Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My top 5 favorite IPHONE APPS!

Hi Friends,

it is TUESDAY! 
The good old state of Indiana is getting attacked with yet another Winter Storm starting sometime this afternoon. I went to the store yesterday we are good if we are snowed or iced for the a few days. 

So today, little short and sweet post.
I thought i would share my top 5 favorite iPhone apps. :) 

In no particular order here are my top 5 favorite or most used apps 

My Fitness Pal
I use this everyday all day! What a great fitness app this is. It is the most used fitness, calorie tracker I know. If you don't have this, get it and use it, and add me on there :) We all need to support each other. 

I use IG most outta my social media apps. I love to take and share photos of my everyday life. I love to interact with bloggers through IG also. Follow me and see tons of cuteness daily, ;) This is a great way to interact and stay in touch. 

a Beautiful Mess
This wonderful app is $0.99, but so worth it! I know a lot of bloggers use it, never really found anything free quite like this. I was perfectly ok spending the $0.99. You can take photos and add text and doodles to them. 

This lovely app is another one that cost, only $0.99. It updates every month. This lovely app give you your lock screen and home wallpapers. I change my often and monthly. So this app was worth buying. If ya wanna see some of the wallpapers, ask me i will send ya some options! Its worth the download/money! GO GET IT :) 

This is by far the most addicting app out there to stay late up on and build your dream house or satisfy your creative side. I love pinning stuff i can do to make my house MY HOME. I love having a engagement/wedding board to plan my future wedding. I have an exercise board to help me with new exercise routines. I know this is a POPULAR app. If you don't have it, i don't even know what to say, i would be shocked! SO many recipes i get from there, whether its my healthy foods or yummy desserts, ya cant go wrong when you get on Pinterest. 

Let me know what your favorite apps are, i love interacting with bloggers and finding more apps i don't even know of yet! :) Enjoy your Tuesday everyone and stay warm and safe if your about to get hit with this snow storm. 

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  1. Pinterest is totally my guilty pleasure!

  2. Good picks! I need to get the text-photo app and the background app. I don't have too many blog related apps on my phone, I have all the social media stuff but I tend to do everything from a computer. My favorite apps are kind of boring; mint to keep track to money, waze so I don't get lost/pulled over/hit something, iheartradio/spotify. I use Evernote a lot to keep blogging notes & shopping lists. See? Boring. Hahaha.

  3. I looove love love all of these apps :)

  4. I love interest too! so much that I've given myself a time out from it!!