Wednesday, May 28, 2014

We can Wednesday #17

We Can! Wednesday is a link-up, hosted by LoyalRUN and myself, to help encourage others to make goals and achieve them. A place where you can fall and we will be there to help lift you back up. A place where, when you cross that finish line, we will be right there, cheering you on. No official rules. Just grab a button and then link up below! I can't wait to hear from you!
My post today is for ladies with PCOS and things we can do to help our Anxiety. It would help anyone with anxiety i am sure. I stole from a post i seen last week, it was perfect timing for me to read all the things I can do.

I read a lot off PCOS Diva.
She gives me a lot of advice on how to deal with my PCOS.

A Dozen PCOS Anxiety Busters

Anxiety can be one of what often seems like a myriad of PCOS symptoms.  I have shared some of my favorite ways to overcome anxiety naturally below.  But I do think regardless of PCOS, many people struggle with anxiety.  I just came across this quote by  Paulo Coehlo, the author of  The Alchemist (a great book by the way!)
“Anxiety was born in the very same moment as mankind. And since we will never be able to master it, we will have to learn how to live with it. Just as we have learned to live with storms.”
I believe the most powerful tool we have to weather our emotional “storms” is at the end of our forks – the food we eat.  For me going gluten-free has tremendously helped my  anxiety levels.  Eating a nutrient rich diet has helped me calm the storms of life. Isn’t this interesting? – according to a study in the Journal Pharmacological Research, berry phytonutrients turn off enzymes that fuel depression and anxiety. (1) Food really is medicine.
Here are some other ways to learn to live with anxiety:
Focus Phrase   Bring to mind a “Focus Phrase”.  My favorite is, “I chose to be grateful and enjoy this moment.”  By saying this to myself, I chose to aim my attention at enjoyment and to the immediate sensory events happening in and around me, rather than worrying about the past or future.
Omega 3′s   Keep anxiety at bay by taking Omega 3′s every day.  Poor diet results in a decrease in Omega 3 fatty acids.  They play an essential role in building and maintaining the brain.  Over 60% of your brain is built from these fatty acids and your brain cells are continually being renewed.  Without adequate Omega 3′s your brain cannot build properly. Ohio State University recently found that healthy adults who took 2.5 grams of Omega 3’s per day for 12 weeks experienced 20 percent less anxiety than those who took a placebo. (2)
Create Ritual   It is a simple but powerful way to reduce your experience of anxiety. For me it means, lowering the lights, lighting a candle and putting on some soothing music – I love George Winston‘s Piano music.
Eliminate Sugar and Caffeine   Sugars are known to increase heart rate which can cause anxious feelings. Caffeine is also known to make people feel jittery and be more likely to feel stressed. Try to stay away from foods high in sugar and caffeine, including sodas, coffee and candy.
Exercise  Exercise will improve overall health and give you a sense of well being by the release of endorphins, can lower stress and anxiety levels. Calming activities like Yoga and Tai Chi are great. Just one hour session of yoga offers the GABA boosting effects of conventional medications with no side effects.   According to a recent study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, yoga is more effective than walking for reducing anxiety. (3)
Meditation  This is a powerful mindfulness and anti-anxiety tool.  For detailed info and how to’s read my post here.
Lavender Oil – I am a big believer in a relaxing bath.  When my nerves are frazzled and am feeling very anxious I let it all float away in a bath of Dead Sea Salts, or Epsom salt which both contain relaxing magnesium and some lavender essential oil which has a sedative quality.  For my  bath recipe and more info on Essential oils read my post.
Green Tea  L-theanine in green tea is a calming agent – increases alpha brain waves, which are linked to increased relaxation. For more information on the health benefits of tea for PCOS read mypost.
B Vitamins- B vitamins are essential for stress management, enery production and neurotransmitter balance.  B6 aids in the production of serotonin which helps prevent mood swings and anxiety. For detailed info on B12 read my post.
Rescue Remedy is great for on the spot relief in anxious or stressful situations. And white chestnut is excellent for worries that wander round and round in your head.

