Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

This day went by too fast. It is already dark out! :(

Hope everyone had a great day with family and ate LOTS OF YUMMY food!!!

We spent the afternoon with Tevis' mom, step-dad, step-brother and fiance :) 
I was so happy to have good/but oh so bad for you food. I NEEDED it!

I weighed myself this morning..I am down 4lbs! Hopefully today didn't mess that all up. I didn't feel i went overboard, so i think i am ok :) 

If we are friends on facebook or IG then you already know but wanted to announce it on My Blog
We have a new dog in the house

She is 7 years old. I got her as a pup back in 2006 and she has been at my parents ever since. Since having Storm we have ALWAYS wanted another dog, but i told Tevis we needed to wait awhile. Storm was a handful. Then i decided it might be nice for storm to have another dog in the house. I decided i wanted to take Reese. It was about time and i want her to spend the rest of her life with me. So far so good with them too. They actually started playing pretty good with each other tonight, Storm is just too hyper and rough with her, she doesn't know how to play with a smaller dog. 

We are happy with the new/old addition  & so is Delaney!!

it was nice to get outta the house today and DO MY HAIR for once lol. I never do it anymore! 

This is how i am ending my thanksgiving day! Pups are sleeping next tome, i am black Friday shopping ONLINE, tevis is watching football and we are enjoying a fire! 

I am so thankful for where I am at in life! I am thankful for my family who is always there for me. I am thankful for Tj and Haley for bringing my beautiful niece into this world and becoming an Aunt, its the best feeling! 
I am thankful i have a year left of college, and that i have the best support system in the world! 
I am thankful I woke up next to tevis today, i am so glad he is still with me! He is walking, alive, and healthy! He is my best friend i don't know what I would do without him! 
I am thankful for this blogging community and everyone i have "met". I have made some amazing connections! 

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

THIS or that Link Up!

This or That Link Up

Linking up with some awesome girls for a THIS or that link up.
CandraJodiKristine, and Katie

This week is Thanksgiving edition! YUM. I cannot wait for Thursday and eat lots of yummy food. Just hope i can control myself, i wont be counting my calories, BUT i want to have control over my portions! I've been eating good and smaller portions> I CAN DO THIS! We wont be going to my parents house this year, just going to Tevis' moms and then home to relax with our dogs and watch football :) Delaney will be with her mom, but we are okay with that this year.

Stuffing, mashed potatoes? Oh i have a weakness for homemade mashed potatoes! I would eat a whole plate full if i just didn't give a damn. LOL Mashed potatoes are one of the things I am most excited about :)

Homemade cranberry sauce, store bought cranberry sauce?  I don't know that i have had cranberry sauce, so i will go with store bought and at least try it.

Cooking all day, cleaning up all night? Well thankfully not holiday dinner will be at my house, but if it it was i would rather clean then cook. I am not a cook and I have a bit OCD so i would clean clean clean, and make my house presentable for my family and friends. This year we are just going to my MIL so my house will stay clean regardless :)

Pumpkin Pie, Pecan pie?  PUMPKIN PIE BABY!!! Better yet, no bake pumpkin cheesecake that I will be making :) Nothing like eating a piece of pie that's a million calories lol

Thanksgiving Day Parade, football game?  I am gonna have to say Football. If anyone knows my future hubby, then you all know he is a football fanatic. I am ok with that :) I love watching football with him anyways, its something we like to do and have in common with.

Hope everyone has a great day and is ready for Thursday! Anyone going black Friday shopping? This will be my first year NOT GOING :( don't really have the money nor do we need much of anything. So you all have fun with that :)

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend update! I HATE MONDAYS.

It is Monday evening, but at least i am trying to get in a short and sweet post!
We got to spend time with my family over the weekend in Auburn, which meant AUNTIE TIME!
& thankfully we planned it just right to where Miss Delaney got to go with us! :) We dragged storm along too. I was anxious about how the weekend would go with Storm, WAY better then i expected.

The weekend start off by taking Storm to get weighed so we could give her, her monthly trivexis pill. She is 48.6lbs, so i was right by telling everyone she is pushing 50lbs. She will be 6 months december 9th, SO we scheduled her surgery to get spayed December 6th, i am one nervous fur momma.

We picked Delaney up right before 4:30 and headed to auburn. 
& we left around 1ish on sunday!
What a great weekend overall, it of course went by too fast! I love and miss my family so much. 

