Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Strong Confident You

What day is today?

This was kind of perfect timing to get hooked up with Strong Confident You. I got to receive and review an awesome tank top and I picked a good one too :)
The material is light and so nice feeling and i love how I look in it! Picture doesn't do it justice of course. & Look it has 5K on the front, i got it in honor of doing my first 5K. 

I am in love with how the tank top looks along with this awesome bright font. 

I am a bigger girl with semi-big tata's haha, So i usually wear XL or 2xl, this tank is a 2xl and fits perfectly! 

I am here to tell ya i am teaming up with Strong Confident You to giveaway a FREE TANK to my lovely bloggers only. Go check her Shop out and get one picked out!

AN added bonus is my readers can receive a 10% discount, when you place an order use the code is SEPTEMBER2013 (no spaces)

I did my first 5K this past Saturday and enjoyed it so much. I decided to keep up my good spirits about running and just DO IT. So today i got outside and ran for about 6 minutes straight. and i walked little before and after. I felt like i was going to die afterwards, but during i felt good. I will continue to get out and run or walk with storm. 

I want to do the Color me Rad in Ft Wayne, Indiana,  Next year and hope we can get a pretty good team together! 

Our AFTER official race photo! I love this picture, getting some printed and framing!
Erica WE ROCK!!! Make sure to go follow her blog, she is all about wanting  a healthy lifestyle and she has a lot of good advice and tips. 

OKAY GO ENTER MY GIVEAWAY! good luck all you lovely ladies!

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  1. I like the "Fierce" tank and the one that says "I'm a mom I do it all" :)
    I would probably get Fierce!!!

  2. I would get a working it for the dress one to give to my girl Amy!!! :) Her wedding is in April! :)

  3. Awesome giveaway!! I'd get "like a boss"!!!! For sure!

  4. Congrats Girlies! I want the one that says"The only bad workout is the one you miss!" To help inspire me to get out there and get active!

  5. Great giveaway and congrats on your first 5k... xoxo

  6. I would probably get the I run for health fun donuts tank!

  7. I'd choose the Sore Today Strong Tomorrow tank!! :)