Wednesday, March 5, 2014

We Can Wednesday {12}

Hi Friends!
It is that time of the week that I truly LOVE!!!

The day when we share all things health, fitness, and/or goal related!
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Today we are partnering up with Kristin at Fittin' it In on giving away one lucky Ruffles with Love fitness tank top. I LOVE THESE TANKS.

I got this one a while back. I am looking into getting some more for sure. 
How can i not? Look cute while working out, its a no brainer ;) 

Little update on my FITNESS....
I have done the shred 27 workout 4 times now.
For everything we do on the video its 1 minute working out then 30 second rest. 
For beginners he suggests 30 seconds working out then 1 minute rest. So i have just been doing 30 seconds, sometimes a little longer, i am outta shape for sure and don't want to not be able to complete the DVD or hurt myself. I am pretty proud of my self and can burn almost 300 calories. I will slowly work my way up to be able to do those vigorous workouts for the whole minute. Its harder then ya think. I love the high i feel after working out, and always rest and chill with a yummy protein shake afterwards.

I am maintaining my weight right now, 200-202, and i am OK with that. I needed a mental break from counting calories, worrying about if i can go out to eat with Tevis and friends, and just over all stressing about food. So after my Oklahoma trip it will have been a few weeks and I think i can get back on board of losing some more weight. My goal is just to portion control and eat Clean as possible. 

My monthly goal for March.....
lose up to 4-6 lbs!
Drink lots and lots of water
Shred 27 workout 2-4 times a week
buy weights and work on my arms

So Go enter our giveaway & grab a button below and lets hear about your fitness journey. 

Lady Luck
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Love is patient....

Hi Friends,

I am getting a little personal on the blog today.

So as of February 18th 2014, it has been two years since Tevis' life changed forever

I took him to the hospital February 15th he was literally dieing on me, he was so sick. He had a really bad infection starting from his left foot and slowly started moving towards his heart, I took him to the hospital just in time, he had two emergency surgery before the BIG surgery on feb. 18th where he had to have his left foot amputated. I thank god EVERYDAY for his second chance at life. It may not always be easy but he is alive and well for the most part. Diabetes is a major disease and very treatable if you take care of yourself. He was so strong about all this and had the best attitude. I am proud to be his Fiance. He goes to a very amazing Prosthetic doctor, Kenney Orthopedics, and he is in a commercial that airs on Fox here around the area and did a testimonial video I wanted to share with you all.

This video was taken well over a year ago, he was new to walking.

So when he was in the hospital I made the decision to quit my job in Ft Wayne sooner then we talked about so i could be with him to take care of him. I have been taking care of him and doing whatever i can to make life easier for him for over two years, and Wednesday morning I leave for Oklahoma for 4 nights 5 days... first time we will be apart for this long, so my anxiety has been high lately. I know he will be okay, but i always know how much he needs me most days and how much work our dogs can be. I am thankful he has a handful of people to call and be there for him, but its not me, so its still hard to leave, BUT i am excited to spend time with family. I hope there wont be too many times in life where i have to be apart from him like this. Anyone who is around us would understand my anxiety, i am his security blanket. Say a little prayer for us!

You can read more on the Tevis' Tab.

So my next little subject i wanted to talk about and get off my chest to help my anxiety is my PCOS (go read about it, its very interesting to learn about it and better understand what i am going through). Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.
So over the last 2-4 years I don't have Aunt Flow come visit me on its own, i need extra help! I typically have to take pills for 10 days to jump start, so annoying, so needless to say, baby making isn't easy either, and that's a post for a whole other day. I amazingly had AF come visit my on its own two months in a row 3-4 months ago, maybe a tad longer. Life got busy and i forgot to continute with my pills for i went a few months without one.. no biggy usually. When i finally remembered, i start another round feb. 1st.... its march 3rd and AF decided to NOT visit. Called my OBGYN, they immediately want me to take a PG test, said 9 times outta 10, you are pregnant. i am that 1%, because the PG test was a big fat negative! I knew it would be :( So Doctor instructed me to go ahead and take another round of pills maybe i need even more help this time around to get AF to visit. So i am on day 5 of pills, i pray AF visits! I am worried as hell something is wrong.... If i don't have AF come visit then i have to schedule an appointment and have an ultrasound done to see what is going on. My anxiety heightens just writing all this, but i feel it will help getting it out there and maybe some advice and encouraging words will help me. I can't believe with all my weight i have lost and how i have been exercising and watching mostly what i eat that it hasn't come on its own..that's ONE thing my doctor said should happen, if i started taking better care of myself it should come back on its own. So i am very discouraged right now and PRAYING nothing major is wrong.

Prayers welcome all around today! Have a great Tuesday, hug your loved ones, Life is precious!

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Monday, March 3, 2014


Hi Friends!
 So i have been a little MIA from the blogging world. I really dislike it to be honest, but i had a good excuse!

I am leaving for a trip down to Oklahoma this week and needed to kick ass in my school work and get everything done for last week and this week so i was a busy girl, and when i was finally done working on the computer for the day, blogging was the last thing on my mind. I am making it priority to have some posts scheduled while i am gone so my blog isn't so quiet! I love my loyal readers and i love the interaction, and of course letting you know about my life :)

There will be a good Post on Wednesday, so make sure you come back!!! You wont want to miss it!

I have just been focusing on school, enjoying out time with Delaney and enjoying girl time when Tamara comes into town for the weekend.

How was everyone's weekend??

We started off by Picking up Delaney at her moms house, she was suppose to have a 4H meeting we had to take her but she changed her mind so we made a surprise visit to Tevis' mom house which I KNOW made her day :) We went out to eat at one of Delaney's favorite Mexican restaurants and then Tevis surprised us with DQ... Tevis and I shared a banana split while Delaney had a MESSY treat lol

This was her treat for having an awesome day school and not getting her Clip moved down for bad behavior. WAHOOO 

Tamara and I had an unexpected Bestie afternoon, and she pressured me into dessert ;) but we had a good healthy lunch LOL Raspberry cheesecake and Chocolate thunder from down under. OH so yummy. So worth it! 

Delaney got to go on a daddy, daughter date! It was make your own sundae, GO FIGURE lol that thing looks huge! I love when they do stuff together. He sure does love Delaney! 

It was 50 degrees Saturday! SO Delaney and I took advantage of decent weather and played outside! We wore storm out playing fetch too. And then it snowed Sunday and was in the teens, yeah mother nature is BIPOLAR! So ready for spring/summer/fall I HATE WINTER! I don't know why i live in Indiana lol 

Last but not least little update on my fur babies. 
Storm is getting so big! I don't think she will grow taller or longer i just think she will get heavier haha. 

If you come over to my house, expect her to be nosey and want to be all over you expect kisses and occasional bites/nibbles lol and expect HAIR. she is shedding! I have to vacuum every other day now. 
Storm is ready for nicer weather too, so she can go to doggy daycare and go for walks with her momma <3
Now i do not have a picture of Reese, she isn't as photogenic, she just sleeps all the time ;) she is my biggest cuddle bug she is always right next to me. She has lost some weight which she needed so i know she feels better. She loves to bird hunt so i for-see her spending lots of time outside come spring! 

So there's an update for ya :) Just living a normal life day by day! Enjoying each day and thanking god for everyday we wake up! 

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