Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We Can Wednesday {6}

Hi Friends!
Its Wednesday! Happy Hump Day ;)

Just a little updated about whats been going on with me Fitness wise and my Diet.

Starting weight- November
Now- 203
Total of 17lbs lost! WAHOOO
&& i am going strong!

So i started the Dr. Oz 2 week plan with Erica, i did not continue with it. It was NOT for me. I felt miserable all last week, no energy and just very unhappy with my results. I should have never accepted a challenge that was that long.
The only two good things that came outta it was, i kicked my caffeine habit out the door and my GERD was much more under control!
I felt bad because i felt like i was failing my bff Erica and just giving up. It took me a little bit to realize i wasn't giving up because i went back to doing my own thing where i was happy and still see results!

Losing weight is hard! I hope come next Wednesday I see the scale say 200lbs even!

I would not suggest that diet to anyone unless they wanted to try to live that lifestyle, no sugar, no caffeine, no artificial sweetener, etc etc. I can't do it. It was too strict of a diet for me and did not give me the results that Dr. Oz said it was going to give me

The detox bath was amazing. I still do that :)

Just wanted to give an update on whats been going on.
I am eating the best i can, tracking it all and exercising daily! I will reach my short term goal by my birthday!!!!! I have 18 days to be 198lbs. Think i can do it? I SURE FLIPPING HOPE SO!!!!!

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  1. Losing 17 pounds over the holidays is AMAZING. Fantastic job! You will be in "onederland" in no time!

  2. UGH! I wish you never felt like you were failing me.. that makes me feel bad :(
    You know how I feel about it!
    I'm glad that you stopped the challenge.
    I am even more proud that you jumped right back into counting calories when you could have just given up.
    That takes so much strength and I am extremely proud of you!
    You will NEVER be a failure in my eyes!

    You are doing amazing!
    Keep it up!
    Don't let what ANYONE thinks discourage you!!!
    You're only competition should be yourself.
    The only opinion you should care about is your own!
    Do this to make YOU happy!!

    xoxoxo love you bff

  3. Wow!! great job on that weight loss chick!! No matter what I do the scale always stays the same. That's why I keep a "before" pic on my phone so I can bring it out every once in a while and see the progress!! You're doing awesome!! Keep it up!

  4. Great Job! I am so so proud of what you have accomplished. I so feel like I want to count calories and all that but being pregnant I am supposed to actually be gaining weight.... I have actually stayed the same and Dan has gained lol I asked him the other day if her was going to gain my weight for me....

  5. That's an amazing weight loss!! Go girl!! And I don't think that diet would be for me, either!! Good job for trying it though!

  6. I know you can do it!!! :-) Proud of you! No caffeine + no sweetener would be horrible. I love that you're finding a way that works for you, everyone is different and I'm glad you were able to recognize that and find a better way for yourself!