Monday, January 27, 2014


Hi Friends!!
Happy Monday.
How did your weekend go? What was something fun you did with friends and or family?

My weekend consisted of a whole lot of alone time with my Fiance! It was very much needed, the last month we hadn't had a weekend to ourselves! He made me dinner Saturdayvnight and we watched a movie and we had great conversation last night, like deep full hearted talking, it felt like in the beginning of our relationship :) <3
So because he was so sweet with me Saturday night i woke up first Sunday morning and made him Breakfast, was trying for Breakfast in bed but he smelled it and got excited, I heard the bedroom door open and i went around the corner and see the big smile on his face, I got the best fiance award that day hehe :) below is his Facebook status after we finished breakfast :) I love him so much.

So with it being MONDAY and a new week i want to set some personal goals for the week for myself and see if i follow through and can have something positive to write about on Friday when I link up for a Follow Through Friday post with some pretty awesome ladies!

My weekly Goals!

I want to do this Monday - Friday this week 
Hoping my bff Erica @ LoyalRUN will do the same.
Its a good preparation for our February Challenge i think. 

Get Fit February CHALLENGE 
Need to add more exercise into my daily routine, so Here is our feb. challenge! Hope you join us! 

You should drink on average 6-8 cups of water a day 
I Googled a water consumption says i should be drinking about 103 oz of water a day
IF i am exercising at least 20 minutes a day
Averages out to be about 12 cups of water a day. 
We will see how close i get to that

Exercise 4-5 times this week. 
Right now my workouts consist of mainly riding my stationary bike. 
Cleaning burns calories :) 
Would love a treadmill! Or at least warm weather to walk my dog!

No i did not succeed in the Dr oz challenge, but it made me realize i can eat more veggies if i put more effort into it! I am determined to add more veggies, more greens to my daily diet!

Only WEIGHT myself on WEDNESDAY! 
I tend to get on the scale more then I SHOULD. My weekly weight in in Wednesdays! I need to stick to that! Last Wednesday i did not have a loss, BUT I DID NOT GAIN!! Hoping this week will go better. 

I think that is enough goals for the week. 
I will be anxious to see how I do, all advice and encouragement is needed 

Tune in for Wednesday for Erica and I's WE CAN WEDNESDAY LINK UP! 
It's a fun easy link up :) JOIN US! 

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  1. Yay! Can't wait to do February Challenge with you and Erica! going to be awesome! Love your goals and you CAN do it! (:
    p.s. you and Tevis are adorable!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! And great goals my friend!

  3. Those goals sound great. I'm also trying to focus on water consumption. It's so hard.. It sounds like you and Tevis had a great weekend, sometimes a weekend home alone is all thats needed.

  4. I am TOTALLY doing the challenge with you!!!