Monday, December 16, 2013

Delenay's Christmas Wish List! 2013

Thought it would be a good idea to show ya some thing on Miss Delaney's Christmas wishlist this year! She is 7, 8 In march and going on like 18! haha. Most of the items I am showing you, we got her :) She circled a bunch of stuff in the toys r us and target catalog. The great thing about this year is most of what we are getting her will stay at our house, so she is getting quite the collection of toys here FINALLY! I am sad to say that she is getting to the age where she will soon not believe in Santa! Kids at school last year were already telling her he wasn't really. So I am sure its only a matter of time.  :(

Toys R US, Journey Girls. This is Dana! She first wanted American Girl Doll, which we all know they are $100+++ it was beginning of November, and we realized the doll she wanted was on back-order. So thanks to her mom, showed her they journey girl doll. So we got her Dana and tons of accessories to go with her :) 

Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow and Arrow, we did NOT get her this. Not sure if her mom did, but boy was she all about this. I hope Santa brings it for her :) 

Trixie, So cute, looks like it would be a lot of fun. Tevis' Dad and step-mom got this for her :) I bet she was so excited. She got it yesterday while hanging out with them and going to see Santa. 

She has loved these Lego friends for a few years now. Each year on christmas or her birthday she gets something new. This year she liked this one. We got her this plus a few other ones 

Now i thought this was SOO COOL. Delaney likes her barbies, but we decided not to buy it for her, maybe Santa will 

I have NEVER seen these. and I am not sure Delaney has ever had one. But i seen them in the store they light up and seem cool. So bought her a couple. Excited to play with them with her. 

Aren't those some cool gifts :) This of course isn't even close to what all she put on her list but that little girl is going to be spoiled this year :) I love it, would not have it any other way! She deserves it. She is such a good kid! Hope everyone has a great MONDAY!

9 days until Christmas! 

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  1. That girl has good taste in toys!! 😊
    She is going to be soooo happy on Christmas.

  2. Oh I love the little girl toys!! I'm so used to seeing cars and tractors! She's going to have an awesome Christmas!!

  3. Those are some very cool toys. I sort of want those Lite Brix for myself! My daughter is 2.5 and we've got her a lot of My Little Pony stuff as well as lots of monster trucks, cars, and fake tools, haha!