Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Life never goes as planned....

Hello blogger world!!!

So from my precious posts you have found out that i was diagnosed with PCOS around the age of 20. When i was married we tried and tried and tried for a baby, right before our relationship went south, I knew my next step was clomid. Well now i am in a new relationship and Tevis knew from the beginning i wanted kids, I wanted to be a mother. We talked about kids early in our relation, so he knew what he was getting himself into. Life never goes as planned, i see 16 year olds get pregnant just by blinking, so its very frustrating to see young girls having babies. I HAVE TO KEEP THINKING, everything happens for a reason and god has other plans for me. Like right now i just keep thinking, god put me in Tevis' life to keep him alive and take care of him. I will know when the time comes if i need to prepare myself to be a mother or not to be a mother. I have my days where i talk myself into being ok with not being a mother to my own child. I feel i know in the back of my head I wont be a mom, i wont have a baby. I have my own set of issues and then Tevis has his own set. We don't have money to do in vitro or surrogate, but i cant be so negative, but at the same time i have to prepare myself somehow. It keeps me inside to think i wont be a mom, and i wont give my family a grandchild, niece or nephew. I have my lovely yearly this summer and will of course ask more questions, and maybe once tevis gets insurance we will get him checked out and see what our options are. I hate the thought Tevis and I just cant make a baby on our own. If its meant to be it will happen! Until we find out more answers I will just focus on myself, tevis, school and being the best step mommy i can be to Delaney because she deserves all my life no matter what. & if one i can make her a big sister i know she will be the best out there!  
XoXo. Hope everyone had a great Wednesday!

Monday, February 25, 2013


I blame it on my dad but i am one of those americans who are TV JUNKYS! I thought I would share my weekly night shows!

 Monday night
-The carrie diaries
 -Switched at Birth
-Teen Mom -catfish
-dallas(occasionally watch with Tevis)

-Pretty Little Liars
-Lying game
-Snooki & Jwow
 -Justified(occasionally with Tevis)

-Guys with Kids
-Chicago Fire(w/Tevis)
-Duck Dynasty

-Vampire Diaries
 -Beauty & the Beast
-Greys Anatomy

-Malibu Country

 Sunday Night
-Kourtney & Kim take Miami

 So there is my weekly shows i like to watch. I have a lot of other shows I will occasionally watch with Tevis. Now if you know my dad, you will know he has his DVR full all the time. He sometimes has up to 40 shows he records and watches! Now please don't think all i do is watch TV but late at night, its TV time or on weekends when Delaney isn't here with us. Just thought this would be a fun little post to show what kind of shows I like!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tevis' Story Part 2

So it was finally to go home and leave the hospital! Before he was sick he was living with his boss and i was visiting every weekend and sometimes once a week. We had already made plans for me to move march 9th..I was with tevis at home for three full days and then I had to get back to work. I worked for a week and ended up quitting a week early. I could not stand being away from him. In those first three days was his hardest days! Learning how to be in wheel chair yet get from chair to bed or chair to the toilet we mistakenly was having him get up on to the walker and then pivot and sit in his wheel chair, we were finally told by his physical therapist how to get from chair, toilet, bed to his wheel chair without having to use all his energy on standing up on his one good with the walker, so things started getting easier and he could do more things on his own now, which made me feel better since i was about to leave to head back to ft wayne and work. I couldn't stand staying away after that week i moved in with him. & by the time i got back to him he was so much better about moving on his own and doing things on his own. He could hop around with the walker with no problem. He felt so good that he wanted to pick Delaney up and go to his pro shop, but things went down hill fast. He ended up falling right on his stump, it hurt him so bad and forever made him scared to use walker or crutches. He sometimes uses them now but not often. He was in a wheel chair for 2-3 months before he got his first prosthetic leg. & although it too came with complication and challenges he has been walking since may-june and has over been doing great. Once he was good and ok with his new leg we were able to move back to where he was living before, and soon we will be moving to his actual house where its being rented right now. We take each day at a time and I am here with him everyday helping him and taking care of him and making sure he doesnt over do it. He is about to get his final and permanent prosthetic leg and it will be so better for him. I could have went on and on with this story and told every detail but i made it as short as possible and just wanted to let everyone know a little about Tevis without giving toooo much boring information.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Being sick is no fun!

