a few free balls to throw too. 

AND we are leaving with a new pet! :) Her name is Amber. She has two fish at her moms house, Izzy & Max. She decided to let Amber stay at our house. I need to get to the store and buy a fish tank and maybe add some more fish for her :) Even though it was pretty hot, the good thing was we went early so it wasn't busy at all, and Delaney had fun, so that's all that matters. Boy was i ready to get into the car with the AC. We met Delaney's mom and boyfriend there, so we all hung out at first, and for Delaney that is a great thing, for all of us to do things together like that. It was a good morning. 

Well, thanks to my best friend Erica, i got my second bottle of Essie Nail Polish, I recommend anyone who is addicted to find them online because they will be cheaper. Most stores sell them for $8, Erica has found them online for $5..and I found someone on IG who sells me most of the time $20 shipped for 4 of them. nikkisniftythings Go check her out! 

I asked Tevis the night before to have a day date and go see a movie. We thought it would be cheaper during the day on a Sunday. Nope...$8 a person..totally $16..then concession got us for $26. Not a cheap date, but i told Tevis we have to live a little and have fun while we are still breathing, cant take that money with us and use it when we leave this beautiful earth. We seen, "Now you see me", I think its a must see movie. We enjoyed watching it, it kept my attention the whole time. 
Check out the trailer!

What did you all do over the weekend?
We leave Thursday night to go stay at my parents this weekend, throwing Haley a baby shower for my baby niece on Saturday :) Taelynn Lea should make her arrival in the next month! SO EXCITED! Happy MONDAY! xoxo 

Friday, June 21, 2013

5 things on FRIDAY! TGIF!

I usually do  different link up on Friday BUT decided to switch it up! 
I am linking up with some amazing ladies for a fun 5 on Friday blog post! 

  1. Today was a good day, Miss Delaney got a new BIKE! We had mrs. curls (a small amazing ice cream joint) before dinner LOL and then we breakfast for dinner, eggs, bacon, toast! 

2. I got some awesome mail since we moved in, I LOVE MAIL! My best friend Erica got me my first ever Essie Nail Polish. She has started a new addiction! 

3. I woke up yesterday to an e-mail from Instagram. They had an awesome new upgrade, we can now upload videos, like KEEK and VINE. I am not a huge fan of videos but hey it keeps things interesting. 

4. We have been able to relax and enjoy our home. I cant say enough how happy i am the way things have turned out in the inside. Getting rid of the white walls made such a difference and made it feel more home-y. CHANGE IS A GOOD THING, and i do not regret it. 

5. Tomorrow we are taking Delaney to the Marion County fair, her 4H projects are in the exhibit and going to be judged. I cannot wait to see her projects and have her show us everything she did this past year. I am so happy, excited and proud of her. 

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope all my awesome readers have had a great week and even better weekend! 

Tevis' Motivational Testimony

Tevis made a commercial with Kenney Orthopedics last fall, and we are just now seeing his clip of the video. MADE me tear up when i watched it! I love him so much he is so brave and strong!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Free AD space. Its simple & fun.

I just have been to busy to keep up with  any weekly Link ups and today i am just drained and don't feel like writing a sincere post.

SOOOOO...ladies :)

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Wanna know how to win a spot?? I'll tell is simple.

First 6 people to e-mail me,, and tell me how i should design my bedroom.

I want some pretty good details on this, && i will also say this, i am letting Tevis hang up a few new york yankees pin stripe jerseys. So no it wont be a GIRLY bedroom. Just more curious as to what you fine ladies can come up with for paint, designs on the wall... should we have lamps on each night stand? Tv mounted on wall? (we want to mount the tv) i was thinking the chest should either go under the TV or in the corner on my side of the bed. Bedding...? what color theme should we go with? I already having colors in my head going... Just thought this would be fun :)

I am attaching some pictures, so you can day dream a minute.
My favorite design will get the free LARGE space..and go from there.
**and of course no judgement on my room, i know its ugly right now lol. We JUST moved in little over a week ago.

AND GO.......

I can't wait to get some e-mails! Hopefully i get a good response and I will contact winners on Saturday and announce them on the blog Monday! If i don't have a good response i will keep it open game until i get 6 good design e-mails! Once i do design my room i will show everyone that also! Who knows i may get some GOOD IDEAS from reading these e-mails

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

5 Positive things about myself

I thought I should keep up the motivation train and say some positive things about myself today.

  1. I love when i have my pretty days :) it really shows, just like in this picture. I know I am pretty 
  2. I am a fun person. I may not be as fun or as much as a social butterfly like I use to be, but i am not a boring person, just gotta have the right people around me. 
  3. I am the blondest brunette you will ever meet, this is positive because well that means i can make someone laugh with my sillyness. :) 
  4. I am for the most part easy to get along with, when i feel like that connection with someone we generally are friends for life. 
  5. I have a huge heart. My heart has room for anyone who wants me in their life and respects me and treats me like I would them. 

