Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Storm and Reese Update!

Hi Friends,
It is that time again for me to give you an update on my Fur babies!!! :) If you follow me on IG i love posting and sharing my life about my fur babies. Pure Cuteness, ya can't get mad!

Miss Storm a.k.a Stormy

Doesn't she look so cute!?
Our stormy is gonna be 8 months old in less then two weeks
She is 64lbs as of last week. 
She eats 4-5 cups a food a day
and loves her fruit, so she snacks on bananas, carrots, apples and we tried cucumbers the other day, didn't go over too well. & of course her misc. treats she gets to COME INSIDE lol. 

Storm loves to get on my kitchen counters and steal my towels! She sucks on them. 
This winter has been brutal, to say the least. So shes been cooped up for too long, its time spring comes around so our girl can play outside, get her walks in and go to doggy daycare sometimes. 
She is such a people person, she loves everyone and just wants attention. She thinks shes a lap dog. If ya walk in my house YOU BETTER acknowledge her and love on her or she wont leave ya alone. She has to sniff and give kisses. Some people may not like it but they gotta get over it, OR DON'T COME OVER. :) Most nights she starts in bed with us, but an hour or two later i crate her up, shes too big and too hot LOL. She is still all pup so gotta be patient with her for sure. I love her to pieces! 


Miss Reese!
My little cutie! 
Reese is older, she will be 8 years old in May I believe. I cant remember the day so i may just make it up haha. i got her summer of 2006 I believe as a little pup who fit in my hands. So little. I need to find pictures and show all my bloggy friends :) She has been at my parents all this time, and we decided to take her, she was my dog it was only fair i should finally give her the love she needs from me. We had to get her all caught up at the vet, it had been awhile. So after an expensive vet visit, shes all up to date and healthy! :) She is 38lbs, the vet changed her food she is eating about 2.5 cups a day, she should lose some weight. Plus once summer gets here i may try to walk her, she does ok on the leash, but never ever have i Walked her. 

She is my little cuddle bug. I love when she cuddles in bed with me or on the couch. She will most def. keep you warm! She follows me everywhere, heck they both do. I can't do anything without me close by. Like i said about storm, she also usually starts the night out in bed with us. They both put off so much heat and sleep on my side of the bed so i gotta put them down when i want to finally get some sleep. Poor Reese puts up a lot with Storm, she beats her up on a daily basis. Anymore i have to let Reese outside by herself to potty or else storm is all over her. They get along, storm just wants to play lol. I am glad she is here with me finally. Tevis is supportive of her being here even if he loves storm more then Reese, I make up for it ;) 

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Have a great Tuesday Everyone! 

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  1. I love both of them! They are both so cute!
    I love Storm's fun, energetic personality
    I love Reese's calm, loving personality
    :) they make the perfect couple of buddies

  2. What cuties! I love them both!
    Their personalities are just amazing sounding and I wouldn't be able to get enough of them.

  3. They are both just so cute!! So funny Storm thinks she's a lap dog! I can't believe she's 64 pounds!!!