Thursday, February 14, 2013

This is probably our second picture taken together, months of first dating! Taken December 2010!
Love his little smile! :) 
Tevis is one to shower me with gifts and always knows how to make me feel special on a special day. Today is valentines day and due to financial reason, we decided no gifts. We've spent the last week at my parents up north in Auburn, and we used what little money we had for gas. We had a great time at my parents as usual, we are thankful for the time we get with them. My true gift that doesn't come with a card or roses is that tevis is Alive, he is walking, and he is doing alright, all things considered! This last year has been a roller coaster, but being able to go to sleep and wake up next to tevis everyday is all I need, EVER! I love him so much!
I hope Everyone had a great valentines day!
Much Love, Britney XoXo!

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  1. He is a great Guy who is lucky to have such a great girl! Love u, Happy Valentine's Day to you both :)