Saturday i went to meet my newest niece :) 
Hannah Jade Brown, My best friend megan is now a mommy of two :) 

She was born friday morning. 8lbs 9oz 19 1/2 inches long! FULL HEAD OF HAIR! 
megan and I have been friends for 10+ years i believe. She is close to my family and I cannot wait to see her at Christmas time. 

The majority of our weekend was hanging out at my parents, eating and spending quality time with my niece who is gonna be 4 months December 6th. 

Miss Delaney with Tayling, sorta her cousin since Tevis and I will be getting married one day :) 

Oh yea this melted my heart!

Getting so big! 

My mom is one PROUD Grandma

I am one proud auntie. Gave her lots of love over the weekend. 

He is such a good daddy

Wish my luck on getting through my last three weeks of this semester! I cannot wait for my three week break off school! Okay i better get off here, Taking storm to her training class soon! Cant wait for these to be over with too :) 

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Friday, November 22, 2013

5 on Friday

Can i get a HELLLL YEEEEAAAHHHH for Friday!

What is everyone doing this weekend???

I love Fridays. I love Linking up with Darci for 5 on Friday!

1. we put our Christmas tree up :) I got this 6.5ft white tree last Christmas for REALLY cheap. We decided to start our own tradition. White tree, blue lights, light & dark blue ornaments and then misc. Colts, Yankees, and Michigan ornaments. WE love it. & its Storm's first Christmas, she hasn't messed with the tree too much, YET! My fingers are crossed we don't have her knocking it over or anything lol. I cant wait to continue to grow my Christmas decorations. I hope to put a tree in our bedroom too :) I wish i was like Jodi with all her pretty trees and decorations. 

2. I get to spend the weekend with these lovely people, along with Delaney! We are picking up Delaney after school and heading to Auburn. My best friend Megan is having her baby girl, so i get to meet my newest little niece Saturday morning. I am of course excited to spend time with my nice Taylin Nicole, cant wait to hold her and kiss those cheeks of hers. We are taking Storm with us, so pray shes a good puppy HAHA! 

3. Little update on how I am doing eating wise...I have tracked my calories for three days straight now. Will weight myself at my moms to make sure i have that all correct on MFP. Today was my first full day of NO DIET POP! ...and cue headache :( I will do my best to track calories this weekend, but my mom makes yummy food  LOL. i have to have will power to watch my portion controls. OOH i rode on my stationary bike tonight for 25 minutes. GO ME! Follow me on My Fitness pal, britney502.. we can support each other! 

4. I got done with all my school work Thursday, SO i have officially three weeks left until my three week Christmas break :) WAHOOO! 

5. So i have recently reconnected with a best friend of mine. I just want and need prayers. She is going through a very rough time right now. Thanks in advance. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Let's try this again!

I start and stop this journey over and over and over!
It's time yet again to try and get back on the right path of leading a healthier lifestyle.
My eating HABITS SUCK!!!!!!

I downloaded My Fitness Pal, logged all my food on Tuesday. My username is britney502.
I hope to continue tracking my calories and getting tons of support from my awesome RLF and Blogger friends.

I do have a cheat day, mainly Saturdays where i don't worry about calories but i will consciously know to be good still. Counting calories suck sometimes lol.

I am drinking a shake for breakfast.
It includes:
Slim fast meal replacement powder
1 cup of milk
Altogether about 270 calories. 

The last week for my lunches i have been having:
-Turkey Wraps with fruit
-Turkey sandwiches on toasted wheat bread with a bag of baked chips (only 110 calories), string cheese
-Salad & Green Tea
-Tuna Wraps/sandwiches with fruit
-Tuna w/crackers with fruit or whatever

I just eat whatever fruit or veggies i have in my fridge. :)

It really varies on what I have, i try to look up good healthy recipes. I eat chicken, pork chops, salads, crock pot meals, etc etc.
Tonight i made Chicken, Cauliflower mash and a small salad! && i am under calories still so i will most likely have a healthy snack still before bed :)
This is all it took to make the cauliflower mash. SO GOOD! 

Here is the recipe! :) 

1 Head Fresh Cauliflower
2 Tablespoons Water
1 Pinch (to taste) Salt
1 Pinch (to taste) pepper
1 Teaspoon Garlic Salt/Powder
Parmesan Cheese(however much you want)
2 Tablespoons Butter

Clean and section Cauliflower, 
get a pot of water to boil, once boiling put the cauliflower in there for approximately 9-10 minutes (until tender). 
Remove, drain, add seasonings and mash by hand, mixer or food processor(i used a mixer).
and ENJOY! 

