Wednesday, December 11, 2013

We Can Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday my lovely readers! I hope your having a great week so far. We are almost to the weekend. :) 

Our first Link Up. We started this so we can talk about our weight loss journey or anything healthy lifestyle related at least once a week. My blog is all over the place, i talk about everything. So this is a good way to break it up. Even if no one ever links up with us, at least we have this to stay accountable. 


1. Don't just measure success by pounds. Measure it by size lost, confidence felt, strength gained, etc.

2. Don't expect miracles in days. Enjoy the journey of weight loss. See it as a game, NOT A CHORE!

3. Go through your closet and sell/donate all the clothes that are too big for you. It'll encourage you to keep going and you get o buy new clothes.

4. Do this for you and ONLY YOU. You have to 100% committed and confident in yourself to succeed.

5. Experiment with healthy recipes. It can be fun.

6. Don't deprive yourself, occasional treats keep you sane and motivated to work harder.

7. Take lots of progress pictures. You'll be so glad that you did when you reach your goal and you can use them to motivate others.

8. Change how you see "rewards". Don't reward yourself with food. Choose things and experiences.

9. Don't aim for a specific "goal weight". It'll make you extremely frustrated when it is time to maintain

10. keep a journal or your weight loss journey (or BLOG) like most of us. Use something like My Fitness Pal to track your calorie in take and exercising also.

Grab the button below and share with us! :)

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Update on my weight loss:
Starting weight was 220 almost a month ago
Today i am at 210.8 :)

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  1. #8 all the way!!
    I got myself a discounted purse for my first 5 lbs hehe!
    Yay!!! you are almost 10 lbs down!! That's AMAZING!

    MyFitnessPal.. I wouldn't be able to do this without it!!

  2. You are doing SO amazingly!! And what a great link up!!! I swear, I'm going to try to get a post up for it!!