Thursday, September 12, 2013

Update On House!

Happy Thursday! I hope everyone has had a great week! I am officially on break from school until Sept. 23rd. I am so read and excited for the next week and half! Next weekend Tevis, Storm and I are going to my parents house because my Nana, Papa, aunt and uncle are coming to meet my niece! Its going to be a short but awesome weekend and tons of pictures I hope! So stay tuned!

Also, I will be doing a review and giveaway soon just a heads up :) Its something you wear! ;)

So There isnt much BIG projects going on in the house anymore, things are slowly calming down! I will have a post sometime solely on our bedroom because its not 100% done yet. I just wanted to show ya some decor i recently got, its nice not seeing naked walls anymore. Its hard to know what my style is. Tevis doesn't care what i get or do, but as long as he likes it i am happy and he has loved everything i have done so far. Pictures don't do justice but just imagine you were here :)

I am no where near done decorating the house. But who ever is? I already want to change Delaney's bathroom, haha. I will continue to show off my house! :) Lots more to do but plent of time to do it in :) My bedroom so far is my favorite!

We need to get our gate fixed, Storm got out last weekend it was terrible situation, and we also want to put a roof over the deck we don't have much shade in the backyard, and it gets the most sun for sure.

Our spare bedroom is the only place that has not been touched, i am waiting to see if it'll ever be turned into a nursery or just keep it as a spare bedroom and put up a lot of tevis' sports stuff.
Time will tell that!

Life is going pretty good my way, i cannot complain! I am getting more sleep, storm is overall doing great. She started classes monday, we are practicing "SIT" and "DOWN" i hope we can control this biting and her jumping. I always want to work on "COME" and "STAY" I am anxious to take her to my parents house but I WANT TO SEE my niece and family so hope its not too much of a headache for us! WISH us luck!



  1. It is looking great! Hope you have a great visit and enjoy your break!!

  2. It is looking great! Hope you have a great visit and enjoy your break!!

  3. The house looks great!!!! I'm so excited I get to see it tomorrow!!!!!

  4. Everything is looking great!!! And I hope you all have such a fun weekend!