Tuesday, September 3, 2013

25 years of LOVE

Today is my parents 25th anniversary and i am showing them some love on my blog!
They are celebrating in Cancun, Mexico and even though it has rained a lot they are having the time of their life! This was a much needed vacation for them. Between tevis, me, my brother and his girlfriend. We surprised them with a couples massage suppose to be on the beach but because of rain that didn't happen. They both have never gotten one and they LOVED it!

They have been through a lot together over the past 25 years and are a good set of role models for me to look up to. They love with each other and know how to still have fun with each other. I can only hope my relationship will still be like that with Tevis in 15-25 years. IF he keeps me around, hehe. I love my parents to death and so lucky to call them Mom & Dad.

How long has your parents been together?
What do they do to keep their spark?

25 years ago


I would not be where I am at in life if it was not for my parents. I only hope i have made them proud and thankful to to have me as their daughter! Hug your parents and tell them you love them, life goes by WAY too fast!

XOXO- Britney


  1. How sweet! Happy anniversary to them!

  2. How sweet! Happy anniversary to them!

  3. I love your parents! I have always looked up to your Mom. She is such a wonderful person!!!
    I am so glad they got to go on vacation!! :) xoxo
    Happy Anniversary to them!!