Now a little back tracking to Fathers Day.
We got Delaney for the day, it was extra special because we got to have her over to the new/old house and show her awesome room! Which she approved! We ate lunch at Texas Road house and had a busy afternoon. Here are a couple pictures :) 

Tevis is a great father. He is a fun loving dad who is always gonna be there for his little girl. I hope and pray one day he can be a father to a baby of our own one day.
Hope everyone had a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

here is my MOTIVATION....

Things are about to get real on the blog today....
jaws may drop and i may cry.

Looking back through pictures I cant believe i thought i was FAT in high school, gosh, to have that body back. I would slap the crap outta myself for one, WOW WOW WOW!
I am gonna post some pictures, this will hopefully help with some motivation. I need Tevis to take some "before" pictures of my whole body and have him help measure myself so i can document my progress.

Now that we have finally moved and things are going to get much better, especially my anxiety. I need to get back on the wagon, i really want a gym membership, only $10 a month, i can do that!

back in 2007, i was 18, had braces and look i am in a TWO PIECE. NO idea what my weight was, but good enough to be in that bathing suit. I remember that summer i was at my lowest. I wore shorts and tank tops a lot. 

lets fast forward to 2010.... this is what happens when you get braces off, get comfortable in a relationship, birth control, infertility issues, etc etc. 
Now...2013...i think the above picture in 2010 i was at my heaviest... i am currently at 210lbs. over the course of a year i have only lost roughly 10-15lbs... in my head i am dancing, but I KNOW and smarter to know that i could have done way more to increase those numbers. My OBGYN is glad to see a drop in weight, but needs to be a bigger drop.

I know i am in a better place now to get moving and lose some weight. I want to see the scale go down a lot. I want to be out of Plus Size clothing. I don't like the word "diet" and i don't like counting calories. I must find something that will work for me. It was very hard for me to post these pictures, i don't feel like big but i know I am. Thought about liquid diet, but don't want to starve myself. I think i need to maybe start off by doing the Detox Erica did @ Loyal that HERE... and then just eat clean as possible along with NO junk food, pop, and fast food. Eating out is something we do often, it just happens and is more convenient  I just need to order better stay away from the really bad foods. I get on and off the wagon A LOT. It happens, to us all, the point is getting back on. I will of course get to exercising too, need to burn calories. I think a gym membership is my best idea right now.
I have a 5K race in September i signed up for, i want to be able to walk/run without dieing.
Please give words of advice, encouragement and praise... i do not need negative comments! Thanks! I can DO THIS!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Making a house, OUR HOME.

 I know i've teased you all through IG mainly of pictures of the new house! I am here today to basically photo bomb you, ENJOY!

I am just going to show what we have done so far inside the house, outside will be another post sometime.

Welcome Home, finally, Britney & Tevis. 

This is the living room, BEFORE

this is living room, almost AFTER. Lots of decorating to do(notice no more WHITE WALLS)

Mounting TV above fireplace

DONE! need to hide wires still and get a small table to all of our stuff in the corner, BUT I LOVE IT above the fireplace
Taking a break, we painted Saturday from 930am-10pm
So happy to get rid of white walls, giving the walls color makes it feel more like a home.
Our friends bob and karen, helped making a house OUR HOME! 

Front door entry way, i forgot to take a before picture. We took curtains down and put window film up, great idea!

this is suppose to be the formal dinning, it will be my school corner, BEFORE

AFTER! walls painted. needs decorating

the wall way up above was already painted a DEEP red, so i decided to be bold and take it all the way down

other side of wall

bye bye white walls

waiting for it to dry before we thought of doing something else to the wall....

karen thought feathering the wall with the color we did the outside walls would tone down the deep red and be unique

picture doesnt do it justice, looks amazing in person.

painted the inside of our big window deep red and feathered that also. 

delaneys bathroom, forgot to take more before pictures, OOOPS. 

getting rid of the brown walls, gonna open it up with some yellow, Her favorite color

she loves tie dye and peace signs

almost finished product, flooring is going to be replaced soon and new toilet.
my front loaders, LOVE THEM! flooring will be replaced soon and going to paint in there soon.

delaneys room, BEFORE, blue and green

she requested pink and purple

i love these colors

delaneys surprise chair! 

looks great in her room

she came over sunday for fathers day,and she LOVES LOVES her new room

delaneys bed

nice big bed :) 

&& she got a new TV. WAHOOOO
flooring will be replaced soon

Hope you enjoyed seeing pictures of our house turning into a HOME! 
still work to be done inside, but its come a long way and only took 6 days to make it the way it is! Sorry it was a lot of pictures, but have to show it off! 

the house is a 3 bedroom, two bath. I didn't show pictures of the spare bedroom or our bedroom/bathroom because nothing has been done there. that will just make for another post one day!