Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weekend recap on a Tuesday :) In photos of course!

Hello loves!
Life has been super busy and summer is literally slipping away from me. BOOO

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is having a great week so far. I spent this past weekend at my parents house. IT WAS FINALLY BABY SHOWER TIME!!! I will show you guys a more pictures later one when we get them back from the photographer, but here is a post in pictures of our weekend :)

The boyfriend & I <3 

setting up and great ready for the baby shower, it started off as a disaster, we booked WAY in advance and it was just fully paid off last Monday and the hotel DID not know we were coming. So room wasn't ready and AC wasn't turned on. Haley is 36 weeks pregnant, and needless to say she was miserable. 

look how cute these are!

One day we had taco bell, i got ALL these saying 'will you marry me', i took it as a sign and smiled at Tevis, haha.
She is measuring smaller them most women, but baby Taelynn is doing just fine :) 

Big Hay Hay and little Hay Hay She is our friends daughter

This is hanging up at my parents house. These two amazing people are my Grandma and Grandpa Snyder who both passed away towards the end of my Junior year of HS in 2006. Weekends like we just had makes me miss them so much and wish they were here today to celebrate their new great grandbaby

I got a lot of awesome mail come monday, I got this post card from my Hello June box swap partner. Mariko Budziak I showed Tevis and he thought this was the coolest thing ever. By the way girly, your gift should be coming to you shortly! June was ONE BUSY MONTH

MORE MAIL, even better it was my new ESSIE polish! I bought these 3 for i believe $15.50 they retail in the stores for $8, WINNING!

I am not a Disney movie club member. I got all this for only $1... i signed up for 2 years..and in those two years i must buy at least 5 movies at regular cost. I can buy whenever through out the years, I didn't think it was a bad idea and i get to get a hold of some pretty awesome deals. 

So here is the transformation so far of my laundry room! Goes from ugly vinyl floor and white walls to new flooring and coffee kiss color on the walls. :) 

We found this bedding we LOVE. it will so perfect in our bedroom, i think we are going to pick out two different color grays for the walls. 

Delaney's closet is all done, we took her two colors we painted her walls and feather dusted the paint on the walls in her closet, she is going to LOVE IT. All thanks to my dear friend Karen. 

I can't believe it is july 2nd...Delaney starts back to school july 31st, i feel like the summer has just slipped by us!

My niece should be here within the next month. And my very best friend Megan is having a girl, so i am having another niece :) 

As much as i want to be a mother, i will just kidnap(joking) and play with these babies all around me,  i will be the BEST AUNT EVER! Happy Tuesday my bloggy friends. 


  1. :-) Glad you liked the post card. Mail excites me. When I was a kid, I'd write to friends that lived down the street from me, hahaha! That floor looks AWESOME! I did that disney movie thing for a while (I ended up giving a lot of my movies to my sister and eventually canceled), just be sure to reject the monthly offers if you don't want it, I got stuck with Dumbo one month because I kept putting it off. Hahaha

  2. I love being a Disney movie club member! And yay babies!

  3. Love it all...bedding, nail polish, pictures, and the laundry room. Did I miss anything. Oh yea! The summer needs to slow the hell down!

  4. What a great weekend! The shower looks like it was beautiful! And I am loving the progress on the house!

  5. I can't believe all these disney films for 1$? I just paid all my saving for an advance booking for MU 3!
    PS: Good luck in the best aunt thing :D