Wednesday, February 26, 2014

We Can Wednesday {11}

Hi Friends,
It is that time of the week again!


'We Can! Wednesday' with LoyalRUN and myself!
The day when we share all things health, fitness, and/or goal related!
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So last Friday i hit big record for me!
I have officially lost my first 20lbs The whole month of February has sucked. 
I think i am tired of trying to eat good. :/ I am tired of counting calories even tho I still am doing it.
But i will continue on, i know i will hate myself if stop tracking and watching what i eat and i gain all this weight back. 

I have tried over and over and over again to lose my weight, this is THE FIRST time ever to be able to lose this much weight and keep it off! 

So for my first official 20lbs lost i rewarded myself with NEW SHOES!!!! Thanks to my hunny!! 

Add me on MFP (britney 502) to see me exercising and my continued weight loss, its a slow progress but better then no progress! I could use all the support you want to give :) 

My Goals for the week until next Wednesday!
2 more days of Get Fit February! 
Start Shred 27 burn(started Tuesday)
I did my first workout Tuesday, first ever dvd workout. I have what i call "lazy" workouts that I have been doing since November..this is my first time kicking butt and sweating hardcore!! :) Felt awesome. I am soo so so so proud of myself. 

Next i want is to buy weights and start working on getting smaller arms!!! 

Happy HUMP DAY Everyone!!!

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Lady Luck
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Monday, February 24, 2014

Being an Aunt!

Hi Friends! :) 
I am sorry I have been so MIA
Last week i was sick, I may or may not have gotten Tevis sick also
Hope everyone had a great weekend. 

Over a week ago i Finally got to go spend some time with my 6 month old niece. I went and spent the night at my parents house, it was time i go spend time with my family! I went by myself, Tevis and the pups stayed home. It was our first night away from each other in over two years, so i was anxious about leaving him by himself. He did ok, makes me feel little bit better leaving him, because in less then two weeks i will be leaving for Oklahoma with my mom, for four nights. 
Anyways, we both survived....and when I cam home i was surprised with this. (it was almost valentines day)

He was so excited for me to come home. I love when i seen him because he hugged my like i had been gone for weeks! I love him so much!!!

Also while i was gone to my moms I needed a change!!!!
Bye bye blonde!! Hello Deep violet/red! I love the change, it has faded a little already but that's because of how blonde my hair was. this of course will be so much easier to maintain :) What do you think??? 

Being an aunt to me is the most amazing job in the world! I will be this little girls best friend, someone she can come to, someone she can trust, someone she can always know in her heart I will never let her down. That little girl has so much love around her she will never be without. I may not ever get to be a mother to my own baby, so being an Aunt to me is pretty darn close. I get to spend 5 days with her while we are in Oklahoma and i couldn't be more excited for the extra time i get with her. I am going to be her favorite aunt :) 
Here are some pictures from my visit with her!!!
She absolutely loves her grandpa!!! <3

This was taken before I rocked her cute face to sleep. She does not liked being held like a baby, so i took it when she let me :) 

Grandpa and Tay sleeping :) 
My favorite picture of us too

Sitting up all by herself, she loves to play, sing, talk and dance :) 

she is so precious! Melts my heart!

Miss Taylin Nicole Snyder 
She will be 7 months in just over a week. I cannot believe it! 

And here is one MORE pure cuteness you will want to see!!
 A kiss from my niece :) hehe

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We Can Wednesday! {10}

Hi Friends,
So I am down for the count.
I am sick :(

'We Can! Wednesday' with LoyalRUN and myself!
The day when we share all things health, fitness, and/or goal related!
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This will be short and sweet seeing as being on my laptop is THE LAST THING i want to do!

I have been on my weight-loss journey since beginning of November, starting weight was 220 i am now bouncing back between 201-203 here lately.  I am PROUD to say i am in size 18 pants now. I was in size 22 just less then a year ago, over the summer went down to 20. AHH feels nice to continuing going down, cant wait for the day i am no longer in plus size clothes! I can tell a difference in my waist, stomach and face areas most!

I truly thought counting calories was the best option for me, but i was stressing out more then I should have been. My girl Erica and I have decided to stop focusing on calorie counting and go straight into Paleo lifestyle.
Erica had me watch clips of Dr. oz's show...i figured out i was type 2
So this diet will consist of 3 cheat meals a week, a paleo dessert every night. No calorie counting!
CLEAN EATING it is :) I hope this will help me mentally and stop stressing over calories.

