Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We Can Wednesday!

Hello out there, anyone out there!

Posts from me are few and far between, i loved blogging i still do it is just hard. Especially now being so far outta the loop and have lost most connections with other bloggers, its hard to post and no one interacts with ya, ya know? I want you all back!!!

I gotta remember to do this FOR ME, not for anyone else. Blogging is my way out, to be me and have fun and start relationships again. I miss my blog and I know it misses me!

So We can Wednesday was started a while back for me and my girl Erica @ LoyalRUN to give updates on our weight loss or give and receive advice/encouragement, it was also a place to stay accountable and tell everyone our goals for the week.

So my goal for the next 4-5 months is to lose as much as I can in order to feel my best for my BIG DAY! Getting married October 11th, 2014! Save the date cards for my guests were sent out yesterday!
Made by the lovely Sarah

I have been so bad about reading blogs, luckily i follow a lot you awesome bloggers through IG and i found a blogger who is selling plexus slim products, she was doing a giveaway and i went ahead and entered and WON the 7 day challenge. Ricci @ Imperfectly Ricci  <---- read today's post here!
Go read her blog and find out about Plexus Slim! She has had great results from it so far, i am excited to try it our for 7 days, and i pray i can get a months supply and get over this plateau of mine. So that's my We can Wednesday, is to GET FIT FOR MY WEDDING and how Plexus slim will hopefully help me get the results I want!

Lady Luck

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  1. Your Save the Date cards are gorgeous! I love them!
    Congrats on winning the giveaway!! If anyone deserved to win, it was definitely you!
    I'm glad you blogged today, I missed you while you were gone.