Friday, January 3, 2014

New Years Resolutions ++ a photo dump!

Happy Friday! Just a FYI my birthday is February 9th, get to thinking what you want to get me, hehe!! just kidding!

I am glad to be back in the blogging world, i had a good break from school and blogging. Time to get back into our normal routine!

I start classes Monday, wish me luck! I will be done December of this year with my Associates degree in Medical Reimbursement Technology degree. I hope to find a billing/coding job, i would love to work from home as a future goal.

2014 GOALS & New Years Resolutions!

1. I know its cliche, but losing weight is my top priority! 
2. Plan a myrtle beach trip family vacation trip, finally take Delaney on a fun vacation with us
3. Spend more time with my family, being in my nieces' life is really important to me
4. Set a date to get married.
5. enjoy life everyday
6. Have more date nights with Tevis
7. Graduate College
8. read more books
9. Do something out of my comfort zone
10. Refrain from gossiping so much, LOL
11. Sleep more
12. Do family game nights or movie nights with Delaney.
13. Have more girly nights
14. Cook more at home so we don't go out to eat
15. Don't procrastinate!

Now a little photo dumb from Christmas and New Years!

We had our christmas with Delaney on Christmas Eve :) 

She got her Dana doll :) Poor girl was so sick still, but she had a smile regardless.

Some items i got from, Delaney and Tevis' mom Susie :) 

this is by far my favorite gift! Makes some awesome smoothies! 
We got yo my parents house christmas eve evening around 7pm.

Loved spending time with this little peanut! 

He is such a good daddy :) 

aftermath of opening gifts :) 

My parents did good, as always :) 

Love my christmas colts hat 

love my niece :) Her first christmas

OH YEAH! New coach, thanks mom and dad

Just some misc. gift cards we got :) 

My brother came the saturday before christmas for the day, brought me my gift! I love my new bench

Tayling enjoying her new toy while we all open gifts! Next year will be so much fun with her.

NOW a few new years pics! 
My Bestie Tamara Lynn, stayed with me Sunday night- Wednesday night! She introduced me to some yummy wine, we finished two bottles the first night she was here. Lots of LAUGHS! 

Our new years eve lunch :) 

Delaney enjoyed having tamara around, she did not want her to leave

Our cool new wine glasses :) 

Delaney and I being silly as normal :) 

tam and I after our bestie date! @ Cheesecake factory 

Hanging out at the bowling alley, new years eve! 

This was our 4th new years together! So thankful and blessed to have such an amazing man! 

New years even lunch  :) oh btw, that guy right there is tam's BOYFRIEND

Us girls cooking and baking for our men :) 

I LOVE THIS WINE!!!!! may have a glass in a little bit!
Electra, California Mascoto

These last two weeks have been pretty amazing! Ready to see what 2014 brings, i hope less stress and MORE ENJOYING life like we should be! Hope everyone enjoys their friday. Its REALLy COLD here and is snowing like a mofo, more snow over the weekend. I want mother nature to be nice lol!

Happy Friday! Have a good weekend! 

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  1. I love all the photos!! Looks like such a great time :)
    I would love to work from home as well. I need to figure out what I can do that I will enjoy that I can do from home! :)