Find out here what Personal Paleo Code you are... HERE 

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Lady Luck

Thursday, February 13, 2014

...And the WINNER IS!

Today is the day you have all been waiting for!!
The day we share who won the Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor!

 photo polar-ft4-men-s-heart-rate-monitor-with-h1-transmitter-73_zps2dc64e91.gif

But FIRST I want to share what I am hoping the winner will do with their heart rate monitor...

1. Use it Daily! No excuses!

2. Let it motivate you to push yourself to new limits!

3. Share with us how much you love your new Polar FT4 HRM

Ok, I won't make you wait any longer!!



Congratulations! I'm so excited for you!
I can't wait to see which color you choose!
*Email ME at missbritney502 (at) gmail (dot) com for further instructions.*

To those who didn't win, I wish I could give one to all of you!!
But the reality is, I can't.
I do, however, recommend purchasing one for yourself!
It is so worth the money!
I just got my Polar FT7 in the mail today! but that's a post for another day ;)

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thanks for the post Erica @ LoyalRUN You save my night LOL 

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Guest Post: Erica @ LoyalRUN

I am so excited to be doing a guest post for the lovely Lady Luck!
 photo 1176228_393642074095252_1637795504_n_zps12178898.jpg

 I'm Erica and I blog over at
I am a lifestyle blogger, but lately I have been focusing a lot on my weight loss journey.
I have lost 30 lbs in under 3 months. You can track what I eat and how I exercise on MyFitnessPal.
Feel free to add me. My username is: LoyalRUN

When Britney asked me to do a guest post, I was half-way asleep and had no idea what I would post about.
Then I remembered how Britney, being the wonderful friend that she is, hounded me for weighing in every day!
Thanks Britney!
I'm glad she is open and honest with me, because she notices things about me that I sometimes don't see myself.

It's a wonderful way to improve the type of person you are, so you can become the type of person you want to become.

I have already written a post about how the scale does not define you. And that is so true! That number on the scale means nothing if you can see and feel a difference!! It is possible to drop a size without the scale changing!

 photo ae4906bac3cd60ccf30d81d2124f9efc_zps76002ad7.jpg
picture by

As much as I believe that the scale doesn't define you, I have caught myself weighing in EVERY SINGLE DAY!
I didn't even notice I was doing it.
I never got discouraged if I didn't see the numbers drop, and I didn't go crazy if I saw the numbers go up. BUT I'm glad I caught it now, because it could have really got out of control!
Thanks, Britney, for reminding me not to weigh in daily!!! 

I have come up with a new plan when it comes to weighing in.
I will weigh in on Monday mornings.
Monday's are my "cheat days" so it will help me know how much room I have to wiggle.

I will weigh in on Wednesday mornings.
I want to weigh in on Wednesday mornings for the "We Can" link-up and also so I know how hard I have to push to lose what I may have gained on Monday.

My ultimate goal is to get down to weighing myself once a week. 
My goal is to be healthy, not "skinny". The scale is just an added bonus, NOT a focus!

 photo b22a0b21dcddeab015b1e639b49d8853_zps6dcc79cd.jpg

Each step may seem small, but they eventually all add up and get ya to the TOP!

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We Can Wendesday {9}

Hi Friends and New Followers,

This is a easy link up a good way to stay accountable and get some support from other fellow bloggers who are on a weight loss journey!
All you need to do is grab the button and Link up your post!
You can post anything goal, fitness or health related! We would love to read whatever ya post.

So I just recently turned 25 and my bff Erica @ LoyalRUN decided to spoil me with one of my fave gifts i got...
I have been on this weight loss journey with her before, but never continued. This time around I have been on this journey with her since November and i have lost up to 19lbs. Its a slow progress for me but i am determined to lose 50lbs before 2014 is over! 

So Tuesday night even though i had a headache from hell, i had to try out my Polar Watch FT7.
I ran in place for 3:06 minutes and burned 28 calories! I love seeing how many calories i am truly burning! I don't have a treadmill nor do i want to go outside in this crazy cold, so thought as of last night I would start running place and keep adding minutes on and see if that'll help me out for when i start running outside again. 3 minutes may not seem a lot to you, but i ran/jogged for 3 minutes straight without stopping and that's major for me! 

