Friday, February 15, 2013

Tevis' Story

***I am going to try to keep this as short as possible to get the point across. It will be hard to right this post without crying as well.*** Sorry if i babble, hehe

I never knew Tevis' health history, though with being his girlfriend for over a year at the time maybe i should have known. It all started last year on Superbowl weekend, tevis wasn't feeling well, always felt sick always was tired, just wanted to sleep all the time. He toughed it out through the weekend, and we had a pretty good weekend together. I left Monday morning like normal to head back to ft wayne for work for the week, then as usual on Friday i drove down to be with him for the weekend. I had my birthday and turned 23. I got beautiful flowers from him and had dinner with my family. That weekend we planned a big group dinner with a bunch of friends at Fireside on saturday feb. 11th, 2012 in Greenwood for my birthday, and then a movie on sunday feb. 12, 2012. Tevis had felt sick all week, i think at this point he was throwing up and nothing tasted good to him not even Dt Mt Dew which was his favorite. I thought he just had the flu, few weeks before his daughter was sick. So i get there on friday night, we have to run into greenwood to get rent money from his sister, he cant drive because he feels horrible so i drive, and we finally get back to the house around 10pm he goes to bed and he literally stayed in bed until monday when i left for work. All my birthday plans and valentines day plans were canceled. tevis had been sick all weekend and throwing up like crazy. He said he had either stepped on something or twisted his left ankle it was so swollen, he couldn't walk on it. He was falling apart. He said he felt ok when i was leaving. I thought ok he will be fine, but something deep down my in stomach knew he wasn't okay! Tuesday came along which was valentines day. I got more flowers and Breaking Dawn Part 1. Then all of a sudden i got text messages from a couple friends saying Tevis looks horrible, please make him go see a doctor and etc. I was thinking I KNEW something bad was going on. He Finally calls me and says "I think my foot is infected, if i go to the hospital i know they are going to cut if off". I am at work, and i am freaking out and crying and worrying. He told me he was going to call his mom stop by the store take a shower clean his foot and go to bed, and he was going to the hospital when he woke up next day. He of course wanted me there, I went home and packed. I got up as early as i could Wednesday February 15th, 2011. It was the longest 2 hour drive ever! At the time i didnt know what was really goin on, but when i walked in the house it smelled so bad, knowing now, his foot was so infected it really was bad. He got around and we head to the hospitals ER. Basically was a diabetic foot Ulster that got infected.My tevis was in bad shape, he was in septic shock, high fever, renal failure, and on his way to leaving this earth. The infection was spreading and fast, it got up to his groin area, not even 12 hours later he may have been dead. They got him some amazing pain meds, and  got him started on lots of good antibiotics. He was admitted to the hospital and having emergency surgery on his foot that night, they needed to clean it and get all the infection out and see if it had spread, if it got to the bone there was nothing they could do by cut it off. They had another surgery on Friday February clean his foot some more, his toes were already dieing and they were pretty sure it had spread to the bone. The doctor did not end up going along with the amputation because tevis wasnt prepared for this yet. That evening he still wasn't doing any better, that left foot needed to be amputated in order for him to start recovery. Tevis, his mom, his doctor and I had a serious talk and we all agreed that the amputation needed to happen and fast. They did a below the knee amputation of his left foot Saturday February 18th, 2012. It was so emotional when he was out and back in his room seeing his foot plus some of his leg just gone. On a happy note, Tevis literally got better health wise all around. He bounced back like nothing ever happened. I started to feel relieved but knew we had a long road ahead of us. he had a great attitude about having the amputation always making jokes, it was his way of dealing with it i suppose. made me be a little more at ease i suppose, i was a MESS the whole time we were there, i looked like crap. Barely showered because i didnt want to leave his side. Tevis had his room full almost ALL the time. At one point we had to start saying people need t be in an out by 8 pm. Tevis needed his rest, since nurses bother him every two hours. He had a few days to recover before they were gonna release him. He was so scared to leave the hospital to not have all that hospital help anymore.

***so that first part of his story, not even a FULL version, just enough to get the point across!****
I will talk more about his amputation in another post


  1. OH MY! All in a matter of days!! It's crazy how things like this can happen. I'm so glad he has such a great outlook on things and can joke about it :) His jokes are pretty hilarious too :) Can't wait to hear the rest

  2. I'm so happy that he's doing better. What a brave man to have to go through all of that and you are an amazing woman for supporting him. I think situations like that make your relationship stronger. Thank you for sharing.