Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Life & Excuses!

Hello all my lovely readers!

Its summer time, so i know a lot of us bloggers don't blog on a daily basis an honestly i have been dreading coming up with a post. I am in a RUT! I am down in the dumps, i am stressed, I am feeling defeated. It will pass and I will be okay, its happens to us all, right?

My summer has been all about getting this house all in order and making it feel Home-y and OURS! Everything we want and need to do is just about done, which is a good thing because money doesn't grow on trees, haha. We are hitting the bottom of our piggy bank. I am so thankful we have been able to do all what we've done, makes me so happy and I love sharing all the pictures with everyone on here and on my IG. Thats one stress of mine, this house, so much work and we have to rely on friends/family to help do stuff. Tevis can't do much, stuff is just too much for him. So we work a lot of times on everyone else schedule, i try to do little things by myself but end up getting frustrated because i am not good at fixing things or putting things together, etc etc.  I will be glad when its all done and we don't have these stresses anymore, in a way they are good stresses. I love my house and know things will be ok :) Gotta stay positive, Britney!!!!

My next stress is SCHOOL. not gonna lie it sorta sucks going to school throughout the summer months. I have been getting distracted because its so nice out or we have plans. My one class right now is giving me a hard time, i am at an 80% NOT BAD, but i gotta get it up and keep it up to pass. I don't like hitting the 80% mark because one little mistake can put me into the C range, not what i want in college. NO C's!!!!!! I just gotta keep trucking on, i will be done before I know it and have a good paying job. I have a great support system! Tevis is awesome, asking em how its going helps me sometimes and always encourages me to get homework done. Friends are always asking me how its going and even bloggy friends support and encourage me :), my parents and brother...they don't really ask anything about my school. I dont think they ever will honestly, ive quit school twice and I just gotta prove to them i am in this to the end! I try not to care that they don't ask, i know they care and love and support me.

Another stress of mine is just more of being upset that my family hasn't been able to come see our house and everything we've done. They were trying to surprise us one weekend, but it didn't work out. Unfortunately, my dad is the GM at Smokey Bones and has been working his butt off, and has had a lot of other managers on vacation and just cant seem to get a good amount of time off. I get work is important, just overall sucks. && then as most of you know, Haley is pregnant, so this last month no one wants to go anywhere or do anything because she could go into labor. I just MISS my family, we went from seeing them once a month to not a lot lately because we've been so busy getting this house put together. I understand why they haven't and i am ok with it, just miss them and want to show off my house to them! Once Taelynn Lea arrives in this world things will be easier and better, i cant wait to have AUNTIE TIME :)

&& lastly... My weight and change of lifestyle, isnt going well. I have had so much other stuff going on and other stresses that when i finally get a minute to breathe i just want to sleep or watch tv. I need to make more of an effort to exercise 30 minutes a day. ITS NOT A LOT, why cant i do it??? i am making up to many excuses. I have a 5K i signed up for with my best friend, Erica @ Loyal Run in middle of september, I AM NO WHERE NEAR ready! I am officially not excited and even told Tevis i don't want to do it. BUT I HAVE TO. i have to prove to myself i can do this, and prove to my family who was like "you know that involves running right"? I just gotta get motivated! I dont want to let anyone down :(

So thanks in advance for all the nice kind words everyone will leave me! I appreciate and obviously need it! I just gotta keep positive and always stay open and honest to people who love me, keeping things bottled up is never good! I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Product farm, Brew2go & vino2go

I am a little late on sharing this! BUT
I was excited to receive my awesome pink Brew2go and Vino2go from The Product Farm. Go "like" them on Facebook!
Tonight i am drinking a screwdriver with my Vino2go!

It is seriously the best invention ever made! I am in love with it and will use it more often! 

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You wont be disappointed by their products one bit! So go show them some love and tell them I sent you there! 

Puppy Fever!

Hi my lovely readers!
I know i have been MIA but bare with me :) most of you know we are busy busy with this house, almost all done, I THINK!

