Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What is the point....

Color Me Rad!!!! Can't wait!!

So i have been asked a few times now, "what is the point of the color me rad 5K race", "why are you doing it", "why/how do you get all colored up", "is it for charity" etc... I thought i would answer them...

For one, just to recap I am running in Indianapolis September 14th. with my best friend, Erica. I for sure will have Tevis at the finish line or somewhere, lol for support!

"what is the point?" & "is it for charity?" - Its a fun race and each city/state has a different charity it will contribute a portion of the money too. For indianapolis a portion of the money is going to the Special Olympics Indiana. Having fun, no pressure and donating to a great foundation, WHY NOT!!? I am game, are you? ANyone close, join our team or let us know if you wanna meet up afterwards for a celebration drink.

"why/how do you get all colored up"- For one, This is non-toxic, non-rash-inducing, Kroger branded, colored corn-starch.. Throughout the race we will get hit with color bombs of blue, green, pink, purple, yellow.  Its all for fun and will literally brighten your day up. This is a non-pressure race so sign up, get a group together and have fun. As far as their website says, they don't own a watch and dont care if it takes you all day just finish the race by sun down. 


"why are you doing it?" - This is my first race i have ever done or signed up for. I honestly hate running and sucked when i had to do it for gym in High School. However, i am all about changing my lifestyle I need to get healthy and lose some weight. My healthy and future baby maker thrives on me getting healthy and losing weight. This is going to be a self-motivating race and I will train all summer so i can at least run it without looking like a fool or passing out. Its a good excuse to get my butt in gear. So i have roughly 141 days to get my butt into gear! 
this is the map
I am ready to train build up my stamina for running and rock this shit! & most importantly having some fun with some amazing people! 
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Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Wrap up in Pictures! ++ a shoutout

Hello my loves,
Today should be a great day. T and I are meeting a friend for lunch at one of our favorite buffets and then he has another appointment, those are never ending and then probably do a little bowling and work on some lovely homework. I hope everyone has a great Monday and i hope everyone had a great weekend! I will leave you with some pictures from my weekend. XoXo

I got my new bowling Ball!!! Isn't it so pretty :) Just wait it gets better...

My hunny drilling up my bowling ball :) 

My ball is called Freak'N Frantic and it smells like Apples! HOW COOL! 

Pedicures with Ms. Delaney her first full pedicure

Scary how much my dad and brother look alike... Notice something different about my dad, no longer called Silver Fox he dyed his hair DARK! 

Because it was 70's theme at his work, they had a party and he wanted to be John Travolta, How do you think he did? lol Bet my mom got to take John Travolta home hehe ;) ;)

found this on Facebook and sent it to Tevis

This is what he said, lol, he is such a butthead sometimes

THERE YA HAVE IT!! Hope you enjoyed my pictures!
What did you all do over the weekend? If you post a recap of your weekend leave me a comment I want to see what you were up to. Before I go i would love to give a shout out to a new friend!

Her name is Kelsey :) Go check this chick out! She is super nice, easy to talk to, a momma to an adorable fur baby, newbie Runner and just trying to stay healthy.

Don't forget to check out my Button Swap under my sponsor page. I take your 100x100 button and you take mine! 

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Saturday, April 27, 2013


The last few days my stats have went up and I am so excited about it. I have "met" some pretty awesome ladies and cant wait to continue "meeting" awesome people. I have gotten a lot more viewers and followers. Weekends are always pretty quiet and i try to stay off the computer on the weekends. So while we are having a quiet evening I thought i would write a short and sweet post for all my lovely followers and all the traffic i have been getting to check out my Sponsors/Giveaway tab. Most importantly check out the HAPPY SPRING free swap :) I will give all my sponsors shout outs and hopefully we both get some more traffic and meet new bloggers! I have two buttons on my sidebar!
Please contact me with any questions missbritney502@gmail.com

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend with friends and family! XoXo.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Happies & Crappies {3}

