Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Love is patient....

Hi Friends,

I am getting a little personal on the blog today.

So as of February 18th 2014, it has been two years since Tevis' life changed forever

I took him to the hospital February 15th he was literally dieing on me, he was so sick. He had a really bad infection starting from his left foot and slowly started moving towards his heart, I took him to the hospital just in time, he had two emergency surgery before the BIG surgery on feb. 18th where he had to have his left foot amputated. I thank god EVERYDAY for his second chance at life. It may not always be easy but he is alive and well for the most part. Diabetes is a major disease and very treatable if you take care of yourself. He was so strong about all this and had the best attitude. I am proud to be his Fiance. He goes to a very amazing Prosthetic doctor, Kenney Orthopedics, and he is in a commercial that airs on Fox here around the area and did a testimonial video I wanted to share with you all.

This video was taken well over a year ago, he was new to walking.

So when he was in the hospital I made the decision to quit my job in Ft Wayne sooner then we talked about so i could be with him to take care of him. I have been taking care of him and doing whatever i can to make life easier for him for over two years, and Wednesday morning I leave for Oklahoma for 4 nights 5 days... first time we will be apart for this long, so my anxiety has been high lately. I know he will be okay, but i always know how much he needs me most days and how much work our dogs can be. I am thankful he has a handful of people to call and be there for him, but its not me, so its still hard to leave, BUT i am excited to spend time with family. I hope there wont be too many times in life where i have to be apart from him like this. Anyone who is around us would understand my anxiety, i am his security blanket. Say a little prayer for us!

You can read more on the Tevis' Tab.

So my next little subject i wanted to talk about and get off my chest to help my anxiety is my PCOS (go read about it, its very interesting to learn about it and better understand what i am going through). Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.
So over the last 2-4 years I don't have Aunt Flow come visit me on its own, i need extra help! I typically have to take pills for 10 days to jump start, so annoying, so needless to say, baby making isn't easy either, and that's a post for a whole other day. I amazingly had AF come visit my on its own two months in a row 3-4 months ago, maybe a tad longer. Life got busy and i forgot to continute with my pills for i went a few months without one.. no biggy usually. When i finally remembered, i start another round feb. 1st.... its march 3rd and AF decided to NOT visit. Called my OBGYN, they immediately want me to take a PG test, said 9 times outta 10, you are pregnant. i am that 1%, because the PG test was a big fat negative! I knew it would be :( So Doctor instructed me to go ahead and take another round of pills maybe i need even more help this time around to get AF to visit. So i am on day 5 of pills, i pray AF visits! I am worried as hell something is wrong.... If i don't have AF come visit then i have to schedule an appointment and have an ultrasound done to see what is going on. My anxiety heightens just writing all this, but i feel it will help getting it out there and maybe some advice and encouraging words will help me. I can't believe with all my weight i have lost and how i have been exercising and watching mostly what i eat that it hasn't come on its own..that's ONE thing my doctor said should happen, if i started taking better care of myself it should come back on its own. So i am very discouraged right now and PRAYING nothing major is wrong.

Prayers welcome all around today! Have a great Tuesday, hug your loved ones, Life is precious!

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  1. I can't even imagine how hard it is for you to be going though all this! I know it must be discouraging that you are getting healthier and losing weight but it still hasn't come on his own but the more you continue to lose the more likely it is to start coming on its own. I have a friend who spent five years of trying with no success from PCOS and when she got out of the overweight category she started getting AF and is now pregnant with her second child. Keep having hope because its still possible!

  2. Prayers for you!! I'm going through some stuff right now with my AF and it has me really worried. Having a family is my only goal in life and sometimes I worry I want it so bad I won't get it. Mike and I aren't ready, yet, but we will be one day. I'm just hoping AF starts to get herself regular for both me and you! Good luck with everything. I'll be thinking about you!

  3. Lots of prayers for you! Keep up the exercise, its good for the whole body not just the baby makin parts. Hopefully your body is just learning and adjusting to the new healthier you and it needs some time to figure out what to do. I've had my own issues with my ovaries and the fear can be crippling, just have faith and hope and take lots of deep breaths. Hugs friend, Sarah (loislane1941)

  4. I'm thinking you friend, things will work out. If you need to talk I'm always here. Love ya!

  5. Aww Britney! I'll be thinking about you extra and praying for you! I look up to both you and Tevis! It really puts in to perspective all the times Toby has to travel for work, I don't usually think anything of it, I take it for granted. You two are both incredibly strong & I think together, you can overcome anything. As for the PCOS, it reminds me of my sister, she's pregnant and recently told me that cysts run in our family (she has them and my mom has had them), the doctor told her its not harmful & they can't do anything until the baby is born. Scary, I wish we had known before she became pregnant. It's great to hear that you're taking such good care of yourself and being proactive and learning more about your health, seems like a lot of people avoid their health until it catches up to them (my parents -_-). Anyways, my AF isn't normal since I started pills to take away horrible cramp pain, I'm not sure it's worth me feeling crazy over.

  6. I'm thinking of you!! Im hoping and praying everything will be ok!! Go on your trip, try not to stress. Tevis will be ok. Stress may be causing you more problems than what you need right now. So just breathe and remember all of us are thinking of you and hoping for the best! Xoxo

  7. I am always thinking and praying for you both! I love you!
    You both have such an amazing story and I am proud of you both!!!
    This post has me in tears!
    I'm so thankful to have you in my life!
    I'm not around as much as I would like to be but that is why I am sooo happy you found Tevis! You both benefit eachother in many ways and I'm glad he is alive!!

  8. Hi! I just found your blog and read your story. I'll be praying for both of you.

  9. Hugs and prayers for you sweet and beautiful friend. God is on your side and if we can't help you get through this, He can!