Friday, July 19, 2013

All about Tevis for FAN FRIDAY

Today is the boyfriend's birthday! He is 34 years old today, yup do the math everyone he is little less than 10 years older than me. I don't think for one bit he looks like it or acts like it. I mean he walks slow so i call him old, hehe. But age is nothing but a number and i fell in love with him before knowing how old he was, it didn't matter to me anyhow. Mature older man apparently was the way to go ;) I thought i would Link up with Sarah for Fan Friday and just show off some pictures of games we've been too over the last 3 years.

One of my favorite pictures of Tevis, one of our first colts games together!

Sunday is usually set aside for football and friends. We got to go down closer and see players up close, SO COOL

We have season tickets, they are up in the 500's section but they are great seats to see everything.

This is sitting down close i could talk to the players if i wanted too. :) 

Tevis is a Yankees fan. My first MLB experience in chicago, Cubs VS yankees

Enjoying some lunch before the i go see my first Yankees game of the, summer 2011

We were so lucky to have shade. This was two summer ago we went to chicago for two games then Cincinnati for one game To see the yankees

Wrigley field
Night game, Cincinnati VS Yankees 

Before the game started. 

This was my third baseball game in 3 days, i look exhausted. But great trip. Summer 2011

Our friends Steve and mandy invited us to a Bengals VS giants football game last year. Great weather for an open stadium in November.

In summary I have been to MANY colts games, since we are season ticket holders. Three Yankee games, in Chicago Cubs VS Yankees and then 1 in Cincinnati Reds VS Yankees. I hop next summer Yankees play closer so i can surprise tevis with tickets or maybe make a vacation and go to New York! && Then one Bengals football game. I cant wait for football season to start and watch our colts :) Hope everyone enjoys their Friday and weekend and stays has been so hot here I dont dare go outside for long periods of time. We get Delaney around 330 for the weekend and having Dinner and orange leaf for tevis' birthday, WAHOOO

See ya, :)


  1. Love the pictures! How cool that you have season tickets to the Colts! We have them to the Alabama games. It's so nice to be able to see your team play all the time!

  2. So jealous!! I would love to be a season ticket holder to any type of game!! Especially football. Awesome!!

  3. Love the pictures!! It all looks so fun!! Happy Birthday to Tevis!!

  4. Yall are too stinkin cute together! Also I just thought you might enjoy knowing that D has invented a term for the male cougar (since he is ten years older) so Tevis is a panther according to D hahaha

  5. Awww tell him I said happy happy happy birthday!!!! :)