Hey loves, xoxo
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  • my new bowling ball shows up today, tevis will drill it up and i will practice, wish me luck.
  • Its the weekend and Delaneys weekend, can't wait to see our peanut.
  • the sun was shining bright thursday, was a beautiful day
  • had dinner at chilis last night with casey and travis, love those two
  • bowled 5 whole flipping games thursday, 73,104,105,97,86
  • Had a nice lunch date with Tevis on thursday

  • poor tevis had laser eye surgery monday, luckily in only one eye and less pain this time
  • tevis has 3 more laser treatments next month :( 
  • I didn't get to see my best friend while being home and meet her new baby girl
  • have had the worst allergies this week. Welcome spring
  • we live out in the country and well i get heartburn a lot and no milk.... :(

Hmmm...short and sweet Happies and Crappies! Hope you enjoyed! & don't forget to link up! 
Enjoy! Read other of my posts, follow me on bloglovin' and Comment, i love interacting with you! 
my lunch date thursday

me being silly

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Celebrate your True BEAUTY! "Link up"

Today I am Linking up with Jodi from Love and Crayons, Alicia from Brew Mama, and Erin from Homemade Happenings for the"Celebrate Your True Beauty" Link Up! To participate, you must list 3 things you think are beautiful about yourself...2 outside beauty and 1 inside beauty!!

  1. My Eyes- I have always been told how beautiful my eyes are or how sexy they or thats one of the things they love about me. So i have fallen in love with my eyes and now i have glasses i dont show them off near as much, but I try to brighten them up with make up and show my beautiful eyes.
this is an oldie, but my eyes without glasses :) 

recent picture with glasses, i can still see my beautiful eyes!

2. My Curly Hair- as much as i would rather have straight hair now a days i LOVE LOVE my curly hair and so many people compliment on it and wish they had curls like mine.

3. My Smile- i have a very expensive mouth, haha. So now i am in love with my smile and love to smile and don't hide my teeth. I won't post a picture of that because I already posted above, haha!

This was kind of hard to post because i don't see me as beautiful! I have gained so much weight and just unhappy most days. Thats all going to change and SOON. I loved this Link Up and it made me feel a little better about myself. & this post lets you get to know me little more and better also.

Have a great Thursday everyone! xoxo

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Can I get a Pause button?

So I seen this picture post late last night on IG...
&& of course it spoke straight to my heart and stirred up what i wanted to post today in my lovely blog.

Look at these two good looking people. See where I get my good looks from, hehe. These two amazing people would be my parents. I call them mom & dad, you can too or Tony & Gayelynn. :)  My parents and I arent getting any younger and well i am 24 years old and last year or so I have realized more and more how precious life is and how I cherish my parents so much. I moved away from home a little over a year ago and let me tell you i am homesick about everyday. Some days are better then others when I am busy and not thinking about it. Moving was good for me though and i know where I needed to be, with Tevis, which they understood. I am just so thankful i am only couple hours away and in the same State, i wont ever move any farther away then I already am THATS for SURE!

 My dad will be 51 this year, doesnt seem like it, but he is a very hard working man who loves my mom and treats her great and he is a young kid at heart. He enjoys life and is care free and laid back. I love his comments "you can sleep when your dead" and "sleeping in is like 8:30am". He is a jokster and is a kid at heart, all my friends ALWAYS got along with him. 

My mom is the rock of the family because well without her we would all be lost, not even kidding there. I will admit i am better living away from them because my relationship with my mom is a  lot better that away. She is more like my bestfriend most days. My mom is so kind and so nice she loves her kids and would do anything for us. Give her a pepsi with LOTS of ice and your her favorite person of the day. I dont know anyone who could say a bad thing about my mom and it be true? Shes an amazing mother, wife, and gonna kick ass at being a GRANDMA! 

My parents are pretty special to me and yes it may have taken me years and years to realize this, but hey I DID :). Life is so unpredictable and tomorrow is never promised so I cherish my monthly visits, weekends I will always remember. I love them dearly!

