Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Recap!

Hi Friends,

It has been well over a month since I have been doing my normal routine. Last week even though classes started, we got snowed in. So Tevis was home more then normal, we had Delaney for a couple nights and we had our friend Brian staying with us. So my normal schedule/routine got put on hold for another week. So needless to say i am ready to get back into my normal routine now, i am ready for my alone time again, where the house is quiet and i can jam to music, do my homework and clean in peace haha. Don't you just hate when your routine gets all messed up???

Don't get me wrong i loved having Delaney :) and having people around but being snowed in for almost 4 days with a hyper active dog was no vacation LOL

My weekend was pretty great.
My bestie Tamara and our friend Brian are officially in a relationship!
So i will get to see her more as she will come down here to see Brian from time to time :) CAN'T complain there :) Friday night we did a little date night to Don Pablo's YUMMY FOOD!!!!! especially dessert. It was suppose to be my Cheat meal before my strict diet starting today! I had two chicken tacos, little rice, and some queso. I didn't think i over did it. Except with dessert, haha && even with dessert i tried my best to not over do it. Tevis ate MOST OF IT anyways! Good dinner with friends!

Saturday afternoon, i enjoyed some girl time!
Tamara and I had lunch at Applebees
We get pedicures! I haven't had one since September, so it was MUCH NEEDED! It was 40 degrees and i wore flip flops hehe

Saturday night was colts game, our friend bob came over! We had a steak dinner. :)

Tamara is so sweet, she got us new wine glasses. So Saturday night we enjoyed a glass together


It was time to go shopping for Dr. oz's 2 week diet i am going on!

this is everything i got today for it minus, chicken, tilapia, and some more veggies! 
It's not cheap, but i hope to not have to buy much next week. 

I was all over the store trying to find stuff. 
thank god for Erica who texted me and helped me through my shopping haha

Wish me luck! Tuesday be on the look out for a recap/review for day 1 of this diet. I am so sad to say BYE BYE to my pop. I wake up craving my dt pop most days! 

Ok i am doing blabbing on! Enjoy your monday everyone!

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  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend! Getting back into a routine will be good, I love routine!!
    And good luck staring this week., even if the shake you made wasn't delicious!! Lol! Tomorrow is a new day!

  2. I bet having your normal routine will feel great! :)

    I was so happy to be able to help, but trust me, I was running around the store too! Haha