Friday, January 31, 2014

Follow through Friday {4}


I decided to join this link up with all these beautiful ladies!
I need some encouragement and support and Thought this would be a great way to get some interaction with other bloggers on a weight loss journey.

Little recap for new readers :) , i started this new journey of getting healthy and losing weight around November 11th, since then I have lost 17lbs i have not seen the scale go down my last two weight ins
thursday was a bad day, i was very down about it and just wanted to give up. I looked in the mirror after my relaxing bath and instantly got sad. I had my sad moment and now going to be even more determined to lose the weight. My short term goal was to be 199 or lower by my birthday, february 9th. I am not sure if i can reach it but i sure will try!!
I started this journey coming in at 220lbs, i am down 203/204 range depends on the day i guess lol I go back and forth.

I am going to add greens to my shakes, no carb rule at dinner time, MORE VEGGIES, MORE WATER, variety of exercise!
I suffer from Poly cystic ovarian syndrome, and i was told it will be hard for me to lose the weight i want. So i need to not let that stop me and kick that disease in its ass!

I got my Plum paper planner, thanks to my bff Erica @ LoyalRUN. I wrote down all my goals for the week and i reached them all. WAHOOO.

I would love suggestions on shake/smoothie recipes
suggestions on Meal planning
Best work outs for BEGINNERS!

Another thing i need to work on is my cheat meal i have every Thursday... how do you ladies handle cheat meals? Sometimes i am conscious of what i eat and sometimes i over do it. I feel cheat meal is ok for me because i don't feel so deprived, just wanted some opinions on it.

I feel i followed through just fine with my goals for the week. Just had a bad Thursday, TODAY IS A NEW DAY!!!!

Going to start this challenge on Sunday!!! Let me know if your joining us :) 

My next fitness item i buy is one of these babies! I deserve one :) 

Happy Friday everyone! 

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thirsty Thursday, Valentines Edition!

Happy Thirsty Thursday!
Kristin @ Hopelessly Ever After hosts this fun monthly Link up
This months theme is Valentines day. The linkup is very simple. Every month there is a theme and you can link up anything "entertaining" related that goes along with that theme. It can be a drank (alcoholic for drink), an appetizer, dessert, playlist, party ideas, DIY....anything.

Hopelessly Ever After
So I thought i would share what I thought would be good ideas for Valentines day Gifts for your sexy man :)
Lots of DIY projects

Found this on Pinterest.  I love this idea.
 "Man bouquet" - mini liquor bottles, cigars, cakepops, personalized initials and hot tamales and more!! So many ideas you could do for this! Kristin, this made me think of you of course! ;) xoxo

Another fun DYI "Man Bouquet" 
For the boyfriend or husband who likes candy, add in mini liquor bottles and some lottery tickets, and ya got one heck of a V-day gift! 

I would totally do this for my hunny. Breakfast in bed! 

This next idea is AMAZING!!!!
I read through the idea. What a cheap fun DIY gift to give to your hunny! I may think of something similar to do like this for Tevis. 
i love these coupon ideas!
Go HERE to look at them and print them out

This year We have Delaney the weekend of Valentines day! :) I will try to bake some yummy treats and enjoy Valentines day weekend with my two loves! :) Plus my fur babies

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We CAN Wednesday! {7}

Hi Friends,

Its Wednesday again which means it is time for WE CAN WEDNESDAY!

You can follow Erica and I if you wish!

Link up your post about your fitness update, healthy recipes, goals, or words on encouragement for others.

Today i want to share a picture!
It is obviously hard for me to do this, very personal photo for me but helps me stay motivated and I see the slight progress i am making. If my BFF Erica @ LoyalRUN ( go <--- to read and see her photo she shared) can share her photos I think i can :) 

When i started this new journey. I was at 220lbs. My heaviest was 225-228lbs well over a year ago. over the summer i got down to 210 and then by November i was back up! :( 

Today I am 203lbs Excited to Keep it going DOWN AND DOWN AND DOWN.

so here is the PICTURE...... 

