Monday, December 9, 2013

Snowy Weekend!

It's Monday, AGAIN! I typically hate Mondays because it means the weekend is over and a new school week begins with new assignments, quizzes and tests! Today means the last week of classes until January 6th so i am okay with it being Monday :) I have three finals to get done before Friday i hope i'll be done tomorrow! WISH ME LUCK! One more year of school everyone, WAHOOO!

So I hope everyone had a great weekend! We started the weekend off with SNOW....

This was ICE 

& then the snow started. I think we got almost 10 inches of snow.

My car that hardly ever moves LOL 

I shoveled at midnight just in time for Tevis to get home. Last thing we need is him falling. And yes, our cars are in the driveway when we have a garage. Listen.... we have a garage full of stuff and tons of people in our neighborhood use their garage for their vehicles LOL maybe next spring we will get it cleaned out. 

Except for when Tevis took Delaney Christmas shopping Saturday and me taking her Sunday, we stayed home with storm and stayed warm! 
Storm is 6 months old today! My baby is growing up. 
She had her surgery Friday, got spayed and back dew claws taken off. I was so anxious and nervous for her. We picked her up Friday afternoon and i was in tears, my poor baby. 
She did great just came home all drugged up slept off and on until Saturday morning and most of Saturday too. She didnt eat anything until Saturday evening, really wont touch her dog food so we've been cooking her chicken. She has to take antibiotics so needs something on her belly. Any other suggestions, welcomed, please! 

Another picture after we got home

Sunday she was getting into things and trying to play, so slowly but surely getting back to herself. Still couldn't leave her alone, so we are missing Tevis' nephews birthday dinner/cake plans, I hope they understand.  It has been a PAIN taking her outside with all this snow, because her bandages cant get wet so gotta put bags on her feet every time. I hope when we take her tomorrow for a check up that they COME OFF!!! I am gonna be glad she is back to her 100% self and all good to go. I am glad we did it though, now just gotta make sure she does not get fat on us. 

Is everyone ready for Christmas?? We are completely done with Delaney, just need to wrap a few things. We gotta get her desk together soon. EEEEK i need magic so it can be done by itself, haha.

I am ready for my three week break from school, and holidays with friends and family. 

Hope everyone has a great Monday! 

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  1. my car was the same way! except it was an ice cube and frozen shut!

  2. I'm so glad storm is feeling better!! Brave girl!!
    And yay for getting a break from school! Good luck on your exams!!

  3. My car is in the driveway too. lol.

  4. I HATE SNOW!!!
    Poor Storm. Not used to seeing her like that. But it will all be worth it. Xoxo to Storm