Thursday, January 2, 2014

We can Wednesday! {3}

Happy New Year! Wow its 2014! Craziness!

I am late to posting for Wednesday because of the holidays but its never to late :) and I know Erica will forgive me!

I will weight myself next Wednesday and I HOPE i didn't gain too much back from holidays! I am anxious to get back on track! And hope to get under 200's by my birthday which is February 9th.

My Healthy Resolutions for 2014! 

1. Exercise 4-5 a week!
2. Look into getting a gym membership
3. Cut pop out of my everyday diet, so dreading that
4. No fast Food
5. Have my shakes daily
6. Eat More greens!
7. Do multiple body cleanses
8. Take probiotics daily
9. Take vitamins daily
10. Cook 5-6 nights a week, leave room for my occasional cheat meal that i will MOST def. need!
11. Make sure i have breakfast everyday, whether its a shake or actual food
12. Get out of the 200's by my birthday, February 9th.
13. be to my goal weight be the end of the year.
14. Sign up for 2 or 3 5k's over the spring/summer/fall
15. Never act like this lifestyle is a chore!

I think those are some good healthy resolutions! :) 
I hope i can stick to most of them and get my body healthy, i know i feel better when i am eating good and exercising regularly! Hope everyone had a great New years, lets make 2014 amazing!!!!! 

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  1. I love everything about this post! I hope u get a gym membership!!! That would help keep me motivated to go :)

    I am signing up for a 4 miler in ft Wayne for September 2014.
    Can't wait to see when the color run is :) I'll sign up for that too!

  2. Great resolutions girl! Happy new year!

  3. You will do great on all of your resolutions!!