Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tevis' Story Part 2

So it was finally to go home and leave the hospital! Before he was sick he was living with his boss and i was visiting every weekend and sometimes once a week. We had already made plans for me to move march 9th..I was with tevis at home for three full days and then I had to get back to work. I worked for a week and ended up quitting a week early. I could not stand being away from him. In those first three days was his hardest days! Learning how to be in wheel chair yet get from chair to bed or chair to the toilet we mistakenly was having him get up on to the walker and then pivot and sit in his wheel chair, we were finally told by his physical therapist how to get from chair, toilet, bed to his wheel chair without having to use all his energy on standing up on his one good with the walker, so things started getting easier and he could do more things on his own now, which made me feel better since i was about to leave to head back to ft wayne and work. I couldn't stand staying away after that week i moved in with him. & by the time i got back to him he was so much better about moving on his own and doing things on his own. He could hop around with the walker with no problem. He felt so good that he wanted to pick Delaney up and go to his pro shop, but things went down hill fast. He ended up falling right on his stump, it hurt him so bad and forever made him scared to use walker or crutches. He sometimes uses them now but not often. He was in a wheel chair for 2-3 months before he got his first prosthetic leg. & although it too came with complication and challenges he has been walking since may-june and has over been doing great. Once he was good and ok with his new leg we were able to move back to where he was living before, and soon we will be moving to his actual house where its being rented right now. We take each day at a time and I am here with him everyday helping him and taking care of him and making sure he doesnt over do it. He is about to get his final and permanent prosthetic leg and it will be so better for him. I could have went on and on with this story and told every detail but i made it as short as possible and just wanted to let everyone know a little about Tevis without giving toooo much boring information.


  1. I cant wait to see how well the permanent prosthetic leg works!!!

  2. I cant wait either! It should feel more like his own leg. Should have little more movement and wont beat his leg up so bad anymore!