Tuesday, December 17, 2013

THIS or That Link up, Christmas Edition

This or That Link Up

 Which mean I am Linking up with some awesome girls for a THIS or that link up.
CandraJodiKristine, and Katie
I think its the last week, i am not 100% sure though, correct me if I am wrong ladies :)

Celebrity Christmas Carol remakes, Chipmunk Carol remakes?  I am not against any kind of remake, i love them all. New, old, remakes, Doesn't matter. But these chipmunks are so cute!!! 
Gift cards, gift baskets? I am a SHOPPER! So Gift cards are very much welcomed! I would be ok with a gift basket full of gift cards, HAHA. 

Naughty or Nice? I am ALWAYS on the nice list! :) 

Getting everything on your wish list, Giving someone everything on their wish list? You can go read my wishlist HERE.... BUT honestly, i know a couple people i wish i had my darn money tree and could make all their wishes COME TRUE!!!!! I am a giver! I love this time of year! 

Presents on Christmas Eve, Presents on Christmas morning? We do Christmas with Delaney On Christmas Eve and then its always been a tradition to open presents at my parents house Christmas morning! I am SOOO EXCITED for Christmas this year! Love family time. 

Here is our Christmas Card! Merry Christmas everyone! 

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  1. I love your Christmas card!! 😍
    A gift basket full of gift cards wouldn't be bad at all hehe

  2. I would be okay with a gift basket of gift cards! Thanks for linking up lady! I believe we have one more!

    It's so close I can Taste it...

  3. You guys will have such a fun Christmas, with Delaney Christmas Eve and then your family Christmas morning!!
    Ok, ok, I'll take a basket of gift cards any day!! But, I'd rather give too!!
    There is one more link up, next week! The final one!!