TGIF! I love weekends! We are most likely having a couple friends over tomorrow night, they got back from Hawaii and got engaged! wahoooo. and Then sunday we are visiting with Tevis' family for his Moms birthday next week! Hope Everyone has a great weekend! Xoxo

Well hello blogger! I have been absolutely sick for a week. Started last Friday after we got our Delaney for the weekend. I made dinner cleaned up did the normal stuff before i sat down and relaxed for the night. i started feeling terrible, i ended up having to lay down and by midnight..yup the full on FLU was kicking my butt! I slept all weekend and had fevers off and on. I felt so bad because although tevis needed to rest his leg he took care of both me and Delaney. I felt bad for not being able to spend time with Delaney. Tevis did awesome having stay outta our bedroom for majority of the time so i could sleep. And then this whole week i have just been recovery and getting my energy back along with a sinus infection. I am finally starting to feel myself again, and hoping my appetite comes back. I haven't felt like eating since the night i started getting the flu. So i cant wait to get back to blogging! I AM BACK!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Tevis' Story

***I am going to try to keep this as short as possible to get the point across. It will be hard to right this post without crying as well.*** Sorry if i babble, hehe

I never knew Tevis' health history, though with being his girlfriend for over a year at the time maybe i should have known. It all started last year on Superbowl weekend, tevis wasn't feeling well, always felt sick always was tired, just wanted to sleep all the time. He toughed it out through the weekend, and we had a pretty good weekend together. I left Monday morning like normal to head back to ft wayne for work for the week, then as usual on Friday i drove down to be with him for the weekend. I had my birthday and turned 23. I got beautiful flowers from him and had dinner with my family. That weekend we planned a big group dinner with a bunch of friends at Fireside on saturday feb. 11th, 2012 in Greenwood for my birthday, and then a movie on sunday feb. 12, 2012. Tevis had felt sick all week, i think at this point he was throwing up and nothing tasted good to him not even Dt Mt Dew which was his favorite. I thought he just had the flu, few weeks before his daughter was sick. So i get there on friday night, we have to run into greenwood to get rent money from his sister, he cant drive because he feels horrible so i drive, and we finally get back to the house around 10pm he goes to bed and he literally stayed in bed until monday when i left for work. All my birthday plans and valentines day plans were canceled. tevis had been sick all weekend and throwing up like crazy. He said he had either stepped on something or twisted his left ankle it was so swollen, he couldn't walk on it. He was falling apart. He said he felt ok when i was leaving. I thought ok he will be fine, but something deep down my in stomach knew he wasn't okay! Tuesday came along which was valentines day. I got more flowers and Breaking Dawn Part 1. Then all of a sudden i got text messages from a couple friends saying Tevis looks horrible, please make him go see a doctor and etc. I was thinking I KNEW something bad was going on. He Finally calls me and says "I think my foot is infected, if i go to the hospital i know they are going to cut if off". I am at work, and i am freaking out and crying and worrying. He told me he was going to call his mom stop by the store take a shower clean his foot and go to bed, and he was going to the hospital when he woke up next day. He of course wanted me there, I went home and packed. I got up as early as i could Wednesday February 15th, 2011. It was the longest 2 hour drive ever! At the time i didnt know what was really goin on, but when i walked in the house it smelled so bad, knowing now, his foot was so infected it really was bad. He got around and we head to the hospitals ER. Basically was a diabetic foot Ulster that got infected.My tevis was in bad shape, he was in septic shock, high fever, renal failure, and on his way to leaving this earth. The infection was spreading and fast, it got up to his groin area, not even 12 hours later he may have been dead. They got him some amazing pain meds, and  got him started on lots of good antibiotics. He was admitted to the hospital and having emergency surgery on his foot that night, they needed to clean it and get all the infection out and see if it had spread, if it got to the bone there was nothing they could do by cut it off. They had another surgery on Friday February clean his foot some more, his toes were already dieing and they were pretty sure it had spread to the bone. The doctor did not end up going along with the amputation because tevis wasnt prepared for this yet. That evening he still wasn't doing any better, that left foot needed to be amputated in order for him to start recovery. Tevis, his mom, his doctor and I had a serious talk and we all agreed that the amputation needed to happen and fast. They did a below the knee amputation of his left foot Saturday February 18th, 2012. It was so emotional when he was out and back in his room seeing his foot plus some of his leg just gone. On a happy note, Tevis literally got better health wise all around. He bounced back like nothing ever happened. I started to feel relieved but knew we had a long road ahead of us. he had a great attitude about having the amputation always making jokes, it was his way of dealing with it i suppose. made me be a little more at ease i suppose, i was a MESS the whole time we were there, i looked like crap. Barely showered because i didnt want to leave his side. Tevis had his room full almost ALL the time. At one point we had to start saying people need t be in an out by 8 pm. Tevis needed his rest, since nurses bother him every two hours. He had a few days to recover before they were gonna release him. He was so scared to leave the hospital to not have all that hospital help anymore.