Here’s the description of white chestnut’s uses from the Bach Flower website:
White Chestnut: This Essence helps when your mind is full of unwanted thoughts and mental arguments. These mental arguments can often keep you from sleeping at night. White Chestnut helps you clear your mind and get the thinking under control and can be put to positive use in problem-solving. Worry is replaced by trust in a positive outcome.
Acupuncture  Acupuncture works to counteract the fight or flight stress response by releasing calming feel-good neurotransmitters such as endorphins and reduce stress hormones like cortisol.    It also imporves blood circulation with oxygenates the tissues and cyscles out cortisol  which soothe’s worry.
Acupressure is another form of energy work. By pressing, tapping, or massaging key energy points on your body’s meridian system you can learn to relieve anxiety and worrying thoughts very effectively. 

One excellent DIY way to do this is with Emotional Freedom Technique or “tapping” which I explain in detail in this post.
Lady Luck
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekly Wishes #2

The Nectar Collective

I am late to Weekly Wishes. Monday was a holiday and i enjoyed staying off my laptop the last 4-5 days. Thanks to Melyssa at The Nectar Collective for starting this link-up! 
Last weeks wishes!

Drink lots of water.
My goal was 100oz a day, i would say i got close if not going over some days. I went to kmart and got a 24oz cute cup so it was super easy to do 

No fast food.
ugh, yeah lets not talk about this.

Get all my school work done
I got all my school work done last Wednesday, so i have 5 lovely days with no homework. 

Finish Delaney's/guest bathroom!

This weeks Wishes!

Still keep on the track of 64oz-100oz of water each day! I GOT THIS!

Clean Garage!
My dad came in march to help clean and organize, its coming a bit cluttered again, i need to get out there and clean it up good thing its NOTHING like it was back in march. 

I am going on our annual Louisville trip soon, so i need to work ahead and get this weeks homework done and next week, WISH ME LUCK. I CAN DO THIS!

I have found a book to get lost in, i think it'll help my anxiety a little bit, get lost in a book :) SO i am ready The Fault In Our Stars, probably about halfway through so should finish up before the week is over! 

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday! 
It's hot and humid today, i bet i'll stay inside haha. 
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Thursday, May 22, 2014


I am cheating on my blog post today, just FYI! As in, stealing an idea.
I found this on pinterest and Pinned a great post, so if you ever need any help coming up with an idea for a post     HERE YA GO!

Hayley from Water Painted Dreams is where i am stealing this from, want to make sure to give her all the credit.
1. Give something up for a month and blog about the experience. (Chocolate, fizzy drinks etc)
2. Blog about your top 5 holiday destinations.
3. Share your favorite blog posts that you've read that week/month.
4. Review the last book you read.
5. Take an item of clothing out of your wardrobe and show how you'd dress it up from day to night.
6. Share an old family recipe.
7. Write a list of tips for new bloggers.
8. Show us where you blog.
9. Take your camera out on a walk with you and share some photos.
10. Share your worst baby photos, go on, it'll be a laugh.
11. Write an about me post or update it if you've already got one.
12. Share the names you wish you had.
14. Try a DIY from Pinterest. If it turns terrible then that's even better.
15. Pick a color and show some of the things you own that are that color.
16. Do a room tour of your bedroom or office.
17. Show us your bookshelf.
18. 10 things to do to brighten your day.
19. Write a list of blog ideas for other bloggers!
20. Share your favorite blog posts that you've written over the years and why they're your favorites.
21. Do some spring cleaning and blog about what you did.
22. Blog about all the pets that you had growing up. Didn't have any pets? Blog about the ones you wish you had.
23. Host a giveaway.
24. Create a blog roll.
25. Write a list of 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days.
26. Blog about some of the things that you've ticked off your 101 Things list.
27. Show us your go to hair and make up.
28. Share some old fashion disasters.
29. Share a DIY.
30. Post some tips on something you're good at(see 5 Ways To Read More Books & 5 More Ways To Read More Books).
31. Blog about a beauty product you hated.
32. Write a post about your favorite movies.
33. Share some unpopular opinions.
34. Do a tag post.
35. Blog about a beauty product you love.
36. Blog about what you do to pamper yourself.
37. Share some studying tips if you're still a student.
38. Show us your top 5 nail polishes for the season.
39. Review your camera.
40. Take a photo of you from when you were a kid and try and replicate the outfit that you were wearing in it.
41. If it's near Christmas then write a gift guide.
42. Share a wishlist.
43. Blog about your favourite blogs and share the love.
44. Give a shout out to the readers that you see cropping up time after time in the comments.
45. Share your favorite 'go get em' songs'.
46. Blog about your favorite candle scents for the season.
47. Review one of your favorite local restuarants.
48. Share some of your favourite YouTube channels and a few of their videos.
49. Post some of your favourite things that you've found on Pinterest(remember to source).
50. Blog about one of your hobbies(beside blogging).

