Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend Away

Hello ALL, Happy Tuesday! Its FALL and i love FALL TIME!
I am sorta sad because back home our county fair is going on, and i just did not make plans to go i think this is my 2nd or 3rd year missing it, Oh well. Honestly, there are a lot of people i don't want to see.

So My family from Oklahoma came to my parents house to meet our newest addition to the family. Miss Taylin Nicole. We got someone to stay at our house and watch storm while we went and stayed Friday and Saturday night. I love and needed family time. I got to see my niece which was amazing. She will be 2 months October 6th. So i know i have been MIA but i thought i would photo bomb you with my weekend and some major cuteness of my Niece!

came back sunday, Storm was HUGE, she grew while we were gone for sure. 

Monday morning getting ready, she now can get into the tub on her own LOL 

On our way to Smokey Bones for dinner, my uncle skip

My beautiful auntie Robin

A good picture with my uncle skip

My Nana and I 

Tj and Haley, little bonfire going on Saturday night and some Apple Pie Moonshine shots :) 

my momma, she is such a proud grandma!

holding my niece for the first time since she was born.

just peacfully sleeping while we are all gathered in the kitchen

Favorite part is rocking her to sleep

haley sent me this, look how beautiful my niece is

papa talking to taylin, she sure loves his voice

GAHHH. i am in love with her, so pretty

Love having her fall asleep on my chest.

this was a surprise for my best friend megan, she is having a girl due in november.

cant forget about ME!!!!!!!!

Enjoy! :) Short and sweet post! Hope everyone is having a great day!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Strong Confident You

What day is today?

This was kind of perfect timing to get hooked up with Strong Confident You. I got to receive and review an awesome tank top and I picked a good one too :)
The material is light and so nice feeling and i love how I look in it! Picture doesn't do it justice of course. & Look it has 5K on the front, i got it in honor of doing my first 5K. 

I am in love with how the tank top looks along with this awesome bright font. 

I am a bigger girl with semi-big tata's haha, So i usually wear XL or 2xl, this tank is a 2xl and fits perfectly! 

I am here to tell ya i am teaming up with Strong Confident You to giveaway a FREE TANK to my lovely bloggers only. Go check her Shop out and get one picked out!

AN added bonus is my readers can receive a 10% discount, when you place an order use the code is SEPTEMBER2013 (no spaces)

I did my first 5K this past Saturday and enjoyed it so much. I decided to keep up my good spirits about running and just DO IT. So today i got outside and ran for about 6 minutes straight. and i walked little before and after. I felt like i was going to die afterwards, but during i felt good. I will continue to get out and run or walk with storm. 

I want to do the Color me Rad in Ft Wayne, Indiana,  Next year and hope we can get a pretty good team together! 

Our AFTER official race photo! I love this picture, getting some printed and framing!
Erica WE ROCK!!! Make sure to go follow her blog, she is all about wanting  a healthy lifestyle and she has a lot of good advice and tips. 

OKAY GO ENTER MY GIVEAWAY! good luck all you lovely ladies!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Taste of Tuesday Link Up

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I had a great lazy Monday, how did your Monday go? Don't forget to check out my epic weekend and read about my first 5K..HERE & please excise my blog design, it will get fixed sooner or later, i am on a waiting list with an awesome designer! 

Today I am linking up for my FIRST Taste of Tuesday with Blissfully Miller and Let's Get Bananas
I did not know what to ramble on about today so YAY! I can share two new recipes I have just recently made. 

***Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings***


2 Tablespoons Butter
4 boneless, skinless chicken breast (or 6 skinless chicken thighs)
1 Onion, finely diced
( I dont reccoment onions, unless its just a little, 1 onion is TOO MUCH and i souped it all out.)
2 cans of Cream of Chicken Soup
2 small packages Grands Jr biscuits (10 biscuits)


1. Place the chicken, butter, soup, and onion in a greased slow cooker, and fill with enough water to cover.

2. Secure lid and cook for 5 to 6 hours on High. About 30 minutes before serving, roll each torn biscuit piece in flour (to prevent them from sticking

********This was a lot of food for two people, so next time i will cut the recipe in half! Overall WE LOVED IT, tevis had seconds and i had it for dinner next day. I will make it again! ******

Picture is off my Facebook recipe. I did not take a picture of ours

****The easiest Butterscotch Pie****

2pkg- Instant butterscotch pudding
2 3/4 cup- Cold milk I used vitamin D it was all we had, i usually drink Skim
1- 9In prepare graham crack crust
Cool Whip

Just do as the box says for the pudding mix. Pour into pie crust, let set for in fridge for about an hour and serve with cool whip!

Monday, September 16, 2013

I DID IT! Weekend Wrap Up!

Why hello Monday, How are you? I am ok seeing you this week, because I HAVE A WEEK BREAK FROM SCHOOL, WAHOOO!

I had a great weekend, so let me tell you ALL ABOUT IT!

Friday was going to be a busy day. Started with my having to drive all the way downtown Indy to the Indianapolis fairgrounds to pick up Erica, Jose and I's race stuff.
I was excited to get my BIB, it felt more official! And we got cool sun glasses, a tattoo, and a T-shirt, which is sadly too small..so something to work forward to be able to fit into it! So driving to the fairgrounds meant driving through downtown, i don't drive much, make Tevis do it he knows his way around usually. Well his eyes aren't the greatest so i asked him to at least go with me so i wouldn't freak out or die, haha. Erica owes me!!!