Can ya see the difference, BOY I SURE HOPE so or posting this was a MISTAKE! I see a difference. 
This is hard! I am addicted to FOOD. I love my junk food, my dt pop, and my CARBS!
But to live longer and to feel better I need to change my lifestyle and get this excess weight off me!Yes i still have my cheat day or meal where i don't count calories and enjoy a meal. I am still fairly conscious of what i am putting into my body but they keep me sane. 

I posted this on IG!
I cut caffeine outta my daily diet 15 days ago, WAHOOO! 
i went a whole week with nothing but water. the first 3 days of cutting cold turkey SUCKED!
So after that I was obviously tired of water. I drank a dt orange, no caffeine but still had the aspartame which i know isn't good for us. So i try not to drink a lot of that. I tend to drink 2-3 bottles of water if i want a something that's non-caffeine.  I found Diet Rite cherry cola, 0 calories, 0 sodium, 0 caffeine, and ingredients don't say aspartame. So i treat myself with that also! I am sure there something in there thats bad, but HECK what in the world is good for us anymore? Anything GOOD for us is either NASTY or too damn expensive. I guess If i die i will die happy. ;) 

Well that is all for today We CAN Wednesday LINK UP!
I hope to see more of you join! :) 

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Storm and Reese Update!

Hi Friends,
It is that time again for me to give you an update on my Fur babies!!! :) If you follow me on IG i love posting and sharing my life about my fur babies. Pure Cuteness, ya can't get mad!

Miss Storm a.k.a Stormy

Doesn't she look so cute!?
Our stormy is gonna be 8 months old in less then two weeks
She is 64lbs as of last week. 
She eats 4-5 cups a food a day
and loves her fruit, so she snacks on bananas, carrots, apples and we tried cucumbers the other day, didn't go over too well. & of course her misc. treats she gets to COME INSIDE lol. 

Storm loves to get on my kitchen counters and steal my towels! She sucks on them. 
This winter has been brutal, to say the least. So shes been cooped up for too long, its time spring comes around so our girl can play outside, get her walks in and go to doggy daycare sometimes. 
She is such a people person, she loves everyone and just wants attention. She thinks shes a lap dog. If ya walk in my house YOU BETTER acknowledge her and love on her or she wont leave ya alone. She has to sniff and give kisses. Some people may not like it but they gotta get over it, OR DON'T COME OVER. :) Most nights she starts in bed with us, but an hour or two later i crate her up, shes too big and too hot LOL. She is still all pup so gotta be patient with her for sure. I love her to pieces! 


Miss Reese!
My little cutie! 
Reese is older, she will be 8 years old in May I believe. I cant remember the day so i may just make it up haha. i got her summer of 2006 I believe as a little pup who fit in my hands. So little. I need to find pictures and show all my bloggy friends :) She has been at my parents all this time, and we decided to take her, she was my dog it was only fair i should finally give her the love she needs from me. We had to get her all caught up at the vet, it had been awhile. So after an expensive vet visit, shes all up to date and healthy! :) She is 38lbs, the vet changed her food she is eating about 2.5 cups a day, she should lose some weight. Plus once summer gets here i may try to walk her, she does ok on the leash, but never ever have i Walked her. 

She is my little cuddle bug. I love when she cuddles in bed with me or on the couch. She will most def. keep you warm! She follows me everywhere, heck they both do. I can't do anything without me close by. Like i said about storm, she also usually starts the night out in bed with us. They both put off so much heat and sleep on my side of the bed so i gotta put them down when i want to finally get some sleep. Poor Reese puts up a lot with Storm, she beats her up on a daily basis. Anymore i have to let Reese outside by herself to potty or else storm is all over her. They get along, storm just wants to play lol. I am glad she is here with me finally. Tevis is supportive of her being here even if he loves storm more then Reese, I make up for it ;) 

Follow me on Instagram, Britney2989, i post daily of my wonderful life with my fur babies. 

Have a great Tuesday Everyone! 

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Monday, January 27, 2014


Hi Friends!!
Happy Monday.
How did your weekend go? What was something fun you did with friends and or family?

