Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 1 Review of Dr. Oz 2 week plan diet!

Hi Friends,

I'll try and keep this short and sweet!
I want to tell you all about my first day of this no wheat, no sugar, no artificial sweetener and no caffeine diet.

I was very nervous starting this, almost wanted to back out! My bff Erica is the one who kept my spirits up and kept me wanting to do this. I dont want to fail her. I tried not to eat everything in sight over the weekend but i did enjoy my food over the weekend :)

I woke up excited about this. I weighed myself  took the nasty "before" pictures, thanks to Tevis, and also saw some of Erica's. I was ready to start this, i am ready to see the results, to feel relaxed to hopefully kick pop to the curb. To just OVERALL feel better!!!

i woke up at 9:40ish.

My day has to start off with 1 cup hot water and half of lemon squeezed into the water. That was a different taste, hard to get down. I DID IT!

I get read to make my smoothie/shake. I have been making my own shakes for over 2 months now, so i knew i could manage this and love it!


I almost threw up! From talking to Erica, I did not blend it long enough and i need to add my flax-seeds and brown rice protein powder last. I pray tomorrow is better!! I am being honest here for people who think about this!!! Its tough but do-able!!!!!

6oz of chicken(seasoned little with garlic powder)  tomorrow i will use my yogurt with my chicken, its a lot like sour cream and Erica says it tasted great!
2 cups of broccoli
1 1/2 cup of the detox veggie broth.
bottle of water

I did better with lunch of course! I made it to 5pm...just craving pop!!! NO headache thank god!
I felt hungry..

so for a snack i cut up a cucumber and drizzled some fat free balsamic vinegar. Amazing little snack to tie me over until DINNER TIME!!!!!!!!

I sipped on 1 1/2 cups of the veggie detox broth
1/2 cup brown rice
2 cups of romaine lettuce
6 small tomatoes
2 tablespoons of fat free balsamic vinegar

I have to stop eating at 8pm :( that will BE HARD!
And Dr. Oz recommends a detox bath.
Epsom salt and baking soda! Love my baths!

I SURVIVED! Will continue on this plan for as long as i can stand it.
After day 1...my question to myself all day has been.
Will I continue this lifestyle after the two weeks is over, NOPE. I can't do it. It is too strict! I will have to learn more from Erica, she eats a lot like this way just not as strict!

Sorry friends, NO PICTURES. plain boring post! Hope you all enjoyed and read about my first day!

Words of encouragement and advice is welcome!!!!

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  1. You are doing great!
    I have faith in u bff. :) I can't wait to see your outlook on this in 2 weeks.
    I know u think u will feel the same, but I'm hoping u have a change of heart/taste buds.

    Those lists on Pinterest are excited for how I will carry on after the 2 weeks!

    I am soooo proud of u bff! You did great for your first day! :)

  2. You did so great. That sounds like a pretty hard diet. I hope today went good too!

  3. Day one down!! Way to go!! You can do the next two weeks no problem! Just keep telling yourself, it will come to an end! Good luck with the rest of the week!

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