***so that first part of his story, not even a FULL version, just enough to get the point across!****
I will talk more about his amputation in another post

Thursday, February 14, 2013

This is probably our second picture taken together, months of first dating! Taken December 2010!
Love his little smile! :) 
Tevis is one to shower me with gifts and always knows how to make me feel special on a special day. Today is valentines day and due to financial reason, we decided no gifts. We've spent the last week at my parents up north in Auburn, and we used what little money we had for gas. We had a great time at my parents as usual, we are thankful for the time we get with them. My true gift that doesn't come with a card or roses is that tevis is Alive, he is walking, and he is doing alright, all things considered! This last year has been a roller coaster, but being able to go to sleep and wake up next to tevis everyday is all I need, EVER! I love him so much!
I hope Everyone had a great valentines day!
Much Love, Britney XoXo!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WordLess Wednesday!

Happy almost valentines day! This post will describe our silly side! :) <3 
Much Love, Britney XoXo!

Facts about PCOS!

Everything I found is very good advice, and I hope to change my everyday lifestyle! Having a baby is my dream being a mother would make me so happy! A baby should be enough motivation. With my great support system, I believe i can do this!

The Tell-Tale Signs of PCOS

If you are suffering with PCOS it's more than likely you will experience some or most of these symptoms. Losing weight is my ultimate goal to help with my pcos and becoming fertile again.
  • You have problems losing weight and you gain weight easily
  • You have fertility problems
  • You don’t ovulate
  • You have menstrual problems or irregular periods
  • You have ovarian cysts
  • You have pelvic pain
  • You have increased facial hair
  • You experience male pattern hair growth
  • You have skin pigmentation
  • You have acne and oily skin
  • You crave sugary foods
  • You have a decreased interest in sex
  • You constantly feel tired and lethargic
  • You feel down-in-the-dumps and even depressed
  • You have an underactive thyroid gland

Foods I should start avoiding
Food #1: Sweets
Refined sugar causes elevated levels of insulin. If you have PCOS, avoid desserts and candy because they contain large quantities of sugar.
Food #2: Soft Drinks
Sports drinks and soft drinks that have high sugar content will increase your insulin level. Avoid all drinks with added sugars. 
Food #3: White Bread
White bread also has a high glycemic index, which increases insulin levels. If you have PCOS, replace white breads with unprocessed, whole grains in moderation.
Food #4: White Rice
White rice should be replaced with brown rice or whole grain pastas, which have lower glycemic indexes. When possible, choose complex, unrefined carbohydrates instead of refined carbohydrates to decrease your insulin levels

PCOS Diet Guidelines

1. Balance your daily protein with equal amount carbohydrates

2. Eat low glycemic index foods

 4. Eat 5 meals a day


  • Breakfast (right away, when you wake up): 2 eggs scrambled with spinach + 1/2 cup oatmeal
  • Snack: Protein shake with organic milk, banana and spirulina
  • Lunch: Organic Turkey sandwich on whole grain bread with carrot sticks and hummus on the side
  • Dinner: Organic chicken with steamed broccoli and half a yam
  • Snack (less than an hour before bed): organic yogurt with granola and 1/2 teaspoon spirulina
 5. Eat essential fatty acids daily

6. Exercise 30 min. 5 days a week ( i have PLENTY of time to do this, just need motivation to do it) 

 7. Eat Organic (dont think i'll switch to all organic,but eating better i will def. try my best)

8. Quit Coffee ( good thing i am not a coffee drinker)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

For some reason my anxiety has been super high today, i had to cave and have some pop to get some caffeine in my system and took a nice hot shower to lose my muscles up. SO i am here tonight to introduce the people in my life I will be talking about a lot, My Family!

My Parents! Tony & Gayelynn! They are a amazing parents and I know they are always there for me! My dad is the general manager at Smokey Bones in Ft wayne, he is a kid at heart and enjoys life and his family a lot! My momma has a day care in her house and she loves her kids and is the most nicest kindest lady in the world! Ask ANYONE! Everyone loves my parents. I cant wait to give them a grand baby! 