My weekend consisted of a whole lot of alone time with my Fiance! It was very much needed, the last month we hadn't had a weekend to ourselves! He made me dinner Saturdayvnight and we watched a movie and we had great conversation last night, like deep full hearted talking, it felt like in the beginning of our relationship :) <3
So because he was so sweet with me Saturday night i woke up first Sunday morning and made him Breakfast, was trying for Breakfast in bed but he smelled it and got excited, I heard the bedroom door open and i went around the corner and see the big smile on his face, I got the best fiance award that day hehe :) below is his Facebook status after we finished breakfast :) I love him so much.

So with it being MONDAY and a new week i want to set some personal goals for the week for myself and see if i follow through and can have something positive to write about on Friday when I link up for a Follow Through Friday post with some pretty awesome ladies!

My weekly Goals!

I want to do this Monday - Friday this week 
Hoping my bff Erica @ LoyalRUN will do the same.
Its a good preparation for our February Challenge i think. 

Get Fit February CHALLENGE 
Need to add more exercise into my daily routine, so Here is our feb. challenge! Hope you join us! 

You should drink on average 6-8 cups of water a day 
I Googled a water consumption says i should be drinking about 103 oz of water a day
IF i am exercising at least 20 minutes a day
Averages out to be about 12 cups of water a day. 
We will see how close i get to that

Exercise 4-5 times this week. 
Right now my workouts consist of mainly riding my stationary bike. 
Cleaning burns calories :) 
Would love a treadmill! Or at least warm weather to walk my dog!

No i did not succeed in the Dr oz challenge, but it made me realize i can eat more veggies if i put more effort into it! I am determined to add more veggies, more greens to my daily diet!

Only WEIGHT myself on WEDNESDAY! 
I tend to get on the scale more then I SHOULD. My weekly weight in in Wednesdays! I need to stick to that! Last Wednesday i did not have a loss, BUT I DID NOT GAIN!! Hoping this week will go better. 

I think that is enough goals for the week. 
I will be anxious to see how I do, all advice and encouragement is needed 

Tune in for Wednesday for Erica and I's WE CAN WEDNESDAY LINK UP! 
It's a fun easy link up :) JOIN US! 

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Friday, January 24, 2014


Hi Friends!
Happy Friday! 

I wanted to remind everyone about he amazing giveaway still going on.
Today is the LAST DAY! 

Hope everyone is having a great Friday and has a wonderful weeknd!
We have more snow coming, so over it
and it has been SOOO cold in the Negatives! 

What are your weekend plans? Stay warm and safe everyone!

Jess :: Morgan :: Marty :: Alicia :: Candra

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We Can Wednesday {6}

Hi Friends!
Its Wednesday! Happy Hump Day ;)

Just a little updated about whats been going on with me Fitness wise and my Diet.

Starting weight- November
Now- 203
Total of 17lbs lost! WAHOOO
&& i am going strong!

So i started the Dr. Oz 2 week plan with Erica, i did not continue with it. It was NOT for me. I felt miserable all last week, no energy and just very unhappy with my results. I should have never accepted a challenge that was that long.
The only two good things that came outta it was, i kicked my caffeine habit out the door and my GERD was much more under control!
I felt bad because i felt like i was failing my bff Erica and just giving up. It took me a little bit to realize i wasn't giving up because i went back to doing my own thing where i was happy and still see results!

Losing weight is hard! I hope come next Wednesday I see the scale say 200lbs even!

I would not suggest that diet to anyone unless they wanted to try to live that lifestyle, no sugar, no caffeine, no artificial sweetener, etc etc. I can't do it. It was too strict of a diet for me and did not give me the results that Dr. Oz said it was going to give me

The detox bath was amazing. I still do that :)

Just wanted to give an update on whats been going on.
I am eating the best i can, tracking it all and exercising daily! I will reach my short term goal by my birthday!!!!! I have 18 days to be 198lbs. Think i can do it? I SURE FLIPPING HOPE SO!!!!!

Grab a button below and join us for this LINK UP!!

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Monday, January 20, 2014

$60 Victoria's Secret Gift Card GIVEAWAY

Hi Friends!
I was excited to be asked to be apart of this awesome Giveaway!