I know this will help me, so hope it helps you!!!! Have a great Thursday Everyone!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We can Wednesday #16

Hello Friends,
Lady Luck

We Can! Wednesday is a link-up, hosted by LoyalRUN and myself, to help encourage others to make goals and achieve them.
A place where you can fall and we will be there to help lift you back up. 
A place where, when you cross that finish line, we will be right there, cheering you on.
No official rules. Just grab a button and then link up above 
I can't wait to hear from you!

Well as you read yesterday, I SAID YES TO THE DRESS,so my goal is continue to lose a little more weight but most definitely not go over board because i cant spend a million dollars on alterations and MOST definitely not gain any weight because you cant add more dress, haha. 
SO two years ago i was in a plus size 22 and 2xl in shirts and I can proudly say i bought my wedding dress in a size 16, its fits and everything, almost perfect. 

I am not someone who is working out hard core everyday and being very strict with my eating. I am simply working on my will power and portion control. I enjoy yummy foods and still am losing the weight. I started back to counting and logging my calories, that worked from me in the beginning so figured i should get back to it to help me not eat that junk food and realize what i am putting in my body.

SO I am here to tell you, don't give up, don't get down on yourself, today is a NEW DAY, make small changes and work your way up, all the weight you gained wont come off over night, just keep on going and stay positive! Make a game plan and stick to it. Get in facebook support groups, they help i know from experience. Have a friend or family help support you on your bad days! 
Another piece of advice I have is to DRINK DRINK DRINK water. 
I try to get anywhere between 64oz-100oz of water a day. 

I am going to weight myself Saturday and will update you all next week. I broke the 200 more last week so working hard to keep my number under 200. GOOD LUCK TO ALL, i am here for anyone!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I said YES to the DRESS...

Hello Friends,

So if you do not know, I AM GETTING MARRIED OCTOBER 11TH, 2014!

This past weekend i got together with a few of important people in my life and found my dream dress! I of course will not post any pictures here of it because well its a secret and a surprise to Tevis, DUH ;) 

My bestie, Tamara, who has titled herself as the unofficial Maid Of Honor stepped up her game this weekend and i worked her ass off at David's Bridal, she is lucky i only tried on 4 dresses hehe. 

Yes, bloggers & whoever else reads this only 4 dress. My VERY first dress i tried on was THE ONE.
so let just tell you all that....
I hate hate hate dresses...i have a phobia of dresses and skirts. I hate my legs i feel so uncomfortable in anything "pretty". 

So between me and the ladies i was with Saturday we hand picked some dresses for me to try out, some that are SO NOT ME but i needed to go out of my comfort zone. I made sure to buy a shaper from Kohl's to make sure it helped me feel better trying dresses on. I got into the dressing room and picked one to try on first it fit and felt amazing, zipped up with no issues, I just felt pretty already without looking in the mirror. I was so nervous to walk out to all those mirrors, so I took a deep breathe and walked out, i seen myself and immediately cried. SO IT WAS THE ONE, but i had to have fun and get other options of course, i was thinking this can't be this easy. I tried on three others and knew that first one was the one. 
I got to try on shoes with it and try tiaras and head bands, i kept getting told how pretty I was by complete strangers, it was amazing. I knew i made a great decision and I cannot wait for Tevis' Reaction when he sees me. 

After all was said and done, i got to make a wish and ring the BELL long and loud and everyone cheered! 

Hope you all have a great Tuesday! 

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekly Wishes #1

I am new to Weekly Wishes. Thanks to Melyssa at The Nectar Collective for starting this link-up! I need to get back into blogging and this is a GREAT way to get started again and meet new people. 

