Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sleepless in Indiana!!!!!

Ever since I moved down to Indianapolis with Tevis and have not worked in almost a year, my sleeping routine/habits are terrible! Tevis and I are night owls, sometimes NOT a good thing. We will stay up really late then sleep in and since we slept in we stay up late again. I have moderate anxiety and I am off my meds because they make me to sick and dizzy (need to get back to my doctor to get different meds) so i have sleepless nights, my mind races and i get paranoid(Have to sleep with the tv on, fan on and our bedroom door has to be shut). I will take melatonin every once in awhile to make me sleep, but i have done research and well i already have fertility problems and taking that makes it worse so I am trying to steer clear of that. I cant take baths where i am living right now so lavender hot baths cant happen right now, i use to take hot baths to relax me for 10-15 minutes. When we move i will FINALLY be able to take them again. I bought some teas to drink at night to help relax me and i bought some calming lavender lotion for Tevis to rub on my back and shoulders that will hopefully help a little. I seen that somewhere they sell Lavender filled pillows, I NEED ONE! I am making it my personal goal to try to get my sleeping habits back to normal or close to it. Hate laying awake for hours before i finally fall asleep! I slept maybe 5 hours last night I made myself to NOT take a nap today so i should be tired to sleep tonight. I am ready for a good nights sleep!
My purchases today! Home remedies to help me relax and sleep!

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  1. I've never actually tried the chamomile tea but heard it works great :) I hope it helps!! I want a Lavender pillow.. that's insane :)