Depending on your carbohydrate intake for a more creamy consistency you can add cheese, creamy dressing, sour cream or additional butter to taste.

There are SOO many recipes out there for cauliflower mash! So get on pinterest and check them out! 
Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! Much love, xoxo 

I would love tips, advice and recipes(food or shakes)

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This or That LINK UP! Fears...

This or That Link Up

Linking up with some awesome girls for a THIS or that link up.
Candra, Jodi, Kristine, and Katie

  • Heights or Deep Water? -- I don't like either, i cant pick one. Heights are scary i like stop breathing, i hate it. Deep water, screw that, you don't know whats down there or what could get you! EEEEEEk! AHHHHHHH just thinking about these two freak me out. 
  • Snakes or Spiders? -- Spiders, HATE THEM! they creep me out, i cant kill them on my own. and just knowing that we probably eat some during our sleep in our lifetime just makes me want to sleep with duck tape on my mouth or something. I wish spiders had their own world. 
  • Losing all your teeth or losing all your hair? -- I think I could be okay with losing all my hair, because i could have fun with wigs and always have a new look. 
  • No voice or no Hearing? -- i would have to say no voice. I would rather Sign, text, email or write to my friends and family rather then never ever hear their voices again! 
  • Eat a bug or eat Intestines? -- OMG i don't even know!  IF I HAD TO PICK, a bug. 
I feel like I need a shower and an adult beverage after those questions LOL

next weeks questions is the Food Edition to help celebrate Thanksgiving!! The questions are:

Stuffing, mashed potatoes?
Homemade cranberry sauce, store bought cranberry sauce?
Pumpkin pie, pecan pie?
Cooking all day, cleaning up all night?
Thanksgiving Day parade, Football game?

Thanks ladies for this link up, i am busy with getting school done and not motivated to come up with my own material so this helped me out a ton! Now i can go back to focusing on school. 
Less then 4 weeks LEFT! wahooo.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

5 on Friday

Today I slept in until 11, haven't done that in well over a week. It felt nice and I know people will be jealous and judge :) GO AHEAD! I feel rested!

I am so glad today is friday
So naturally i am gonna link up for a 5 On Friday post!

- I did not get home from Tennessee until Monday evening, i was a day behind in school already and sorta freaking out, I know how much my coding class takes. I got good news the assignment was shortened. I got ALL three classes done yesterday morning, so now i can enjoy my weekend with friends and Delaney! YAY

- So i have started a new journey with Erica at Loyal RUN... We text all day everyday and are each other support system. I and just in a runt with my weight, i hate running i hate exercising, so i gotta change my mind about that! I am starting by changing my eating habits. My dt pop is my weakness, it will be hard completely cut that out i am down to one a day. I got organized and went grocery shopping so i have no excuse to NOT COOK. I CAN DO THIS!!!!

- Yesterday was my first full day of eating better then normal. I had my shake for breakfast, then i had two small turkey wraps with some baked chips and a banana & drank green tea, ate a snack of an apple and string cheese, then for dinner i had a grilled chicken salad  and before bed i had some grapes. I am still getting organized and researching good food and healthy recipes.  I CAN DO THIS!!!

- Our friends Steve, Mandy and their daughter are coming to stay the night tonight and a group of the guys are bowling in the city tournament tomorrow, we have Delaney all weekend also, so Delaney, Bailey, Mandy and I are all having a girls day tomorrow. CANT WAIT

- Some good news about school: i have 4 weeks left of classes and then i have a 3 week break! YAY i am so ready for a break and to spend the holidays with friends and family.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend.

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Update on my Stormy

Miss Storm turned 5 months on November 9th.

My poor baby will be going through surgery in a few weeks, i am gonna be a mess. She is getting spayed and her dew claws removed.

Storm is getting so big, she is now probably 45 lbs pushing 50... will know end of next week what exactly she weighs. She started the next set of training classes yet we haven't been in two weeks due to the trainer being sick, us on vacation and her not calling us back. I am over taking her to classes. She knows all her basic commands, Sit, lie down, shake and the stay and come command are a work in progress. She doesn't like to "come" when we call her. She is def. calming down and her biting has calmed down too. She is still my ornery girl, tries to find something to get into because we aren't paying attention to her. She steals, shoes, socks and Tevis' shorts. Storm is a counter surfer, she will get everything off the counters.
this was a while back, but she still does it lol

She eats about 5 cups a food a day along with her treats and we still think she looks thin sometimes. She tells us when she is hungry, she will flip her bowl over and look at us. 
Her crate is in our room and anymore we put her in there to sleep, she is getting too big and she gets hot being up in bed with us and ends up jumping down anyways. I am so glad she likes her crate more now, makes me feel better she just goes right to sleep. 

she still will not sleep on her bed we bought her, she likes the cold floor.

