Friday, January 10, 2014

thank god its friday!

Hello my amazing readers! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

So since Saturday I have been outta the house ONE TIME for little over an hour! Snow storm came Sunday and we were snowed in until Wednesday. Greenwood got 11+ inches of snow, 3-4 inches below that was pure ICE! Schools around here were all closed just about all week. 

Delaney didn't have school AT ALL, so we got her Wednesday night and Thursday night, WAHOOO 
She had three full weeks off school, she needs to get back to it lol 

Wednesday night we went and got Chinese for dinner i did good on eating :) Like i was i needed outta the house so it was really nice to get out for a little bit. We were running low on food so stopped by krogers. My first item was bread....
It was completely out!!!!!! Even the frozen section was mostly out besides ice cream and breakfast items! I have to go shopping on sunday for my Dr. Oz 2 week plan. I pray stores are stocked back up! 

Another con to all these really cold temps and a lot of snow is Storm is having to be cooped up in the house! She is 7 months old and is a ball of energy. She has been a pain needless to say... my patience isn't the greatest but i gotta remember she is a PUPPY and cant get out to play like she needs or walk her. This weekend is suppose to be in the 40's i pray snow melts, which could be a bad thing. It could get really muddy lol. Wish me luck!! 

SUMMER cannot come SOOOOON ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!

My bestie Tamara is coming down from Ft wayne for the weekend. She is dating our friend Brian, so she gets to see spend the weekend at my house while having bestie time and boyfriend time! I call it a WIN WIN situation! Will be glad to see her and go on our double date tonight to Don Pablo's! 
Here is from new years eve :) love her!

Just wanted to say hey to everyone and check in on this lovely Friday! Tevis is off to his appointment while i get ready for the day and possibly take my last test of the week for classes. Ready for next week when we get back into our normal routines! 

Please go visit Erica @ LoyalRUN either on her BLOG, My Fitness Pal-username is(LoyalRUN), or Instagram.
She has reached another goal, she has lost her first 20 pounds! SO PROUD OF HER!
Go show my girl some support, follow her blog, read, and giver her encouragement! You will love her blog!

Please check out my post from YESTERDAY!
Let me know if you want to join me on this journey!!! 

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  1. Yay for Bestie time and getting out of the house :)
    I am soooo ready for summer too. Bring on the sun!!!!
    Thanks for the shoutout!

  2. Oh my gosh that picture of the bread aisle is crazy! We've gone shopping before some crazy bilzzards here and I don't think I've ever seen something that decimated! Oh, except for the day Hostess announced it was going out of business, haha. People cleaned out EVERYTHING!

  3. Awww, congrats to Erica! She is such a sweetie and I'm so glad she has such a wonderful friend like yourself to help encourage her.

  4. Great job chick!! I just posted on Twitter about how I just can't get motivated to work out at home because it's so freakin cold!! I don't want to leave this blanket!!

  5. That is what all the stores looked like here too! Crazy!

  6. I hope you guys have a great weekend, and that the stores are all stocked back up!
    I'd go stir crazy staying in the house for that long!! I feel awful,for you guys and Storm!!