Friday, January 31, 2014

Follow through Friday {4}


I decided to join this link up with all these beautiful ladies!
I need some encouragement and support and Thought this would be a great way to get some interaction with other bloggers on a weight loss journey.

Little recap for new readers :) , i started this new journey of getting healthy and losing weight around November 11th, since then I have lost 17lbs i have not seen the scale go down my last two weight ins
thursday was a bad day, i was very down about it and just wanted to give up. I looked in the mirror after my relaxing bath and instantly got sad. I had my sad moment and now going to be even more determined to lose the weight. My short term goal was to be 199 or lower by my birthday, february 9th. I am not sure if i can reach it but i sure will try!!
I started this journey coming in at 220lbs, i am down 203/204 range depends on the day i guess lol I go back and forth.

I am going to add greens to my shakes, no carb rule at dinner time, MORE VEGGIES, MORE WATER, variety of exercise!
I suffer from Poly cystic ovarian syndrome, and i was told it will be hard for me to lose the weight i want. So i need to not let that stop me and kick that disease in its ass!

I got my Plum paper planner, thanks to my bff Erica @ LoyalRUN. I wrote down all my goals for the week and i reached them all. WAHOOO.

I would love suggestions on shake/smoothie recipes
suggestions on Meal planning
Best work outs for BEGINNERS!

Another thing i need to work on is my cheat meal i have every Thursday... how do you ladies handle cheat meals? Sometimes i am conscious of what i eat and sometimes i over do it. I feel cheat meal is ok for me because i don't feel so deprived, just wanted some opinions on it.

I feel i followed through just fine with my goals for the week. Just had a bad Thursday, TODAY IS A NEW DAY!!!!

Going to start this challenge on Sunday!!! Let me know if your joining us :) 

My next fitness item i buy is one of these babies! I deserve one :) 

Happy Friday everyone! 

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  1. I love this challenge!! I'm in

  2. I'm so glad you reached all your goals!! Again, you're doing awesome! I'm proud of you!! You'll be in the 100s in no time!.,

  3. I love my Polar HRM! I have the FT7. Smoothies I like vanilla protein powder mixed with cocoa powder and either frozen cherries or strawberries. Meal plans...hmmm try

  4. YAYYY for reaching all your goals!
    High five!
    I am so excited to start the challenge tomorrow :)
    And I sooo want the pink Polar HRM!!! Taxes can't come soon enough lol