This is what happens when she spends a day at doggy daycare :) She curls up and sleeps next to me, I Love it! 

So basically you don't mess with her daddy! Before this picture I was trying to hug and love on Tevis and she jumped right up there and broke it up haha. This was today, so you can see how big she is getting!!! 

Storm is just your average energetic puppy! She loves to play fetch, take walks and run in the backyard! She is a handful at times but she has really calmed down, which makes things MUCH easier on me! She goes to doggy daycare at least once a week sometimes twice. She has been to the groomers twice since we have gotten her, she loves getting baths. Things with Storm and Delaney are getting a little better, each time seems to be better, once day storm will realize Delaney isn't her chew toy lol. 

I share photos of Storm on my IG and Twitter already so make sure you follow me and continue to see the cuteness of my puppy! Hope everyone has a great Thursday! We get to see Delaney tonight, she has a program going on at school and then we get her tomorrow for the weekend. We can't wait to see her :) 

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

so WHAT wednesday LINK UP!

I am linking up for another awesome So What Wednesday with Shannon at Life after I "dew" 
Life After I Dew

So what IF...

- I want to put my Christmas trees up this weekend, i know many people who have done it way sooner then ME. Delaney will have a little pink tree in her room

- I want to do Christmas cards this year but i know stamps can add up QUICKLY

- we are engaged and have no date! Stop asking people, Tevis may take my ring back LOL

- I was not ready to come back from vacation, who wants to have the responsibilities back? lol

- I had a long list to get done yesterday and didn't get it done, i slept most of the day because of a headache :( I feel much better today

- I had fun shopping in Tennessee! Here is what i got....
NEW COACH! I went to the outlet mall and coach had a 60% off deal. Could not pass that up! I get a new purse once a year

Went to this awesome embroidery place, got Delaney this cute little purse for Christmas. 

My new laptop/school books bag. Its really big, and has a HOLE in it already, thanks to STORM lol 

My new travel duffle bag! Now come on this just screams BRITNEY! I love my chevron & pink! 

That is it for today! I have a busy day ahead of me! Going to take Storm to get groomed, then have a little lunch with my hunny, going grocery shopping and then come home to do laundry and get some homework done! 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tennessee Trip 2013, Photo Dump

I am back from vacation! I sure missed reading blogs and chatting and interacting with the blogging community! Today's post will be just showing some pictures from our trip.

We left Thursday am and got back Monday evening. Storm stayed with our friend Karen all weekend at our house so we saved money and did not have to board her up and I had more peace at mind that she was very well taken care of!

This vacation was MUCH NEEDED! We plan on doing it same time every year, and i am just perfectly fine with that. Next year we are gonna research a better cabin with more rooms, Wifi, and bigger TVs.

Our Cabin with a MASSIVE hill to get down and up to it. I am glad to be outta Tenn. driving in the mountain made me very sick to my stomach. 

I only took a picture of our bedroom. Three King bedrooms, two downstairs, one upstairs. 

We had a nice fireplace and a jet tub

Our living room

Theater room, the main reason why we got this cabin, because lots of football was watched. BUT this room was small and it got very hot and was upstairs. 

Tevis' life long best friend Denny, him and his fiance came up from Florida 

Mandy and I got Henna tats, was gonna tease Tevis and say it was real

Karen, Denny's Fiance we clicked right away when I met her over the summer and was so excited to spend more time with her

Denny and Karen, they are troopers! SO GLAD they came!

all of us waiting to eat dinner at Old Mill, our all time favorite place, GREAT FOOD!

My hunny and I, love him. 

Our friends Steve and Mandy, love spending time with them! 
Denny on hardly any sleep and he was the BEST chef ever, lots of yummy food consumed all weekend

We did this a lot, sat and chilled on the deck. 
some pretty views :) 

Love the smokey mountains

Now i am back home, we missed out stormy. Time to get some laundry done and get started on homework for the week. Like i said before this was a much needed vacation and I am glad to be home but miss all our friends already. 

I have 5 weeks of school left and then 2 or 3 weeks off, I CANT WAIT! 
Now that vacation is over i can get focused on Christmas gifts! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their Tuesday! 

Storm had her first snow experience!!! will be fun when we get MORE and see how she plays in it!

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