Wednesday, February 5, 2014

We Can Wednesday! {8}

Hi Friends,
It's another wonderful Wednesday!


This is our 8th week Linking up, it is a slow moving Link UP but HEY it keeps Erica and I accountable for our weight loss journey!

My loss has been slow moving, i guess it is common, some weeks are going to be slower then others.
I am not eating CLEAN CLEAN 100% of the time. I eat better during the week. Last Thursday and Friday I didn't eat the greatest, BUT i enjoyed every minute of it, haha. I would not say i fell off the wagon i just enjoyed being with friends and eating food! I need to change my attitude, i am having a really hard time staying positive.

My biggest problem is when I do go out to eat i don't make healthy choices, 7 times outta 10. I will binge and eat something YUMMY and bad for me. I need to make better choices when I go out to eat even on my cheat meal. If i can start doing that i think my loss will start back up again.

My goals this week:
DRINK LOTS OF WATER, I even added green tea into my daily fluid intake, wahoo
No carbs at dinner during the week ( Monday and Tuesday i did not have any carbs, WAHOO)
Variety of different exercises (get Fit february is off to a great start for me so far)
No eating after 9pm

Today i am down 19lbs!
i am short term goal is 198 by this sunday. HERES to 3 more lbs lost!!!

My overall weight loss goal! 
This is in my Plum Paper planner!
Great reminder of what i am reaching for! 

Don't forget about my #getfitfebruary2014 Challenge i am doing with Erica @ LoyalRUN. I know a handful of people doing it also. Easy for beginners! catch up with us. Its ok :) 

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  1. woohoo! 19 LBS!!! That is AWESOME!
    You are doing an awesome job!
    I love your goals! Having a planner is awesome! ;-p
    No carbs at dinner is a tough one, but I know you can do it :)
    I am so proud of you for setting a time limit for how late you can eat! I know we both get the late night munchies due to our sleep schedule! I am happy for you!

  2. Oh no I forgot today!! I'm sorry. But great job with your goals!!

  3. You are doing so good, still!! You'll reach your goals no problem!