Little background about me for new readers :) 
I am 25 years old living with my now fiance(tevis) as of last October in the Indianapolis, Indiana area
Tevis has a 8 year old daughter who is our world, we love her to death.
Our two pups keep us busy most days, especially Storm.
I am a full time online Harrison College student, getting my associates degree in Medial Reimbursement, will obtain my Coding certificate & Medical Office Assistant Certificate.
Enough about me, STICK AROUND to learn more or follow me on IG :) 

This Month Wishes

Work on the yard
We need to get a truck load of rocks and finish up a couple places where rocks need to go, even though rocks are a pain because our lovely Stormy likes to take all the rocks out into the grass. I also need to do a lot of weeding!!!

Lose 4lbs by june 1st.
I finally broke my 200 mark, i am officially 199/198 :)  I have been working on my weight since November when i was 227lbs. Can't wait to continue my weight loss journey. 

Send our Save the date cards.

Find my dream wedding dress.

My weekly wishes!

Drink lots of water.
thanks to Ricci, i won her giveaway and started the 7 day plexus slim. I need to drink about 100oz of water daily, thats tough but i am doing a pretty good damn job! 

No fast food.
I feel like when i eat like crap. So my goal for the week is not to go out to eat, especially fast food, just cook and eat at home, that is the reason for all my food in my kitchen haha. 

Get all my school work done
I start week 8 of my 11 weeks this semester, so ready for a week break. I always make a goal of getting work done before the weekend so i can enjoy my days with Tevis and or Delaney. 

Finish Delaney's/guest bathroom!
SO when we moved in last June, Delaney's bathroom that's also the guest bathroom was brown. It needed some TLC. I decided to do yellow because its Delaney's favorite color, and had a peace theme shower curtain. Yeah it didn't last long obviously. I am re-doing it AGAIN. Will show you pictures next weeks link up

The Nectar Collective

Have a great day everyone
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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We Can Wednesday!

Hello out there, anyone out there!

Posts from me are few and far between, i loved blogging i still do it is just hard. Especially now being so far outta the loop and have lost most connections with other bloggers, its hard to post and no one interacts with ya, ya know? I want you all back!!!

I gotta remember to do this FOR ME, not for anyone else. Blogging is my way out, to be me and have fun and start relationships again. I miss my blog and I know it misses me!

So We can Wednesday was started a while back for me and my girl Erica @ LoyalRUN to give updates on our weight loss or give and receive advice/encouragement, it was also a place to stay accountable and tell everyone our goals for the week.

So my goal for the next 4-5 months is to lose as much as I can in order to feel my best for my BIG DAY! Getting married October 11th, 2014! Save the date cards for my guests were sent out yesterday!
Made by the lovely Sarah

I have been so bad about reading blogs, luckily i follow a lot you awesome bloggers through IG and i found a blogger who is selling plexus slim products, she was doing a giveaway and i went ahead and entered and WON the 7 day challenge. Ricci @ Imperfectly Ricci  <---- read today's post here!
Go read her blog and find out about Plexus Slim! She has had great results from it so far, i am excited to try it our for 7 days, and i pray i can get a months supply and get over this plateau of mine. So that's my We can Wednesday, is to GET FIT FOR MY WEDDING and how Plexus slim will hopefully help me get the results I want!

Lady Luck

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We Can Wednesday!

Hi Blogging world!

Have you ever taken a break from blogging and want to start back up but its SOOOO hard?
That is where I am at in my life right now, i want to come back and blog, and meet new people make connections and have that support I had before I stopped blogging. If its meant to be it will happen!

So Last October, Tevis and I got engaged!


We will be getting married in the beautiful state of Tennessee October 11th, 2014!
I have 5 months 1 week and 4 days until I marry my best friend.

So I am going to make a list of things i need to do fitness wise to be as ready as I can be!

1. More water everyday
2. Start exercising again, i need to get moving and be active anything will help me at this point
3. Start logging my food again
4. Start cutting my pop intake AGAIN... ugh.
5. No late night snacking unless healthy

Those are just some things I need to work on. Small changes can make a big difference. I am 50lbs from my goal weight I think i can get there with the right attitude, just have to have the will power like all these other fine ladies to flipping DO IT!!!!