I just love Kristin at Hopelessly Ever After and her fitness blog Fittin' It In

I love my blog, i love to blog and interact! I just don't have the traffic and loyal followers as these big timers. So i do things like this to help get people to my blog and hopefully to STAY :) 

Since i'll have new readers, i will tell ya a little bit about myself!
I am a 25 year old full time college student @ Harrison college who loves her fiance and future step daughter and fur babies like no other! You will always read about them :) 
& NO date set YET!
I love my family and am a proud new auntie so you'll always read about my family and Niece Taylin. 

I love to blog about my everyday life and also start a new journey of a new healthier me! Trying to lose weight and live longer! I could use all the support I can get! 

I post about 3-5 times a week and I post daily and multiple times daily on Social media. Go to my side bar and follow me, see some cuteness :) 

Here are my Blog Stats:
Started blogging February 2013
Pageviews all time History: 18,000
Pageviews last month- 1,865
GFC- 48
Bloglovin- 302
Instagram- 222
Twitter- 85

So now you know a tiny bit about me
You should stay a little get to know me more by browsing my Tabs that tell You more about me!

Now you should go enter this amazing giveaway!
$60 to Victoria secret 
I hope you win and are able to get something sexy for you valentine :) 

Jess :: Morgan :: Marty :: Alicia :: Candra

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014 Birthday wishes!

February 9th i will be 25 years old! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
I feel old!

I started a birthday wishes Board on pinterest hehe :) in hopes some certain people will see it :)

No idea what i will be doing for my birthday, i love feeling special so of course i would love for tevis to plan something or even go to my parents for the weekend but i don't expect a lot, we don't have a damn money tree ya know? LOL

So here's my wishlist....                 go HERE to see my board!

I would love to have these in my kitchen! :) But to match my kitchen, so black or red! 

tevis bought me a really nice straightener few years ago, i wanted something new so i bought a CHI off ebay, sucks, so i went back to my old one. I would love to be able to spend money on one like i had maybe even something like this, Hana Pro

I need upgraded on my necklace and earrings So picked out some jewelery :) 

They have gift sets at the Bath and body works store, would love one of those! 

If i don't get anything at all, that's ok too.
As long as i am around people who love and care about me. That is all that matters! 

Tevis knows when my birthday is.... he better not forget HAHA!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Hi Friends,
 It's time for We Can Wednesday hosted by Erica @ LoyalRUN and myself!!
Join in on the fun.

All you have to do is grab the button below and put it on today's post.
The post can be anything fitness or goal related! 
I would love to hear about your journey!!
Then... just add your link (at the bottom of this post). 

Started this journey back in November...i have my cheat meals cheat days occasionally to keep me sane.
I think that's healthy!

Starting weight was 220.
today's weight is 206.

The last few weeks my weight loss has slowed down, i took a break during the holidays! 
I am ok with that because i wanted to enjoy my family and friends.

I lost my weight i gained over christmas, which was only 3lbs, could have been way worse!

And January 13th I started the Dr. Oz rapid Weight loss 2 week plan
To help me get over my craving for my dt mt dew and jump start the weight loss again.
read HERE..

It is day 3... 
no major weight loss yet, but i am feeling better with the way I am eating.
as hard as it is, i like having to stop eating after 8pm. 
I just hope i start seeing a loss, or i might start feeling discouraged and give up. Not gonna lie!!!

The breakfast smoothie still sucks to drink lol
I have tried 2-3 times at making green tea and drinking it, with no artificial sweetener ITS NOT GOOD. 
I finally found a hummus i like :) 
and the ICKY 2% greek yogurt we are suppose to eat, i almost threw up on. I found that when i cook up my chicken i dip it in there, its like sour cream. So i still get my yogurt in everyday. 

My goal is to be 198lbs or less by my birthday! February 9th. 
I want to reward myself with a new outfit! 

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 1 Review of Dr. Oz 2 week plan diet!

Hi Friends,

I'll try and keep this short and sweet!
I want to tell you all about my first day of this no wheat, no sugar, no artificial sweetener and no caffeine diet.

