Saturday, February 9, 2013

I Turned 24 today!

ME! happy birthday to me!!
   I must say the past year has gone by very fast. A lot has been going on since my last birthday, and I must say i will be glad not spending most of the month of February in the hospital because of Tevis. He is much healthier this time then last year. I overall had a great day :) Got a lot of birthday wishes through, texts, calls, and facebook, i felt loved. I cannot believe I am 24! Spending time in Auburn with my family is exactly how i wanted to spend my birthday! We planned a while back to save money and go about and hour away to Middleberry and eat at the Amish restaurant, Das Essenhaus. I barely had service in the amish town so now pictures were really taken, Boo, So I just ignored my phone. Had a very awesome home cooked family style meal and then bought some homemade pies and went home. Tevis had told the waitress it was my birthday so when it was dessert time i had a candle to blow out and a few of the ladies sang happy birthday to me!!! I still very much wish my grandma and grandpa Snyder were alive but i know they were with my in my heart.
Now i hope the next year is much much better and takes its sweet time, turning 25 is a big deal. EEEEk! 
Much love, Britney! XoXo!
Haley and I 

Cute funny card my parents got me!


  1. Love the picture. You are beautiful. I'm glad you enjoyed your Birthday. Super bummed I couldn't see you.

    1. I know erica! I would have loved to see you too!!!

  2. Your Grandpa and Grandma would be so proud of you. They'll always be in your heart nothing can take that away :)