Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We Can Wednesday! {10}

Hi Friends,
So I am down for the count.
I am sick :(

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This will be short and sweet seeing as being on my laptop is THE LAST THING i want to do!

I have been on my weight-loss journey since beginning of November, starting weight was 220 i am now bouncing back between 201-203 here lately.  I am PROUD to say i am in size 18 pants now. I was in size 22 just less then a year ago, over the summer went down to 20. AHH feels nice to continuing going down, cant wait for the day i am no longer in plus size clothes! I can tell a difference in my waist, stomach and face areas most!

I truly thought counting calories was the best option for me, but i was stressing out more then I should have been. My girl Erica and I have decided to stop focusing on calorie counting and go straight into Paleo lifestyle.
Erica had me watch clips of Dr. oz's show...i figured out i was type 2
So this diet will consist of 3 cheat meals a week, a paleo dessert every night. No calorie counting!
CLEAN EATING it is :) I hope this will help me mentally and stop stressing over calories.

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Lady Luck


  1. I'm very excited! I am so happy I have you to share this journey with.

  2. Boo for being sick!! I hope you feel better chick!!