 So what should you get out of this post? Love your parents. Love your family. Tell them you love them all the time. Hug them. Dont take life for granted. We are all sadly getting older and time is precious. Cherish the time we have left on this earth with your loved ones. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Miss Talynn Lea

Hey loves! XoXo
I am linking up for a just because post with Lisette & Catalyn.
Go check these ladies out!

So if you read my blog you will know last month I announced in a post call All Things Pink that I am having a NIECE.
Today i would love to announce her name!

Miss Talynn Lea Snyder 

My family and I are just so thrilled and excited about meeting this baby girl. It is my parents first grandchild and I am a first time auntie. I cannot wait to spoil that little girl and teach her everything I know hehe. I am going to be the cool aunt that will always be there for her no matter what. She will hopefully arrive in this world end of July first of August. So stayed tuned for pictures of baby shower and diaper party, those parties are happening June 29th.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

&& i have a prayer requests... Tevis was diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy last November, he is going in for his second round of laser eye surgery today. We need good vibes and prayers sent. His last round hurt so bad and he was literally in tears, Yes he knows pain he has a leg amputated but he says this is a whole new different pain and wouldn't wish it upon anyone. His first round was pretty invasive because his doctor thought he would go blind if it didnt happen so he got the worst treatment. You can read most of his story under his tab, Tevis' Story
Thanks in advance!

Who loves a good giveaway?

I have gotten a lot more viewers each day and even got a few new followers here lately :) GO ME!
In a previous post last month i mentioned i wanted to do a giveaway once I reached 10 serious followers. Between bloglovin' and GFC i think I have 10..i am going to wait just a little bit longer and see how the next week goes I have contacted some bigger bloggers on sponsoring me asked about guest posting to get some more traffic and possibly more followers and etc, before i officially do this giveaway!
Just a little giveaway to show my appreciation.
I really do love this blogging community!

thanks to all the support and encouragement.

Since you have stopped here at my page why don't you check out a dear friend of mine she also is fairly new blogger looking for readers and wants to do a giveaway sometime soon. Erica Dee is awesome wife and  a stay at home momma to 4 beautiful girls and on a weight loss journey which she will kick butt in. You all should go show your love and support. 

Good Night Bloggers, sleep tight dont let the bed bug bite, hehe. 
XoXo. <3

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Wrap up in Iphone Pictures....

Spent the weekend at my parents house for my moms birthday, Enjoy my iPhone pictures!
 She thought she was turning 49 and even told people she was almost 50... ugh she's totally only 48, I had to convince her lol. So funny. My mom is such a blonde!
We went bowling Friday night and had DQ for dessert. Saturday was her birthday, we went and got our nails done, then had a yummy steak dinner, had some Ice cream cake and ended up lots of laughs and early to bed LOL.

If you don't follow me on IG, yo should. I post on there all the time. 

My hunny, my bowling coach, my biggest supporter, love you Tevis!

family bowling! Haley and I

Mom is way better then me at Bowling

My mom has the greatest smile ever, Glad we got her outta the house

Haley bowling!

My Bub loves taking pictures, lol, can ya tell?

this is my goofy father

bowling for mommas birthday!

got my nails done saturday AM with my mom

haha we got some watermelon.

drink of the night (saturday) and shots of moonshine, eeek!

How cute is this..? i got for my niece

Ended the weekend with Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Face Wash & Shaving Cream

This will be a short & sweet post about the kind of face wash i use/love and shaving cream.
 I like to post my products I use/love in case anyone ever asks or wants to know what i use. Us ladies always are asking advice on different products. so here ya go :)

Enjoy! :) xoxo

I literally just came across this. My brothers girlfriend doesn't like these. I have used each one for three days straight. Hasn't broke out my face or irritated anything. My face has never felt so clean and soft.

I am in love with this shaving cream. Found it while i went to many many parties for Pure Romance. I buy in bulk when its on sale. Use it all over and i am typically sensitive to new things, this didn't break me out or irritate anything. Its good condition cream for your body too.