After we made our trip downtown Indy, Miss Storm had another vet appointment, she is expensive lol. She got another puppy shot, her rabies shot and her nails clipped! She did great of course. She is 30 lbs, she went from 18 to 30 in just three weeks! Our vet thinks she could be a mix of either lab+saint bernard OR lab+newfoundland Either way right now she guesses Storm will be a good 100lbs. She said next visit she will be able to tell even more. We could do a DNA test for like $50 but would only eliminate breeds and not exactly tell us. On another good note, her and Delaney had a better weekend together, besides a little incident last night, but as she gets older and her training classes it will all get better in time. 

After Storms Vet appointment, we waited til it was time to go pick up Delaney for the weekend. We ate at Skyline Chili Friday night and we just love our time with her! Friday night meant, MY BEST FRIEND WAS going to be on her way to my house to stay the night! Erica and her husband showed up before 10pm. I showed her my house :) and we just hung out talked and watched the end of Breaking Dawn part 1. 

Erica and Jose still at the car! ALL CLEAN! 

Erica and I all clean, getting AMP'ed 

We woke up bright an early, i was up at 630am and we were out the door around 715amish to stop by the gas station to get some energy drinks haha. I was much better driving downtown to the fairgrounds and way less traffic! We got there at 8am, used restrooms and slowly made our way to the starting spot. 

I wasn't as nervous as I thought i was going to be. Once we got to the starting spot and we were getting hit by color and they were letting wave by wave of people go. I was getting more excited, couldn't believe i was actually doing this. Our wave of people started at like 9:07 and we ran/walked the 5K ColorMeRad in oh about minutes. I DID NOT TRAIN for this run, i ran for a week couple months ago, then we moved and life got busy and exercise was not in my everyday plans. I did a lot better running then i thought and ran more then i thought i would, Erica and I stayed together i sometimes a few steps ahead, i am a fast walker. I had the adrenaline rush and i felt good the whole time. So it has given me the motivation that I can do more of these if i train and run more. 

Almost done with the 5K had to take a silly picture

haha FAKER!!!! ;) 

So we of course walked and ran, we would catch our breathe and say lets run to and make a goal and run and sometimes we would both keep going. There was three different down and up hills i ran all those, i felt like it would be an accomplishment if i did. There was alternating Color bomb stations and colored water stations. and I could finally see the bridge at the fairgrounds which meant we were SO CLOSE. i was so excited! WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Jose finished i think 10-20 minutes before us, HE ROCKS! 
This was at home before i was about to jump in the shower and get ready for our celebration lunch at AppleBees! thumbs up for I DID IT!!!!!!!! So proud of myself! 

I ended Saturday with a nice pedicure with Delaney, HER IDEA!
I got a great foot and leg massage, so it was exactly what i needed. 

Sundays are for FOOTBALL. Tevis hates it when football season is over. We got to go to our first game of the season today. and they lost BOOO :( but i had a great time with Tevis anyhow! 

So as you can tell I had an awesome weekend! Its sunday night, i am scheduling some posts and enjoying a relaxing night with Tevis and Miss Storm watching Sunday Night Football! I Hope everyone had a great weekend! Thanks in advance for all the support and kind words! 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Update On House!

Happy Thursday! I hope everyone has had a great week! I am officially on break from school until Sept. 23rd. I am so read and excited for the next week and half! Next weekend Tevis, Storm and I are going to my parents house because my Nana, Papa, aunt and uncle are coming to meet my niece! Its going to be a short but awesome weekend and tons of pictures I hope! So stay tuned!

Also, I will be doing a review and giveaway soon just a heads up :) Its something you wear! ;)

So There isnt much BIG projects going on in the house anymore, things are slowly calming down! I will have a post sometime solely on our bedroom because its not 100% done yet. I just wanted to show ya some decor i recently got, its nice not seeing naked walls anymore. Its hard to know what my style is. Tevis doesn't care what i get or do, but as long as he likes it i am happy and he has loved everything i have done so far. Pictures don't do justice but just imagine you were here :)

I am no where near done decorating the house. But who ever is? I already want to change Delaney's bathroom, haha. I will continue to show off my house! :) Lots more to do but plent of time to do it in :) My bedroom so far is my favorite!

We need to get our gate fixed, Storm got out last weekend it was terrible situation, and we also want to put a roof over the deck we don't have much shade in the backyard, and it gets the most sun for sure.

Our spare bedroom is the only place that has not been touched, i am waiting to see if it'll ever be turned into a nursery or just keep it as a spare bedroom and put up a lot of tevis' sports stuff.
Time will tell that!

Life is going pretty good my way, i cannot complain! I am getting more sleep, storm is overall doing great. She started classes monday, we are practicing "SIT" and "DOWN" i hope we can control this biting and her jumping. I always want to work on "COME" and "STAY" I am anxious to take her to my parents house but I WANT TO SEE my niece and family so hope its not too much of a headache for us! WISH us luck!