Monday, December 2, 2013

Hello Cyber Monday

I have a shopping problem! 

With that being said, I did not go out to the stores and Black Friday shop! Is it bad i felt some anxiety knowing all these amazing sales are going on and i was not participating in them? Tevis was floored when i said that to him, haha, oops! 

I did some online Black Friday shopping and little bit today for Cyber Monday.
Delaney is seriously OFFICIALLY done, she is going to be one lucky girl on Christmas! 
I bought her NO CLOTHES. I think taking her shopping is more fun anyways :) She is wearing some Medium 7/8 but slowly getting into the large sizes. She needs to stop growing. 
Her biggest gift is a desk for her room, Her favorite gift will be her Journey Girl doll (like american girl just WAY CHEAPER). We got a lot of what she circled in the Toys r Us and Target catalogs. A lot of the gifts are interactive and will keep her busy and challenged. The good thing about this year is MOST of them will stay here at our house so we are slowly getting her a collection of her own toys and things here at Daddy's house :) 

My biggest and best purchase from black Friday and cyber Monday was a new COACH purse! 

this is my purse I picked out Mom is getting me for christmas!
$298 marked down to $99 and she got another 10% off 

I picked this out for my mom :) 
$148 purse marked down to $49.50 + 10% off made it $44.55. WINNING! 

I hope everyone had fun shopping. What were some of your good deals you got? TELL ME! TELL ME!

Update on my Eating better and exercising. Been going strong for almost 3 weeks.
I started at 220lbs. Been eating better(cheat meals here and there) exercise almost daily, tracking my calories. 
As of last Thursday i was down to 216. I hope i continue to see the lbs come off. I planned out over 10+ meals yesterday and went grocery shopping. I love that tevis is so supportive of it and will eat whatever i make for dinner. :) 

I am using My Fitness Pal, user name britney502!

Erica and I want to do a advocare cleanse, maybe after the holidays sometime. Let us know if you want to join

Thanks in advance for all the love and support! 

I am participating in my first ever Cara Box swap! 
Go read all about it here and get signed up before it closes! 

Cara Box


  1. Lucky!! I hate Black Friday shopping. Too much pressure. I only went to Kohls and shopped for about ten minutes, stood in line for an hour, and still didn't realize I had a coupon for $10 off at home. Boo!!

  2. Oh I am not a shopper at all!! Going to Black Friday sales would probably have me hyperventilating! But, those coach bags are so nice! I'd shop for those! Lol!!
    Sounds like Delaney is going to be super happy!! Yay!
    And great job on the weight loss!!