Monday, September 16, 2013

I DID IT! Weekend Wrap Up!

Why hello Monday, How are you? I am ok seeing you this week, because I HAVE A WEEK BREAK FROM SCHOOL, WAHOOO!

I had a great weekend, so let me tell you ALL ABOUT IT!

Friday was going to be a busy day. Started with my having to drive all the way downtown Indy to the Indianapolis fairgrounds to pick up Erica, Jose and I's race stuff.
I was excited to get my BIB, it felt more official! And we got cool sun glasses, a tattoo, and a T-shirt, which is sadly too something to work forward to be able to fit into it! So driving to the fairgrounds meant driving through downtown, i don't drive much, make Tevis do it he knows his way around usually. Well his eyes aren't the greatest so i asked him to at least go with me so i wouldn't freak out or die, haha. Erica owes me!!!

After we made our trip downtown Indy, Miss Storm had another vet appointment, she is expensive lol. She got another puppy shot, her rabies shot and her nails clipped! She did great of course. She is 30 lbs, she went from 18 to 30 in just three weeks! Our vet thinks she could be a mix of either lab+saint bernard OR lab+newfoundland Either way right now she guesses Storm will be a good 100lbs. She said next visit she will be able to tell even more. We could do a DNA test for like $50 but would only eliminate breeds and not exactly tell us. On another good note, her and Delaney had a better weekend together, besides a little incident last night, but as she gets older and her training classes it will all get better in time. 

After Storms Vet appointment, we waited til it was time to go pick up Delaney for the weekend. We ate at Skyline Chili Friday night and we just love our time with her! Friday night meant, MY BEST FRIEND WAS going to be on her way to my house to stay the night! Erica and her husband showed up before 10pm. I showed her my house :) and we just hung out talked and watched the end of Breaking Dawn part 1. 

Erica and Jose still at the car! ALL CLEAN! 

Erica and I all clean, getting AMP'ed 

We woke up bright an early, i was up at 630am and we were out the door around 715amish to stop by the gas station to get some energy drinks haha. I was much better driving downtown to the fairgrounds and way less traffic! We got there at 8am, used restrooms and slowly made our way to the starting spot. 

I wasn't as nervous as I thought i was going to be. Once we got to the starting spot and we were getting hit by color and they were letting wave by wave of people go. I was getting more excited, couldn't believe i was actually doing this. Our wave of people started at like 9:07 and we ran/walked the 5K ColorMeRad in oh about minutes. I DID NOT TRAIN for this run, i ran for a week couple months ago, then we moved and life got busy and exercise was not in my everyday plans. I did a lot better running then i thought and ran more then i thought i would, Erica and I stayed together i sometimes a few steps ahead, i am a fast walker. I had the adrenaline rush and i felt good the whole time. So it has given me the motivation that I can do more of these if i train and run more. 

Almost done with the 5K had to take a silly picture

haha FAKER!!!! ;) 

So we of course walked and ran, we would catch our breathe and say lets run to and make a goal and run and sometimes we would both keep going. There was three different down and up hills i ran all those, i felt like it would be an accomplishment if i did. There was alternating Color bomb stations and colored water stations. and I could finally see the bridge at the fairgrounds which meant we were SO CLOSE. i was so excited! WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Jose finished i think 10-20 minutes before us, HE ROCKS! 
This was at home before i was about to jump in the shower and get ready for our celebration lunch at AppleBees! thumbs up for I DID IT!!!!!!!! So proud of myself! 

I ended Saturday with a nice pedicure with Delaney, HER IDEA!
I got a great foot and leg massage, so it was exactly what i needed. 

Sundays are for FOOTBALL. Tevis hates it when football season is over. We got to go to our first game of the season today. and they lost BOOO :( but i had a great time with Tevis anyhow! 

So as you can tell I had an awesome weekend! Its sunday night, i am scheduling some posts and enjoying a relaxing night with Tevis and Miss Storm watching Sunday Night Football! I Hope everyone had a great weekend! Thanks in advance for all the support and kind words! 


  1. Congrats on doing the run! I'm running my first one in November. I guess I should start training, haha.

  2. The 5k was so much fun!! :) we did awesome!!!
    And yes u are a fast walker!!! U did awesome!!
    Can't wait till we fit in our shirts!! Lol

  3. You guys looked like you were having a blast! Way to go!! And yay for a full week off school!! Enjoy it!