Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We Can Wendesday {9}

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So I just recently turned 25 and my bff Erica @ LoyalRUN decided to spoil me with one of my fave gifts i got...
I have been on this weight loss journey with her before, but never continued. This time around I have been on this journey with her since November and i have lost up to 19lbs. Its a slow progress for me but i am determined to lose 50lbs before 2014 is over! 

So Tuesday night even though i had a headache from hell, i had to try out my Polar Watch FT7.
I ran in place for 3:06 minutes and burned 28 calories! I love seeing how many calories i am truly burning! I don't have a treadmill nor do i want to go outside in this crazy cold, so thought as of last night I would start running place and keep adding minutes on and see if that'll help me out for when i start running outside again. 3 minutes may not seem a lot to you, but i ran/jogged for 3 minutes straight without stopping and that's major for me! 

I did day 11 of the Get Fit February Challenge.... and burned 26 calories, MFP was close, said i was burning 24 calories. Planks SUCK! lol end of story. Are you doing the challenge with us?? Hope so, let me know how you are doing

So i found this on Pinterest, suppose to be a 100 calorie workout, as you can see i only burned 30, maybe i did it too fast I AM NOT SURE. This watch is a life savor! At least i hope i am using it right. If you have a watch like this, do this quick workout and let me know how many calories you burn. 

Overall i am so incredibly lucky to have this polar watch and will use it EVERYDAY! Can't wait for warm weather so i can put it to work even more! I officailly feel like i am in the "cool" fitness bloggers group hehe. We should have a facebook page for it ;) 

No grab button AND LINK UP!!!!!!!!!!! 
Lady Luck

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  1. Uh oh!! I missed out on the new button!! I'll be more with it next week. haha. I want a watch soooo bad!! Might have to make that purchase with the last of my summer school money.

  2. I'm soo happy that you love your gift! I was so excited to be that one that have it to you :)
    Such a bummer about the 100 calorie workout though! Guess you will have to make your own ;)