So wanted to share some good news!
We have decided to start looking for a puppy!
I am thrilled to bring a new addition to our little family, as much as I wish it was a baby, i am pretty excited to get a dog though. Tevis has had a dog around almost his whole life, and last year after he got home from the hospital he had say goodbye to his buddy, Houch who was put to sleep i believe her kidneys were failing and she was just getting worse each passing day. So when we moved into this house, he had lived here before with Houch, he finds himself thinking shes here or a dog in general is here. So he thinks a dog will make things COMPLETE :) So i am all for that and I believe it will give him a sense of security with having a dog in the house. I know it will help my anxiety.

So we know we want a large breed dog, we've both had small dogs in the past and gonna change it up.

We've been researching and looking for Labs. We are interested in, Silver, chocolate, yellow ( in that order)   There are two types of labs, English and American.

English labs are heavier, thicker and blockier.
American labs are tall and lanky

Labs are the most popular breed in the USA, they are a true loving, loyal, affectionate and patient family dog. They are highly intelligent, good natured and eager to learn and please. I know from experience they can be hyper first few years but with the right training and attention from us we are ready for this challenge. I am tired of the comments, "why a lab?" "they are annoying" "too hyper" etc etc. Once again people can surely have their opinions, but ahhh so annoying, our life, our decision. This is what we want, they are GREAT DOGS! I know they are an energetic dog and i am willing to take her on walks and she will have a GREAT big backyard to play in :) I know Delaney will be willing to go on walks with me as well, great exercise too. I can't wait to share with you all when we finally get her, yes we want a female :) And as of right now, we have Storm as a name. Has to do with BOWLING, so it fits with our family and I am loving it.

I hope everyone has a great Friday! & bare with me on my blog design, it will all change soon, I hope. At least its not too ugly to look at! XOXO

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Wednesday!

Hello readers! I know i am MIA this week, just so darn busy!

Go to my girl Kelsey's page i am guest posting today!

Find out some fun dates to do at home with your love one, click HERE

This is our current project going on now, and man does it SUCK! :( we have a lot of fence, going to take forever! 

i'll be back soon, and hopefully get a new design going soon :) It will be AWESOME LOOKING! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blog Construction

Hello Happy Tuesday!

I have been focusing on my homework and getting stuff done in case my niece decides to show up this week/weekend, so blogging this week is going to be minimal!

ALSO.... my blog is under construction. lots of changes going to happen

So everyone who uses passionfruit, who don't want to spend $9 a month using it, what are you going to do???

Friday, July 19, 2013

All about Tevis for FAN FRIDAY

Today is the boyfriend's birthday! He is 34 years old today, yup do the math everyone he is little less than 10 years older than me. I don't think for one bit he looks like it or acts like it. I mean he walks slow so i call him old, hehe. But age is nothing but a number and i fell in love with him before knowing how old he was, it didn't matter to me anyhow. Mature older man apparently was the way to go ;) I thought i would Link up with Sarah for Fan Friday and just show off some pictures of games we've been too over the last 3 years.

One of my favorite pictures of Tevis, one of our first colts games together!

Sunday is usually set aside for football and friends. We got to go down closer and see players up close, SO COOL

We have season tickets, they are up in the 500's section but they are great seats to see everything.

This is sitting down close i could talk to the players if i wanted too. :) 

Tevis is a Yankees fan. My first MLB experience in chicago, Cubs VS yankees

Enjoying some lunch before the i go see my first Yankees game of the, summer 2011

We were so lucky to have shade. This was two summer ago we went to chicago for two games then Cincinnati for one game To see the yankees

Wrigley field
Night game, Cincinnati VS Yankees 

Before the game started. 

This was my third baseball game in 3 days, i look exhausted. But great trip. Summer 2011

Our friends Steve and mandy invited us to a Bengals VS giants football game last year. Great weather for an open stadium in November.

In summary I have been to MANY colts games, since we are season ticket holders. Three Yankee games, in Chicago Cubs VS Yankees and then 1 in Cincinnati Reds VS Yankees. I hop next summer Yankees play closer so i can surprise tevis with tickets or maybe make a vacation and go to New York! && Then one Bengals football game. I cant wait for football season to start and watch our colts :) Hope everyone enjoys their Friday and weekend and stays has been so hot here I dont dare go outside for long periods of time. We get Delaney around 330 for the weekend and having Dinner and orange leaf for tevis' birthday, WAHOOO

See ya, :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor

today i get a little personal, thanks in advance.