I was very nervous starting this, almost wanted to back out! My bff Erica is the one who kept my spirits up and kept me wanting to do this. I dont want to fail her. I tried not to eat everything in sight over the weekend but i did enjoy my food over the weekend :)

I woke up excited about this. I weighed myself  took the nasty "before" pictures, thanks to Tevis, and also saw some of Erica's. I was ready to start this, i am ready to see the results, to feel relaxed to hopefully kick pop to the curb. To just OVERALL feel better!!!

i woke up at 9:40ish.

My day has to start off with 1 cup hot water and half of lemon squeezed into the water. That was a different taste, hard to get down. I DID IT!

I get read to make my smoothie/shake. I have been making my own shakes for over 2 months now, so i knew i could manage this and love it!


I almost threw up! From talking to Erica, I did not blend it long enough and i need to add my flax-seeds and brown rice protein powder last. I pray tomorrow is better!! I am being honest here for people who think about this!!! Its tough but do-able!!!!!

6oz of chicken(seasoned little with garlic powder)  tomorrow i will use my yogurt with my chicken, its a lot like sour cream and Erica says it tasted great!
2 cups of broccoli
1 1/2 cup of the detox veggie broth.
bottle of water

I did better with lunch of course! I made it to 5pm...just craving pop!!! NO headache thank god!
I felt hungry..

so for a snack i cut up a cucumber and drizzled some fat free balsamic vinegar. Amazing little snack to tie me over until DINNER TIME!!!!!!!!

I sipped on 1 1/2 cups of the veggie detox broth
1/2 cup brown rice
2 cups of romaine lettuce
6 small tomatoes
2 tablespoons of fat free balsamic vinegar

I have to stop eating at 8pm :( that will BE HARD!
And Dr. Oz recommends a detox bath.
Epsom salt and baking soda! Love my baths!

I SURVIVED! Will continue on this plan for as long as i can stand it.
After day question to myself all day has been.
Will I continue this lifestyle after the two weeks is over, NOPE. I can't do it. It is too strict! I will have to learn more from Erica, she eats a lot like this way just not as strict!

Sorry friends, NO PICTURES. plain boring post! Hope you all enjoyed and read about my first day!

Words of encouragement and advice is welcome!!!!

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Recap!

Hi Friends,

It has been well over a month since I have been doing my normal routine. Last week even though classes started, we got snowed in. So Tevis was home more then normal, we had Delaney for a couple nights and we had our friend Brian staying with us. So my normal schedule/routine got put on hold for another week. So needless to say i am ready to get back into my normal routine now, i am ready for my alone time again, where the house is quiet and i can jam to music, do my homework and clean in peace haha. Don't you just hate when your routine gets all messed up???

Don't get me wrong i loved having Delaney :) and having people around but being snowed in for almost 4 days with a hyper active dog was no vacation LOL

My weekend was pretty great.
My bestie Tamara and our friend Brian are officially in a relationship!
So i will get to see her more as she will come down here to see Brian from time to time :) CAN'T complain there :) Friday night we did a little date night to Don Pablo's YUMMY FOOD!!!!! especially dessert. It was suppose to be my Cheat meal before my strict diet starting today! I had two chicken tacos, little rice, and some queso. I didn't think i over did it. Except with dessert, haha && even with dessert i tried my best to not over do it. Tevis ate MOST OF IT anyways! Good dinner with friends!

Saturday afternoon, i enjoyed some girl time!
Tamara and I had lunch at Applebees
We get pedicures! I haven't had one since September, so it was MUCH NEEDED! It was 40 degrees and i wore flip flops hehe

Saturday night was colts game, our friend bob came over! We had a steak dinner. :)

Tamara is so sweet, she got us new wine glasses. So Saturday night we enjoyed a glass together


It was time to go shopping for Dr. oz's 2 week diet i am going on!

this is everything i got today for it minus, chicken, tilapia, and some more veggies! 
It's not cheap, but i hope to not have to buy much next week. 

I was all over the store trying to find stuff. 
thank god for Erica who texted me and helped me through my shopping haha

Wish me luck! Tuesday be on the look out for a recap/review for day 1 of this diet. I am so sad to say BYE BYE to my pop. I wake up craving my dt pop most days! 

Ok i am doing blabbing on! Enjoy your monday everyone!

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