Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday oh Monday!

Hello my lovely readers,

Hey don't forget about the Get Fit February Challenge!
Started Yesterday! It is for beginners like me get a jump start on my strength and stamina! JOIN US let ys know if you are joining! Follow Erica and I on twitter and IG and hashtag #getfitfebruary2014

How was everyone's weekend?
was looking forward to the super bowl! I love the commercials :) I loved that Bruno mars was going to be singing the half time show!!! 
I was disappointed and sad for Peyton manning! & the commercials sucked this year!

Final was....
43-8 Seattle wont :( BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

We had quite the lazy weekend. We picked Delaney up Friday after school at 430 and she went back to her moms Sunday at 5pm. Always love her being here with us, just felt bad because darn winter has been so bad this year that everyone is getting lazy being soo cooped up in the house. Although it is the first weekend in awhile that we have not been busy, so it was nice at the same time. Tevis has needed to stay off his leg so we made no plans, or canceled plans. I cant wait for warm weather so Delaney and I can go for bike rides, walk the dogs and go swimming. Just being able to sit on our back deck and enjoy the warm weather will be amazing.

One thing she requested over the weekend was Sunday Breakfast, so i got up at 830 and made, scrambled eggs bacon and hash-browns for Tevis and Delaney. I made myself one egg over easy, turkey sausage links and hash-browns. I was still happy to enjoy breakfast with my bacon monsters but i enjoyed a small low calories version :) WINNING! Even though it was a lazy weekend it was a great weekend.

So with valentines day coming up and knowing we will have a full house that weekend i am thinking of some yummy treats to indulge in that weekend.


How to Make Valentine Moscato Float
1 Bottle Mirassou Moscato Wine
Strawberry Pop
Vanilla Ice Cream

Step 1 – Place two scoops of vanilla ice cream in a glass
Step 2 – Add 1/2 cup of Strawberry Soda
Step 3 – Fill the rest of the glass with the Moscato wine.  Enjoy!

Can't wait to try these! 

My bestie, Tamara and her kiddos will be at my house for the weekend So full house :) 

I bought this at Aldi's to make for breakfast valentines day weekend :) 

I want to also make these for the kiddos :) 
My new blogger friend Joni @ Six Cherries on Top
posted this amazing good looking cookie recipe! 

Read her blog post for the instructions! Cannot wait to make these and give them a try. Sound so good!

I also plan on making little goodie bags for the kiddos to enjoy over the weekend! :) 
I need to get working on my gift to Tevis :) Stay tuned for that! 

I hope everyone has a great Monday!
My week will consist of getting homework done by Thursday, cleaning, laundry, and exercising everyday! 

love to all! XOXO 
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  1. I love your commitment to keeping healthy :-) But I gotta say... That Moscato float sounds DELICIOUS! I'll definitely be trying that! I picked what team to root for in the girliest way possible: I decided I like Seattle a lot more as a city (it's actually where I would want to live) and they had my bff's wedding colors. Hahaha. I was pretty disappointed at the commercials too. I was editing photos while I watched so I missed a lot of them but none of them really demanded my attention.

  2. Gah! I must RUN to Aldi right this second for that pancake mix! My kids would love that!

  3. Oh valentines at your house sounds like it's going to be so fun!!

    And yay, go Hawks!! Lol!

  4. Valentine's Day sure is going to be a blast at your house :)
    I didn't watch the game. I saw Bruno Mars, but other than that, I just watched my family yell at the game haha!
    I want to try those cookies Joni made, too! They look SOO good.
    She has a rice krispie treat recipe I like too.