I did day 11 of the Get Fit February Challenge.... and burned 26 calories, MFP was close, said i was burning 24 calories. Planks SUCK! lol end of story. Are you doing the challenge with us?? Hope so, let me know how you are doing

So i found this on Pinterest, suppose to be a 100 calorie workout, as you can see i only burned 30, maybe i did it too fast I AM NOT SURE. This watch is a life savor! At least i hope i am using it right. If you have a watch like this, do this quick workout and let me know how many calories you burn. 

Overall i am so incredibly lucky to have this polar watch and will use it EVERYDAY! Can't wait for warm weather so i can put it to work even more! I officailly feel like i am in the "cool" fitness bloggers group hehe. We should have a facebook page for it ;) 

No grab button AND LINK UP!!!!!!!!!!! 
Lady Luck

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I turned 25!

Hi Friends,
so Sunday, i turned 25! EEEEEK. 
I feel "cool" saying I am 25, but i am secretly freaking out i am getting older lol. LIFE SLOW DOWN!

I celebrated for three days <3
thought i would share some photos from the weekend! Short and sweet post to sum up how Lucky and Blessed I am :) 

Tamara came into town for the weekend! 
she is the best bestie ever, we woke up Saturday, she took me to lunch, got a pedicure and bought me a few things from the mall. We ended the day with Dinner at Olive Garden with some friends and then came home to rent a movie and just hang out. It was a great day! We celebrated a day early because Tamara had to leave Sunday AM to get back to her kiddos and Brian had to work. 

My birthday drink was this! I posted it a few posts ago!
It is a must you all should try it, if you love WINE! I enjoyed two full glasses!

How to Make Valentine Moscato Float
1 Bottle Mirassou Moscato Wine
Strawberry Pop
Vanilla Ice Cream

Step 1 – Place two scoops of vanilla ice cream in a glass
Step 2 – Add 1/2 cup of Strawberry Soda
Step 3 – Fill the rest of the glass with the Moscato wine. Enjoy!

Friday, i got surprised sorta, Tevis took me to get Jewelry! WAHOO. Can't go wrong with diamonds :) I love him to death! I got a cute bear and pink flip flop slippers from Miss Delaney, tevis' mom got my a bread pan and a picture frame. I am excited about that bread pan, because i am thinking i can finally make a meatloaf that i wont waste ;) hehe
And looky there, a polar watch FT7, my bff erica spoiled me! : 

Sunday I got surprised by Tevis, Delaney showed up around 11, so we had lunch at Texas Road house with Tevis' mom and nephew. Followed by a toys r us trip :) 
I overall had a great 25th birthday, probably one of my best birthdays yet!!

I am sad for one reason...First birthday ever i have not seen my family. So i sure hope this weeks weather is better, i am driving up to auburn for a night to see my mom, dad, brother, sis in law and niece :) It will be a much needed visit! My Niece turned 6 months old last week. OMG
photos taken by Haley's mom

Photos taken by Haley's mom

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Polar Watch FT4, Valentines Day GIVEAWAY

Hello all my lovely readers! 
Today is a great day! You want to know WHY???

 I have teamed up with some amazing ladies to give ONE lucky winner a Polar Watch FT4. Color of your choice. 
I have a Polar watch on the way, i cannot wait to use this. I feel it will really motivate me more to get exercising. Plus this will allow me to get more variety into my daily routines. So i do not get bored with the same things over and over again.

I hope you are excited about this, as much as we are!!!!

This Giveaway will be open Monday-Thursday.
You will see a winner announced on Friday, Valentines Day. 
Any questions please please let me know.

Spread the word and go ENTER this amazing giveaway! You wont want to miss out! 

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Listen up fitness bloggers!

I am late posting today, but had to give you guys some good news! A great giveaway happening next week. 

I have been wanting a polar watch to be part of the Cool "fitness" group hehe! Plus i know how much it'll help me be able to step up my game with my exercise. 

I could be doing so many other different exercises but without this watch i dont have ANY idea how many calories i am burning. 
The same goes when I am doing at home challenges, such as the Get Fit February Challenge
I want to know exactly how many calories I am burning when I work out!
I am hoping it'll help me get motivated to train better for my 5k's i want to sign up for over the spring/summer/fall :) 

I just found out today, i have the Polar Watch FT7 on its way as i am typing this! WAHOOO i am only lucky! 

I am SO passionate about getting myself a Polar watch that I just figured....


That's right!!! A Giveaway!!! Come back on Monday, February 10th to enter!!! 
I am so excited about this giveaway!
I can't wait to see who wins!

Until then... leave a comment below... I'm curious to see which one is your fave.


Which Polar FT4 would you choose, if you won?

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