This is my almost 21 year old(ahhh) brother TJ, i call him Bub or Bubby. He works hard and as a hobby he likes to barter things, mainly vehicles. He has a new one each week I swear. He recently found out he is going to be a daddy!!! The pretty girl with him is his girlfriend Haley, she is the sweetest girl ever. We have a good relationship, i love her as my own sister. Plus she is going to make me an Aunt and i couldn't be more happier about that!!!

This is Delaney! My boyfriends almost 7 year old daughter. I met her almost two years ago and she was attached to me in 10 minutes that we met, daddy came second when i was around, haha! She is so sweet, so loving, smart and has lots of energy. She also is like her father and has no patience, stubborn, and has a mouth on her. But shes 6 lol. Kids will be kids, overall she is an amazing little girl I enjoy out time together.

She is so photogenic! I had to share this cute picture! One of my favorite pictures! <3
This is my amazing boyfriend, we will have been together for three years in October. I will post his story/our story in a few days. Just know he is amazing, my best-friend, my rock, my protector, my hero. He is the strongest most kindest man I know. Doesn't matter how we found each other, everything happens for a reason, and best believe you will hear a lot about Tevis Ryan Stambaugh! <3

Short & Sweet post. Hope you enjoyed a little introduction to my family. You will hear a lot about them! Much love, Britney XoXo!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Its TEA time!

I have some pretty moderate anxiety. I am off my pills that help relax me because well they make me so sick and very dizzy. I haven't been back to my doctor to let her know and get something else. I decided that something else has to work for me at night, because i cannot sleep! I know I posted few days ago called Sleepless in Indiana about my new purchases. Drinking some warm tea at night specifically for relaxing and bedtime has done wonders for me the last few nights. I know I am at my moms and always feel more relaxed when i am here but i truly believe they are working for me i have been sleeping much better and waking up earlier then normal and feeling more refreshed. Green tea has a lot health benefits so i am switching to anything green tea during the day. I was just informed about maybe putting white tea and oolong and pu re tea into my collection too so I will do my research on those! Anything natural to put in my body sounds good to me! 
Here is the start of my Tea Collection! :)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

I Turned 24 today!

ME! happy birthday to me!!
   I must say the past year has gone by very fast. A lot has been going on since my last birthday, and I must say i will be glad not spending most of the month of February in the hospital because of Tevis. He is much healthier this time then last year. I overall had a great day :) Got a lot of birthday wishes through, texts, calls, and facebook, i felt loved. I cannot believe I am 24! Spending time in Auburn with my family is exactly how i wanted to spend my birthday! We planned a while back to save money and go about and hour away to Middleberry and eat at the Amish restaurant, Das Essenhaus. I barely had service in the amish town so now pictures were really taken, Boo, So I just ignored my phone. Had a very awesome home cooked family style meal and then bought some homemade pies and went home. Tevis had told the waitress it was my birthday so when it was dessert time i had a candle to blow out and a few of the ladies sang happy birthday to me!!! I still very much wish my grandma and grandpa Snyder were alive but i know they were with my in my heart.
Now i hope the next year is much much better and takes its sweet time, turning 25 is a big deal. EEEEk! 
Much love, Britney! XoXo!
Haley and I 

Cute funny card my parents got me!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sleepless in Indiana!!!!!

Ever since I moved down to Indianapolis with Tevis and have not worked in almost a year, my sleeping routine/habits are terrible! Tevis and I are night owls, sometimes NOT a good thing. We will stay up really late then sleep in and since we slept in we stay up late again. I have moderate anxiety and I am off my meds because they make me to sick and dizzy (need to get back to my doctor to get different meds) so i have sleepless nights, my mind races and i get paranoid(Have to sleep with the tv on, fan on and our bedroom door has to be shut). I will take melatonin every once in awhile to make me sleep, but i have done research and well i already have fertility problems and taking that makes it worse so I am trying to steer clear of that. I cant take baths where i am living right now so lavender hot baths cant happen right now, i use to take hot baths to relax me for 10-15 minutes. When we move i will FINALLY be able to take them again. I bought some teas to drink at night to help relax me and i bought some calming lavender lotion for Tevis to rub on my back and shoulders that will hopefully help a little. I seen that somewhere they sell Lavender filled pillows, I NEED ONE! I am making it my personal goal to try to get my sleeping habits back to normal or close to it. Hate laying awake for hours before i finally fall asleep! I slept maybe 5 hours last night I made myself to NOT take a nap today so i should be tired to sleep tonight. I am ready for a good nights sleep!
My purchases today! Home remedies to help me relax and sleep!