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday! Get moving, get off that couch do something today, you'll feel better about yourself.

Lady Luck
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

We Can Wednesday! I AM BACK!!!!!

WOW. I have not posted since March 5th.

I absolutely hated being out of the loop and hated losing all connections with everyone. So many people in the blogging community so I understand its easy to let go of people and i got forgot about. I am finally feeling like I can get back into posting. I am always on Instagram, twitter and Facebook So for those bloggers i follow i see your everyday life still and it makes me smile 95% of the time. I will re-gain my relationships back I am sure in no time.

Hope you are happy to see me back!

I will make this short and sweet, gotta start back somehow right?

Erica and I loved the idea of posting weekly of our goals, advice, and anything health or fitness related. Its a good CHECK in for us.

So when I stopped blogging well over a month ago i went on a mini vacation and i told myself my vacationt o see family, i was going to stop worrying about calories and just enjoy a break. Well soon as I got back my fiance, Tevis, was admitted into the hospital for 5 days. Obviously food wasn't a concern of mine. I got him home on the road to recovery and figuring stuff out and BOOOOOM he got really sick and got admitted for another 5-6 days. I will explain all that LATER. Just know he is home and doing well and back to his old self.

So needless to say March was terrible month for us. Stress level played a role in me not gaining 502lbs.

I was avid about my health from November to March...i have not gained anything thankfully. Just maintaining. I know i have lost Inches because I am not in a size 16... WAHOO. Happy Dance! I was all the way up in a size 22 at one point! So now that things are slowly calming down again i am trying my best to get back on the right path, I have a goal of losing 10lbs by june 4th!!!
first size 16 pair of Capri's. I did the happy dance! 

I am so thrilled i felt the need to POST on here, i feel its a good sign i will be back in full force! 
I miss you all! 
Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! 

Lady Luck

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

We Can Wednesday {12}

Hi Friends!
It is that time of the week that I truly LOVE!!!

The day when we share all things health, fitness, and/or goal related!
Grab a button and link up to join the fun with us!!

Today we are partnering up with Kristin at Fittin' it In on giving away one lucky Ruffles with Love fitness tank top. I LOVE THESE TANKS.

I got this one a while back. I am looking into getting some more for sure. 
How can i not? Look cute while working out, its a no brainer ;) 

Little update on my FITNESS....
I have done the shred 27 workout 4 times now.
For everything we do on the video its 1 minute working out then 30 second rest. 
For beginners he suggests 30 seconds working out then 1 minute rest. So i have just been doing 30 seconds, sometimes a little longer, i am outta shape for sure and don't want to not be able to complete the DVD or hurt myself. I am pretty proud of my self and can burn almost 300 calories. I will slowly work my way up to be able to do those vigorous workouts for the whole minute. Its harder then ya think. I love the high i feel after working out, and always rest and chill with a yummy protein shake afterwards.

I am maintaining my weight right now, 200-202, and i am OK with that. I needed a mental break from counting calories, worrying about if i can go out to eat with Tevis and friends, and just over all stressing about food. So after my Oklahoma trip it will have been a few weeks and I think i can get back on board of losing some more weight. My goal is just to portion control and eat Clean as possible. 

My monthly goal for March.....
lose up to 4-6 lbs!
Drink lots and lots of water
Shred 27 workout 2-4 times a week
buy weights and work on my arms

So Go enter our giveaway & grab a button below and lets hear about your fitness journey. 

Lady Luck
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Love is patient....

Hi Friends,

I am getting a little personal on the blog today.

So as of February 18th 2014, it has been two years since Tevis' life changed forever

I took him to the hospital February 15th he was literally dieing on me, he was so sick. He had a really bad infection starting from his left foot and slowly started moving towards his heart, I took him to the hospital just in time, he had two emergency surgery before the BIG surgery on feb. 18th where he had to have his left foot amputated. I thank god EVERYDAY for his second chance at life. It may not always be easy but he is alive and well for the most part. Diabetes is a major disease and very treatable if you take care of yourself. He was so strong about all this and had the best attitude. I am proud to be his Fiance. He goes to a very amazing Prosthetic doctor, Kenney Orthopedics, and he is in a commercial that airs on Fox here around the area and did a testimonial video I wanted to share with you all.

