Thursday, February 7, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

June 2007. High School Graduation

Graduating high school feels like it was so long ago! Crazy to look back at some pictures of my school and thinking, "dang i want that body back". Thanks to PCOS gaining weight is so easy but getting it off is so hard! My pcos is one reason why i wanted to get into blogging so bad. I hope to find followers with pcos so that I can get tips from other ladies suffering from this. I feel alone because no one i knows has pcos. I have the support of my family, friends & boyfriend. Having a support group of ladies with the same problem would probably make me feel better. It will be so easy to talk to them because they will understand what I go through and feel. My life has changed so much since these pictures were taken. I do not for one second regret anything i have done since then I only hope i continue on the road god is leading me on and i become a mother one day. I know not many people read my blog BUT i hope everyone is having a great Thursday!! Almost the weekend, which means MY BIRTHDAY!!!
Much love, Britney! xoxo


  1. Love this post!! Reminds me of the days when homework and boys were the only thing we had to really worry about :) lol

    1. I know RIGHT!!!! so much has changed since then!