Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekly Wishes #1

I am new to Weekly Wishes. Thanks to Melyssa at The Nectar Collective for starting this link-up! I need to get back into blogging and this is a GREAT way to get started again and meet new people. 

Little background about me for new readers :) 
I am 25 years old living with my now fiance(tevis) as of last October in the Indianapolis, Indiana area
Tevis has a 8 year old daughter who is our world, we love her to death.
Our two pups keep us busy most days, especially Storm.
I am a full time online Harrison College student, getting my associates degree in Medial Reimbursement, will obtain my Coding certificate & Medical Office Assistant Certificate.
Enough about me, STICK AROUND to learn more or follow me on IG :) 

This Month Wishes

Work on the yard
We need to get a truck load of rocks and finish up a couple places where rocks need to go, even though rocks are a pain because our lovely Stormy likes to take all the rocks out into the grass. I also need to do a lot of weeding!!!

Lose 4lbs by june 1st.
I finally broke my 200 mark, i am officially 199/198 :)  I have been working on my weight since November when i was 227lbs. Can't wait to continue my weight loss journey. 

Send our Save the date cards.

Find my dream wedding dress.

My weekly wishes!

Drink lots of water.
thanks to Ricci, i won her giveaway and started the 7 day plexus slim. I need to drink about 100oz of water daily, thats tough but i am doing a pretty good damn job! 

No fast food.
I feel like when i eat like crap. So my goal for the week is not to go out to eat, especially fast food, just cook and eat at home, that is the reason for all my food in my kitchen haha. 

Get all my school work done
I start week 8 of my 11 weeks this semester, so ready for a week break. I always make a goal of getting work done before the weekend so i can enjoy my days with Tevis and or Delaney. 

Finish Delaney's/guest bathroom!
SO when we moved in last June, Delaney's bathroom that's also the guest bathroom was brown. It needed some TLC. I decided to do yellow because its Delaney's favorite color, and had a peace theme shower curtain. Yeah it didn't last long obviously. I am re-doing it AGAIN. Will show you pictures next weeks link up

The Nectar Collective

Have a great day everyone
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  1. These are awesome goals and I bet you will cross each one off :)
    I have been trying to drink 100 oz of water a day too! It is very hard! :0

  2. Great goals!! And super attainable! I need more water. Let me go get some right MEOW!

  3. Well done on your weight loss - hope you enjoy the Weekly Wishes

  4. Woohoo!!! Congrats again and GOOD LUCK!! You can do this!!! If anyone needs Plexus give me a holla! HA!

  5. Wow, 100 oz of water, that seems like a lot!! Welcome to Weekly Wishes and good luck with your goals this week!