This video was taken well over a year ago, he was new to walking.

So when he was in the hospital I made the decision to quit my job in Ft Wayne sooner then we talked about so i could be with him to take care of him. I have been taking care of him and doing whatever i can to make life easier for him for over two years, and Wednesday morning I leave for Oklahoma for 4 nights 5 days... first time we will be apart for this long, so my anxiety has been high lately. I know he will be okay, but i always know how much he needs me most days and how much work our dogs can be. I am thankful he has a handful of people to call and be there for him, but its not me, so its still hard to leave, BUT i am excited to spend time with family. I hope there wont be too many times in life where i have to be apart from him like this. Anyone who is around us would understand my anxiety, i am his security blanket. Say a little prayer for us!

You can read more on the Tevis' Tab.

So my next little subject i wanted to talk about and get off my chest to help my anxiety is my PCOS (go read about it, its very interesting to learn about it and better understand what i am going through). Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.
So over the last 2-4 years I don't have Aunt Flow come visit me on its own, i need extra help! I typically have to take pills for 10 days to jump start, so annoying, so needless to say, baby making isn't easy either, and that's a post for a whole other day. I amazingly had AF come visit my on its own two months in a row 3-4 months ago, maybe a tad longer. Life got busy and i forgot to continute with my pills for i went a few months without one.. no biggy usually. When i finally remembered, i start another round feb. 1st.... its march 3rd and AF decided to NOT visit. Called my OBGYN, they immediately want me to take a PG test, said 9 times outta 10, you are pregnant. i am that 1%, because the PG test was a big fat negative! I knew it would be :( So Doctor instructed me to go ahead and take another round of pills maybe i need even more help this time around to get AF to visit. So i am on day 5 of pills, i pray AF visits! I am worried as hell something is wrong.... If i don't have AF come visit then i have to schedule an appointment and have an ultrasound done to see what is going on. My anxiety heightens just writing all this, but i feel it will help getting it out there and maybe some advice and encouraging words will help me. I can't believe with all my weight i have lost and how i have been exercising and watching mostly what i eat that it hasn't come on its own..that's ONE thing my doctor said should happen, if i started taking better care of myself it should come back on its own. So i am very discouraged right now and PRAYING nothing major is wrong.

Prayers welcome all around today! Have a great Tuesday, hug your loved ones, Life is precious!

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Monday, March 3, 2014


Hi Friends!
 So i have been a little MIA from the blogging world. I really dislike it to be honest, but i had a good excuse!

I am leaving for a trip down to Oklahoma this week and needed to kick ass in my school work and get everything done for last week and this week so i was a busy girl, and when i was finally done working on the computer for the day, blogging was the last thing on my mind. I am making it priority to have some posts scheduled while i am gone so my blog isn't so quiet! I love my loyal readers and i love the interaction, and of course letting you know about my life :)

There will be a good Post on Wednesday, so make sure you come back!!! You wont want to miss it!

I have just been focusing on school, enjoying out time with Delaney and enjoying girl time when Tamara comes into town for the weekend.

How was everyone's weekend??

We started off by Picking up Delaney at her moms house, she was suppose to have a 4H meeting we had to take her but she changed her mind so we made a surprise visit to Tevis' mom house which I KNOW made her day :) We went out to eat at one of Delaney's favorite Mexican restaurants and then Tevis surprised us with DQ... Tevis and I shared a banana split while Delaney had a MESSY treat lol

This was her treat for having an awesome day school and not getting her Clip moved down for bad behavior. WAHOOO 

Tamara and I had an unexpected Bestie afternoon, and she pressured me into dessert ;) but we had a good healthy lunch LOL Raspberry cheesecake and Chocolate thunder from down under. OH so yummy. So worth it! 

Delaney got to go on a daddy, daughter date! It was make your own sundae, GO FIGURE lol that thing looks huge! I love when they do stuff together. He sure does love Delaney! 

It was 50 degrees Saturday! SO Delaney and I took advantage of decent weather and played outside! We wore storm out playing fetch too. And then it snowed Sunday and was in the teens, yeah mother nature is BIPOLAR! So ready for spring/summer/fall I HATE WINTER! I don't know why i live in Indiana lol 

Last but not least little update on my fur babies. 
Storm is getting so big! I don't think she will grow taller or longer i just think she will get heavier haha. 