I have been seeing previews on this movie and seen a few people on my face book watch it. I had a few hours to myself Tuesday evening and told tevis i was renting a movie. WOW, is all I gotta say, it really was close to my heart and made me think a lot, this movie has inspired my whole post that i will get to in a second! 

Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor is a romance drama film produced, written, and directed by Tyler Perry. The film is adapted from the play of the same name written by Perry, with several changes. This is the thirteenth film by Perry. It was released on March 29, 2013

View the trailer here if you have not heard about this movie


If anyone has read my "Our Story" tab, then you know that I met Tevis while still married and how bad of a marriage i had with my ex, we were young and dumb. If you have not read that, please do, either NOW or after this post! 

So this movie made me think of my relationship with my ex...How i never want to feel like i am being taken for granted or unwanted ever again. I tried to fix our relationship, tried to get him to take marriage counseling, but i truly think it just came down to he just settled for me and didn't know give me what I wanted. & when i finally gave up on the relationship he suddenly wanted to try and I knew it was just too late. I'v been judged long enough because people don't agree with what i did or how we ended it or they think we didn't fight hard enough, but people don't know is that i fought and fought and all he did was ignore the situation and drink, Guess i made him drink a lot and i was his trigger button because boy would he get so mad at me at times. I don't regret my experience with him because it made me grow and appreciate what i have now. I just hate how we have no closure, i just went to work one day and never went back home. I've only seen him twice since and he has my dogs, so i would text him constantly and he wont respond the failure of our marriage wasn't just me but he sure makes me feel like it was all my fault, we both had our parts in it. I still dwell on it to this day, because i have no closure, because i haven't forgiven myself and because how it went down. One day i'll be able to move on from that situation and until then i am glad Tevis is so supportive and understands.

So this movie also made me think of my relationship now, how to always make sure Tevis knows how much i love him, keep things exciting and don't let things get too comfortable. Tevis and I are very open and honest, communication is key and we have succeeded this far because of it. The relationship I have with Tevis is so different and great, its a healthy mature adult relationship and he does little things all the time that reminds me how special he thinks i am and how much he loves me. For example...he was gone all day yesterday and i was stuck home, he came home with this yummy carmel frappe thing from McDonald's and then i had a terrible evening and was very upset and Tevis took me to Texas Roadhouse (one of my faves) for dinner just so he would make me happy. His motto a lot of the time is "if she isn't happy i am not happy". I have a good guy ladies, so happy and so glad my past and the path I took led me to him.

Well my lovely readers, thank you for letting me get personal today on the blog and kind of vent. Words of encouragement and advice are always welcome :) 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fun Facts about myself.

Seen Sami @ Simply Sami post this on Tuesday, and well lets face its summertime and too much other stuff going on, so why not steal a post from one of my faves and let all my readers get to know me a little better!

A. Attached or Single? Taken, I have a pretty great boyfriend, future hubby ;) 

B. Best Friend? I have two pretty amazing ladies i will always call best friends in my life, Erica & Megan. They have both been there for me no matter what and even though i am couple hours away I know i can count on them. They don't judge me and my life and support me. 

C. Cake or Pie? I am a cheesecake kinda girl

D. Day of the Week? Fridays, when delaney is coming for the weekend :) 

E. Essential Item? Gonna have to say my Iphone..i love it, and in january, i dont know what i will do keep my iphone 5 or leave apple products, I wish they would come out with a new iphone SOON.

F. Favorite Color? Pink

G. Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms? sour gummy worms

H. Hometown? FUn fact: Was born in Joplin, Missouri, but i call Auburn, Indiana my hometown, that is where i spent most of my life at.

I. Favorite Indulgence? Currently Essie Nail Polish

J. January or July? July, hate snow, mainly driving in it

K. Kids? Tevi's daughter Delaney...i hope to have a baby of our own though, fingers crossed, send lots of baby dust please. 