Throwback Thursday!

June 2007. High School Graduation

Graduating high school feels like it was so long ago! Crazy to look back at some pictures of my school and thinking, "dang i want that body back". Thanks to PCOS gaining weight is so easy but getting it off is so hard! My pcos is one reason why i wanted to get into blogging so bad. I hope to find followers with pcos so that I can get tips from other ladies suffering from this. I feel alone because no one i knows has pcos. I have the support of my family, friends & boyfriend. Having a support group of ladies with the same problem would probably make me feel better. It will be so easy to talk to them because they will understand what I go through and feel. My life has changed so much since these pictures were taken. I do not for one second regret anything i have done since then I only hope i continue on the road god is leading me on and i become a mother one day. I know not many people read my blog BUT i hope everyone is having a great Thursday!! Almost the weekend, which means MY BIRTHDAY!!!
Much love, Britney! xoxo

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pcos can kiss my A**

I found out about 3-4 years ago that I have poly-cystic ovary syndrome. If you don't know what that is, here is a brief definition:
Polycystic ovary syndrome is a condition in which a woman has an imbalance of a female sex hormones. This may lead to menstrual cycle changes, cysts in the ovaries, trouble getting pregnant, and other health changes.
When i was married to my now ex-husband, we tried and tried and tried, I had AF come visit whenever she wanted and so when she didn't show up i always got my hopes up that i was pregnant. I wasn't understanding why the pregnancy tests always came back negative. My ex got all checked out he was good to go, it was me with the problem, i felt horrible about this. Our next step was going to try clomid, but as you have assumed our marriage ended up not working out, and i am thankful I did not have a baby with him even as much as i want to be a mother. God knew it wasn't the right time. I ended up with no insurance and went almost a year without a check up or a period, finally when I met my current boyfriend and moved to the Indianapolis area i found a great doctor. My body just doesn't allow AF to visit on its own, so now i have to take this expensive pills to force my body to have AF visit at least every other month. When we are ready to try for a baby she said clomid would be our next option. Last time i had an ultra sound of my ovaries i did have some cysts but they were very little and shouldn't be a bother to me.  I know Tevis needs to get all checked out too, in his past marriage he had to take clomid himself, him and his ex had issues having a baby as well they ended up having to do in vitro. If it is meant to be i will become a mother to the most wonderful miracle ever. I just know with everything that has been going on with my boyfriend I believe god wants to wait and deal with that later so Tevis and I can get more stable in our lives. I hate that it wont be easy for my to get pregnant, and my goal is to have one baby. I know my parents would love to be grandparents and my brother will be a great uncle. Right now just taking one day at a time and our baby will come.  <3

I am looking forward to finding other blogs about PCOS and learning to cope with it and how to manage and control it. I need to get my body healthy. I need to lose weight to help my PCOS. Letting things go can lead to so many other issues that i DO NOT want.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Let's get to know ME

This post gives some current and past information about my life to better understand why i am doing this blog, i will be writing a variety of things like my pcos and infertility, diet and exercise, my family, my friends, my boyfriend and all his struggles, our struggles, and Delaney. I hope You all will enjoy reading about my life. 

Britney Dawn Snyder
Will be 24 years old this Saturday. 
I currently live in fairland, but will be moving to greenwood, SOON, I HOPE!
I do full time online classes at Harrison College
I am getting a medical reimbursement technology degree
Looking to do anything insurance or billing and coding from Home.
Maybe start my own billing services company.
girlfriend, future wifey to Mr. Tevis Stambaugh
future step mommy to a soon to be 7 year old little girl who i love to death
Daughter to the most amazing parents!
Sister to my young brother who is taller then me, LOL
suffering from PCOS & Infertility
Boyfriend suffers from diabetes
Boyfriend had a left leg amputation almost a year ago
&& now has developed diabetic retinapothy, currently half blind until he gets more treatment
I have few people i allow in my life and i cherish them all dearly
I got married at the age of 20 and was divorced over a year later
I am ready to marry again and know in my heart this is right.

hello out there

I have tried over and over with keeping a blog. So i am making it my personal goal to use this new blog on a daily basis. I would love to find blogs to follow about infertility and PCOS, since i have issues with that. I am hoping i can build friendships and have lots of followers as well. My life has been a roller coaster that few years and I know sharing will help my everyday stresses.
 Any suggestions welcomes. Please welcome me to the blog world, I AM HERE TO STAY! 

look forward to many blogs about me sharing my life to get everyone up to speed.