Tuesday, February 12, 2013

For some reason my anxiety has been super high today, i had to cave and have some pop to get some caffeine in my system and took a nice hot shower to lose my muscles up. SO i am here tonight to introduce the people in my life I will be talking about a lot, My Family!

My Parents! Tony & Gayelynn! They are a amazing parents and I know they are always there for me! My dad is the general manager at Smokey Bones in Ft wayne, he is a kid at heart and enjoys life and his family a lot! My momma has a day care in her house and she loves her kids and is the most nicest kindest lady in the world! Ask ANYONE! Everyone loves my parents. I cant wait to give them a grand baby! 

This is my almost 21 year old(ahhh) brother TJ, i call him Bub or Bubby. He works hard and as a hobby he likes to barter things, mainly vehicles. He has a new one each week I swear. He recently found out he is going to be a daddy!!! The pretty girl with him is his girlfriend Haley, she is the sweetest girl ever. We have a good relationship, i love her as my own sister. Plus she is going to make me an Aunt and i couldn't be more happier about that!!!

This is Delaney! My boyfriends almost 7 year old daughter. I met her almost two years ago and she was attached to me in 10 minutes that we met, daddy came second when i was around, haha! She is so sweet, so loving, smart and has lots of energy. She also is like her father and has no patience, stubborn, and has a mouth on her. But shes 6 lol. Kids will be kids, overall she is an amazing little girl I enjoy out time together.

She is so photogenic! I had to share this cute picture! One of my favorite pictures! <3
This is my amazing boyfriend, we will have been together for three years in October. I will post his story/our story in a few days. Just know he is amazing, my best-friend, my rock, my protector, my hero. He is the strongest most kindest man I know. Doesn't matter how we found each other, everything happens for a reason, and best believe you will hear a lot about Tevis Ryan Stambaugh! <3

Short & Sweet post. Hope you enjoyed a little introduction to my family. You will hear a lot about them! Much love, Britney XoXo!

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