L. Life isn't complete without? good supportive family & friends

M. Marriage Date? no marriage date, YET, i want a fall date though :) 

N. Number of Brothers/Sisters? 1 brother he is 21, EEEK. Future SIL she is 19 and about to have my first niece. Something MOST people dont know is i have an older half brother and sister, David & Megan. We have never met.
my brother and I, last fall

O. Oranges or Apples? Apples! 

P. Phobias? i am scared of the dark

Q. Favorite Quote? "Everything happens for a reason"

R. Reasons to Smile? My main reason to smile is tevis, he is alive and wakes up next to me every morning. 

S. Season of Choice? fall

T. Tag 5 People: Change this one to Tell me one thing no one knows about you - its been a real adjustment moving away from my family, i dont say this to anyone. I hate living away from them and spending time with them, but when we are together it just makes things that much more special. 

U. Unknown Fact About Me? I graduated early from High School, hated high school.

V. Favorite Vegetable? right now im on a celery and healthy peanut butter kick

W. Worst Habit? I pick my head, sometimes they bleed and i have scabs, NO ONE IS allowed to touch my head and reason for picking is because its an anxiety habit. 

X. X-Ray's you have had? Long time ago, i was having pain lower back and my side. It was embarrassing  i was just backed up LOL 

Y. Your Favorite Food? I am a carb lover, fettuccine alfredo  I LOVE OLIVE GARDEN!

Z. Zodiac Sign? Aquarius 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bye bye Jungle, hello new and improved yard

Hi loves,
Hope everyone has a great Tuesday! Today I am posting some picture of the progress that has happened outside, and I know i may have duplicated some from a previous post, sorry in advance. I also know i post a lot on my IG but i have to make a post about it, duh :) ENJOY!

This is what we were doing this past Saturday! We have a small corner bed left to do and one small side of the house, but for the most part everything is done! 

It sure was a hot day, But us ladies worked our butts off!

I just love our deck, and our next project is a roof. :) 

just love this side of the house, see that stepping stone with yellow on it? Delaney made that for Tevis for fathers day! 

I am loving all the work we have done to the inside and outside of our home! I am so thankful we have great friends/family around here to help us. I cannot wait until my family from up from Auburn can come see our home! :) My mom, brother, Haley and my dad have not been able to come visit yet, but i am sure once things at my dads work calms down and my niece arrives into the world they will come see it :) 

I have gotten a TON of new followers, i sure hope everyone is enjoying reading about my everyday life and new journey of being a homeowner it sure is a lot of work but i am loving every minute of it. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Mouthwatering Mondays && Baby shower photo bomb

Mouthwatering Mondays
I found a fun link up to start doing on Monday's, Mouthwatering Monday's, I seen this on one of my new favorite readers, Catherine @ Bailey DailiesEach Monday you will be linking up your favorite recipes that go along with that week's theme

Schedule looks like this so far,
July 15: Summertime Sweets
July 22: Favorite BBQ/Picnic Recipe
July 29: Quick & Easy Appetizer 

My Summertime Sweet Recipe, 

Fruit Pizza

We made three round fruit pizza's for Haley's baby shower. My favorite summer time dessert. 

Sugar Cookie Crust-
One pack/box of sugar cookie mix
1/2 stick of butter
1 egg
Roll out onto cookie sheet or pizza pan & cook for 10-15 minutes, Pre-heat oven to what cookie mix says.

1 8oz cream cheese
1/3 cup sugar
1/2 tsp Vanilla
Frost after the cookie crust is completely cooled down and then add all the fruit you want. 

We have made these multiple times at parties we have, THEY ARE A BIG HIT!! So easy and so yummy! Enjoy, and let me know if you make this! 

Now, i would like to show you some pictures from Haley's baby shower, it was so awesome who came and celebrated my baby niece who i cannot wait to meet. Haley is due july 31st and she can't wait to meet her. I did not want to bomb you with a ton of pictures, but here is a few :) Enjoy! 


Happy Birthday to the beautiful kelsey! She blogs over at Running with My Tiara On Go check her out, follow her on twitter or IG and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!