Monday, February 11, 2013

Its TEA time!

I have some pretty moderate anxiety. I am off my pills that help relax me because well they make me so sick and very dizzy. I haven't been back to my doctor to let her know and get something else. I decided that something else has to work for me at night, because i cannot sleep! I know I posted few days ago called Sleepless in Indiana about my new purchases. Drinking some warm tea at night specifically for relaxing and bedtime has done wonders for me the last few nights. I know I am at my moms and always feel more relaxed when i am here but i truly believe they are working for me i have been sleeping much better and waking up earlier then normal and feeling more refreshed. Green tea has a lot health benefits so i am switching to anything green tea during the day. I was just informed about maybe putting white tea and oolong and pu re tea into my collection too so I will do my research on those! Anything natural to put in my body sounds good to me! 
Here is the start of my Tea Collection! :)

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  1. I love tea :) I am having a great time researching and learning all the new health benefits that come from different types of teas :)
    I am glad we are both interested in finding new teas that are delicious because it has made it more fun and a lot easier :)