Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We can Wednesday #16

Hello Friends,
Lady Luck

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Well as you read yesterday, I SAID YES TO THE DRESS,so my goal is continue to lose a little more weight but most definitely not go over board because i cant spend a million dollars on alterations and MOST definitely not gain any weight because you cant add more dress, haha. 
SO two years ago i was in a plus size 22 and 2xl in shirts and I can proudly say i bought my wedding dress in a size 16, its fits and everything, almost perfect. 

I am not someone who is working out hard core everyday and being very strict with my eating. I am simply working on my will power and portion control. I enjoy yummy foods and still am losing the weight. I started back to counting and logging my calories, that worked from me in the beginning so figured i should get back to it to help me not eat that junk food and realize what i am putting in my body.

SO I am here to tell you, don't give up, don't get down on yourself, today is a NEW DAY, make small changes and work your way up, all the weight you gained wont come off over night, just keep on going and stay positive! Make a game plan and stick to it. Get in facebook support groups, they help i know from experience. Have a friend or family help support you on your bad days! 
Another piece of advice I have is to DRINK DRINK DRINK water. 
I try to get anywhere between 64oz-100oz of water a day. 

I am going to weight myself Saturday and will update you all next week. I broke the 200 more last week so working hard to keep my number under 200. GOOD LUCK TO ALL, i am here for anyone!

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  1. I am so proud of you! You are doing AMAZING! I say this every time you post about drinking water... I really need to be drinking more water.
    It's on my weekly wishes list so I will make it happen ;)

  2. Drink that water!!! So sorry I haven't linked up. I've been slacking horribly!!