Monday, January 20, 2014

$60 Victoria's Secret Gift Card GIVEAWAY

Hi Friends!
I was excited to be asked to be apart of this awesome Giveaway!

I just love Kristin at Hopelessly Ever After and her fitness blog Fittin' It In

I love my blog, i love to blog and interact! I just don't have the traffic and loyal followers as these big timers. So i do things like this to help get people to my blog and hopefully to STAY :) 

Since i'll have new readers, i will tell ya a little bit about myself!
I am a 25 year old full time college student @ Harrison college who loves her fiance and future step daughter and fur babies like no other! You will always read about them :) 
& NO date set YET!
I love my family and am a proud new auntie so you'll always read about my family and Niece Taylin. 

I love to blog about my everyday life and also start a new journey of a new healthier me! Trying to lose weight and live longer! I could use all the support I can get! 

I post about 3-5 times a week and I post daily and multiple times daily on Social media. Go to my side bar and follow me, see some cuteness :) 

Here are my Blog Stats:
Started blogging February 2013
Pageviews all time History: 18,000
Pageviews last month- 1,865
GFC- 48
Bloglovin- 302
Instagram- 222
Twitter- 85

So now you know a tiny bit about me
You should stay a little get to know me more by browsing my Tabs that tell You more about me!

Now you should go enter this amazing giveaway!
$60 to Victoria secret 
I hope you win and are able to get something sexy for you valentine :) 

Jess :: Morgan :: Marty :: Alicia :: Candra

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  1. I love this post... What a great idea. Love you and I'm so happy I met you through this little blogging world.

  2. A monokini! or running pants to get in shape to wear a monokini!

  3. I am in desperate need of a bra that fits haha!!!

  4. I always love reading about your family!
    I know I talk to you daily, but it's nice to read a post that is so detailed about your family. I love y'all :)

  5. A girl can never have too many bras or cute pairs of underwear!