Wednesday, March 5, 2014

We Can Wednesday {12}

Hi Friends!
It is that time of the week that I truly LOVE!!!

The day when we share all things health, fitness, and/or goal related!
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Today we are partnering up with Kristin at Fittin' it In on giving away one lucky Ruffles with Love fitness tank top. I LOVE THESE TANKS.

I got this one a while back. I am looking into getting some more for sure. 
How can i not? Look cute while working out, its a no brainer ;) 

Little update on my FITNESS....
I have done the shred 27 workout 4 times now.
For everything we do on the video its 1 minute working out then 30 second rest. 
For beginners he suggests 30 seconds working out then 1 minute rest. So i have just been doing 30 seconds, sometimes a little longer, i am outta shape for sure and don't want to not be able to complete the DVD or hurt myself. I am pretty proud of my self and can burn almost 300 calories. I will slowly work my way up to be able to do those vigorous workouts for the whole minute. Its harder then ya think. I love the high i feel after working out, and always rest and chill with a yummy protein shake afterwards.

I am maintaining my weight right now, 200-202, and i am OK with that. I needed a mental break from counting calories, worrying about if i can go out to eat with Tevis and friends, and just over all stressing about food. So after my Oklahoma trip it will have been a few weeks and I think i can get back on board of losing some more weight. My goal is just to portion control and eat Clean as possible. 

My monthly goal for March.....
lose up to 4-6 lbs!
Drink lots and lots of water
Shred 27 workout 2-4 times a week
buy weights and work on my arms

So Go enter our giveaway & grab a button below and lets hear about your fitness journey. 

Lady Luck
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  1. Those are some awesome goals!
    You are doing great!
    Hope you enjoy time with family this week :) xoxo

  2. I really need to focus on drinking more water. I don't know why thats so hard. I hope you are having a great vacation.

  3. I love the I Came to Pick up Weights not Dates tank! That is so funny!
    Erika W.