If you come over to my house, expect her to be nosey and want to be all over you expect kisses and occasional bites/nibbles lol and expect HAIR. she is shedding! I have to vacuum every other day now. 
Storm is ready for nicer weather too, so she can go to doggy daycare and go for walks with her momma <3
Now i do not have a picture of Reese, she isn't as photogenic, she just sleeps all the time ;) she is my biggest cuddle bug she is always right next to me. She has lost some weight which she needed so i know she feels better. She loves to bird hunt so i for-see her spending lots of time outside come spring! 

So there's an update for ya :) Just living a normal life day by day! Enjoying each day and thanking god for everyday we wake up! 

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

We Can Wednesday {11}

Hi Friends,
It is that time of the week again!


'We Can! Wednesday' with LoyalRUN and myself!
The day when we share all things health, fitness, and/or goal related!
Grab a button and link up to join the fun with us!!

So last Friday i hit big record for me!
I have officially lost my first 20lbs The whole month of February has sucked. 
I think i am tired of trying to eat good. :/ I am tired of counting calories even tho I still am doing it.
But i will continue on, i know i will hate myself if stop tracking and watching what i eat and i gain all this weight back. 

I have tried over and over and over again to lose my weight, this is THE FIRST time ever to be able to lose this much weight and keep it off! 

So for my first official 20lbs lost i rewarded myself with NEW SHOES!!!! Thanks to my hunny!! 

Add me on MFP (britney 502) to see me exercising and my continued weight loss, its a slow progress but better then no progress! I could use all the support you want to give :) 

My Goals for the week until next Wednesday!
2 more days of Get Fit February! 
Start Shred 27 burn(started Tuesday)
I did my first workout Tuesday, first ever dvd workout. I have what i call "lazy" workouts that I have been doing since November..this is my first time kicking butt and sweating hardcore!! :) Felt awesome. I am soo so so so proud of myself. 

Next i want is to buy weights and start working on getting smaller arms!!! 

Happy HUMP DAY Everyone!!!

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Lady Luck
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Monday, February 24, 2014

Being an Aunt!

Hi Friends! :) 
I am sorry I have been so MIA
Last week i was sick, I may or may not have gotten Tevis sick also
Hope everyone had a great weekend. 

Over a week ago i Finally got to go spend some time with my 6 month old niece. I went and spent the night at my parents house, it was time i go spend time with my family! I went by myself, Tevis and the pups stayed home. It was our first night away from each other in over two years, so i was anxious about leaving him by himself. He did ok, makes me feel little bit better leaving him, because in less then two weeks i will be leaving for Oklahoma with my mom, for four nights. 
Anyways, we both survived....and when I cam home i was surprised with this. (it was almost valentines day)

He was so excited for me to come home. I love when i seen him because he hugged my like i had been gone for weeks! I love him so much!!!

Also while i was gone to my moms I needed a change!!!!
Bye bye blonde!! Hello Deep violet/red! I love the change, it has faded a little already but that's because of how blonde my hair was. this of course will be so much easier to maintain :) What do you think??? 

Being an aunt to me is the most amazing job in the world! I will be this little girls best friend, someone she can come to, someone she can trust, someone she can always know in her heart I will never let her down. That little girl has so much love around her she will never be without. I may not ever get to be a mother to my own baby, so being an Aunt to me is pretty darn close. I get to spend 5 days with her while we are in Oklahoma and i couldn't be more excited for the extra time i get with her. I am going to be her favorite aunt :) 
Here are some pictures from my visit with her!!!
She absolutely loves her grandpa!!! <3

This was taken before I rocked her cute face to sleep. She does not liked being held like a baby, so i took it when she let me :) 

Grandpa and Tay sleeping :) 
My favorite picture of us too

Sitting up all by herself, she loves to play, sing, talk and dance :) 

she is so precious! Melts my heart!

Miss Taylin Nicole Snyder 
She will be 7 months in just over a week. I cannot believe it! 

And here is one MORE pure cuteness you will want to see!!
 A kiss from my niece :) hehe

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